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Raglin Family
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  IS   O g ^ _0T pm > 2 O 5Q iS3< N = ® ^S fT AO r THRAATHHSTOY OABTSHAMERCA EAMILY TRaFmyGae  y Nh on incn IsOgnan Raohp to th Oth RganFmie o Noh ConthUe Sae CeRaJ 1 LMITDEDTO 2 o 3 oe  ?   Section B—The Joseph Tucker Ragland  1804-1844) Family of PerryCounty,Illinois Section C—The John MarionRagland  1806-1883) Family of LacledeCounty,Missouri Section 1d —The Hawkins Ragland  1812-1881) Family of Perry County,Illinois Chaptef 2— The Richard Ragland  1783-1871) Familyof WashingtonCounty,Illinois Section A—The JohnRagland  1811- ) Family ofSt. Louis County,Missouri Section B—The DavidRagland  1815- ) Family ofJackson County,Missouriã Section C—The RichardBowers Ragland  1856-1873) Family ofWashingtonCounty,Illinois Section D—The William Clifton Ragland  1829-1916) Family of Creighton,Nebraskaã Chapter 3— TheJohn Rochester Ragland  1769-1804 Family ofPetersbrough,Georgia Chapter 4— The Henry 0. Ragland  1781-1819) Family of Pike County,Mississippi ^Chapter 5— The HaleyRagland  1787-1835) Family of Gallatin ^County,Illinois Chapter 6—The O Bryant Ragland  1795-ca. 1865) Family of GreeneCounty,Arkansas 253 Chapter 7— TheJames MadisonRagland  1802-1856) Family of ScottCounty, Missouri 257 Index ) ILLUSTRATIONS CharlesJ.Ragland,Senior  1910-1966) TheGrandEntranceof Raglan Castle The South Entrance, Keep, Moat   Grand Entrance of Raglan Castle TheHerbertandRaglanCoatsofArms ThetypicalManor-house of South Wales 15th Century) The Manor-houseHall The Manor-house Solar The 16th century Tudor Manor-house Stone) The 16th CenturyTudor Manor-house Timber-frame) St.John s EpiscopalChurch,Williamsboro, N.C. Frontviewof William GarlandRaglandHome Close-upview of William Garland RaglandHome TheRaglandfamilycemetery ãJamesMadisonRagland(1844-1922) JohnHowellRagland  1845-1862) Wiley LewisRagland  1856-1939) Joseph RidleyRagland  1859-1898) Emily Snead Raglandand herhusband Allan Latta Raglandand Latta Children Wedding picture of Wiley Lewis RaglandMary Lewis Howell JamesMadisonRagland,age72TheJamesMadisonRaglandfamily The JamesCary Ragland family, Christmas, 1949 Wedding picture of JohnClifton LaFayette Ragland   AdaAdelzia  rn William Clifton Ragland andhis wife, NancyJ. Morris Page 3 21 222352 53 54 55 5656 13914 141 142 143 144 146  arms {three blackunicorns onafieldof silver . The American family, with oneknownexception,isdescendedfromtheRaglansofLysworneyandis, therefore, entitled to bear the arms of that family. ® WilliamScollRaglan |l86}-m9| a detccndani ofiheRaglan)ofLlanlwit.immigratedlo Amenca in1891andleMledinLincoln, Nebruka. Fivechildfenwerebofn oliiminLincolnShoillybeforetheFiralWorldWarhe relumed loEnglandwrihhitunfcand Ihiee children,noneofwhomever relumed loAmerica IwowereatiUlivingInLiverpoolIn1974).Hit IwooldertornremainedinAmericaandwereraiaedbyfriendtofthefamily.Bothareliving in Roridaand Ihe otherinCalifornia,however,aineitherhavechildren,IheAmericanbranchof thii fanUtywiUbecome extinct with theirdcalhi.  I.elier>reeeivedfromPeterL.RaglanofBoyntonDeabh, Rorida in1974).  n .fã V .- ã f ol uga.t .l L.U ><  k ?-C.ã   t to   ã mi K A  >I YW UNy
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