RAID Spindle Calculator

RAID Spindle Calculator
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  Frontend IOPS:1000% Read IOs67% Write IOs33RAID ConfigurationRAID 1 & 10RAID 5RAID 6Backend IOPS (random):133019902650Number of Disks needed:FC disks 180IOPS81215SAS Disk 200IOPS81014SATA Disk 75IOPS182736 enter values here Instructions: Upper field: Ente Lower field: Ente calculated automa Caculation: The colums in yell Backend IOs  calc given Read/Write random access p Number of Disks RAID level with di typical average fo Legend: Frontend IOs:  To application (e.g. M Backend IOs: To controller sends to the fact that depe multiple operation Example: 1000 Frontend I (RAID 5 write pen Backend. Each R Reads : 1000 * 67 Writes:  1000 * 33 Total: 1990 IOs Disks: 1990 IOs t   Application Frontend IOs   Backend IOs   LUN RAID Spindle Calculator   r IOs per second  the application generates in total.   r percentage of Read IOs  (percentage of Write IOs tically) ow, orange and pink show: ulated on each RAID levels Write Penalty in subject to the distribution. Note: This calculation applies for mostly ttern (databases, file&print services etc.). specifys the amount of disks needed in the particular ferent disk types. Note: IOPS values of disk types are r random access. tal number of Read/Write operations per second an S Exchange) generates and sends to its disk. tal number of Read/Write operations per second the RAID its physical disks. This number is typically higher due to ding on the RAID level the controller needs to perform s. s; 67% Reads / 33% Writes; RAID 5; SAS disks   alty = 4; i.e. each Frontend write IO causes 4 IOs at the ad IO causes 1 IO at the Backend) % = 670 IOs  % = 330 IOs * 4 (write penalty) = 1320 IOs  otal / 200 per disk = 9.995  10 Disks
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