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  Overview Railnet has established connectivity for data transfer betweenrailway board, zonal headquarters and production unit in its first phase,to be extended to new zones, centralized training institutes, research anddevelopment standards organization, and central organization for railwayelectrification and metropolitan transport project in second phase. Thedivisional offices, zonal training institutes, workshop will be connectedto Railnet in the third phase and finally Railnet will flow down to thefourth tier of the ndian railways hierarchy.nitially Railnet will be primarily used for services like creation of web pages, ! mail, electronic transfer of data used for monitoring andco ordination purposes from the computerized applications. The servicesof Railnet will be extended to voice over #, video conferencing, web based application software development. Railnet comprises of two major components: - ã ntranet services. ã nternet services.The ntranet is an internal network of ndian railways allowing allrailway officers and staff to communicate on this digitalized network using their computers, which would be hooked to the Railnet.The internal part of Railnet allows the authorized user to get into aglobal communication method and global pool of knowledge,advertisement and entertainment in various forms through WorldWide Web  in a secured manner. How to use Railnet $n ndian railway has opted for most user friendly and bestof breed nformation Technology products for Railnet. This includes%icrosoft &indows 'T and lotus domino mail and web server. The  hardware has been installed keeping in mind low failure, highavailability and user friendliness.The user always faces his loaded #( with &indows. )or using e mailing, web surfing and other ntranet*nternet facilities, user may use various browsers like +otus ominos (lient, 'etscape,outlook express, and inbox.&henever a new user gets its #( installed, he should ask for a network card by default on his #(. Then he should look at the +$'connectivity up to his work place. n case it does not exist he shouldimmediately connect the system to the administrator with request of installing +$' connection in his site.Railnet could be used for various functions as mentioned inearlier part of this user guide. The guide covers configuration andstepwise usage manual as  ! %ailing.  &eb -urfing.  )ile Transfers.  )ax -ervices. E-Mailing ! %ailing is one of the prime objective of setting up the Railnet.The facility will bring change in communication technology presently being used by ndian Railways. The Railnet ! %ailing would enablendian Railways to exchange the information inside the Railways as wellas outside the ndian Railways with the help of nternet.The Railnet main clients can also access their mails sitting atremote locations through -'+. The process for the same has beenelaborated in a separate chapter remote mail clients. $ notes mail message is same as any notes document. )or example, you can change fonts and color, add file attachments, andinclude tables, graphics, and links. !ach notes user has a mail databaseto store mail messages.  arious options available on notes client includes  (onnecting to your mails.  /pening mails.  (hecking for new or unread mails.  %anaging mails.  (reating mails.  $ddressing mails.  #reparing to send mails.   -ending and saving mails.  /pening your address book.  $dding contents to your address book.  $dding mailing lists.  -etting up of office mails.


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