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  To: Ravi Date: Sep 03, 2014Bangalore Sl NoDescriptionQtyUnit PriceAmount 1 37.001,200.00Rs. 44,400.00Rs. 24.75750.00Rs. 18,562.50Rs. 40,000.00Rs. 13.50450.00Rs. 6,075.00Rs. 40,000.00Rs. on actuals 2 .50.751,200.00Rs. 60,900.00Rs. 23.50750.00Rs. 17,625.00Rs. 8.00450.00Rs. 3,600.00Rs. 4,800.00Rs. 3 51.001,200.00Rs. 61,200.00Rs. 23.50750.00Rs. 17,625.00Rs. 20,000.00Rs. 7.00450.00Rs. 3,150.00Rs. 3 33.752,000.00Rs. 67,500.00Rs. 29.001,600.00Rs. 46,400.00Rs. 5.004,800.00Rs. 24,000.00Rs. 30,000.00Rs. 16.001,200.00Rs. 19,200.00Rs. 40.00450.00Rs. 18,000.00Rs. 12.501,200.00Rs. 15,000.00Rs. 26.00900.00Rs. 23,400.00Rs. 4 32.001,200.00Rs. 38,400.00Rs. 5 60,000.00Rs. 6 12.001,200.00Rs. 14,400.00Rs. 40,000.00Rs. 30,000.00Rs. 8 25,000.00Rs. 9 10,000.00Rs. 14,500.00Rs. 10 15,000.00Rs. 11 2,000.00Rs. SubtotalRs.8,30,737.50 12COT with side tableLoft Bottom Panelling [6'x2'3 ]Shower cubicle in MBR bathroomProjector screen & setup Lamination difference amount approx Additional Baskets in kitchen Kids Room Wardrobe [ 5' 3 x 7' ] Estimate Kitchen Bottom Unit is made from Golden ply Marine[ Waterproof ] Plywood. Will be fiited with alluminium G profilWardrobes, Loft and Kitchen Upper Unit is made from ISI Grade MR Plywood[Pine wood].Loft [ 11' x 2'3 ] Guest bedroom Wardrobe [ 7'3 x 7' ]Loft [ 10'6 x 2'3 ] Kitchen TV unit Entrance Panelling [4'x1'9 ]Loft Bottom Panelling [4'x2'3 ]Sliding door fittingKitchen Entrance Panelling Crockery Unit [8'x2'] Shoe Rack POP in living & dining Master Bedroom Wardrobe [ 7'3 x 7' ]Loft [ 10'6 ' x 2'3 ]Crockery Bottom unit [5'x2'6 ]Hall Entrance panelling with LED lightsPOP with lighting Over all tax amount  Bottom Unit [ 13'6 x 2'6 ]Upper Unit [ 14'6 x 2' ] Chimney & hob [ Faber/Gilma] Cleaning Materials Used:We do: I nterior Designing and Work Execution, Painting, Glass Work to Residential and Commercial Buildings, Mural Art Work, Shower Cubicals Debris Discharge Electrical alteration charges approxHall TV Unit Pooja [4'x8 ] Interior designing & Execu tion  34567Electrical alteration charges will be charged at actuals89Additional baskets will be charged extra 10Cutlery, Cup & Saucer, Thali Baskets are provided.S S Modular Handles.Inside 0.8MM Laminate of century/newmika and Outside 1MM Laminate[Rs. 1000.00] of Customer Choice.Hinges And Telescopic Channels - HettichTransactions will be through cash otherwises taxes are applicableEach wardrobe will have 4 drawers anything additional will charge extra
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