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    Impressive On Concrete 530 East Dyer Road - Santa Ana, CA 92707 - 714 429-9500 fax: 714 429-1460 -  Attn: To Whom It May Concern Re: Regrind Plastic Materials  All ABS and Styrene plastic sheets used in Spec Formliners, Inc. are made from recycled, regrind plastic sheets manufactured by one of our suppliers.  Additionally, we regrind all of our plastic trim at our facility in Santa Ana, CA. It is recycled back to our plastic supplier for re-manufacturing into sheet stock for our production process. The attached cut sheet provides specifications for a standard Spec pattern produced under our environmentally friendly process. Thank you, Spec Formliners, Inc Jessie Ullerich Vice President, Marketing & Communications   Spec Formliners, Inc. 530 East Dyer Road, Santa Ana, CA - Phone: 714 429-9500 - FAX: 714 429-1460 G ENERAL  I NFORMATION A TTACHMENT  T O  F ORMWORK  – Liners are attached to the form using TEK screws through the face of the liner spaced 12” C-C. Optional form mounting T-nuts embedded through the plywood backing is available for Elastospec panels. F ORM  R ELEASE  – Apply with low flow, wide angle, flat spray nozzle and wipe with a cloth to insure a complete even coat to the entire form liner surface. Do not over apply form release agent. Protect treated form liners from precipitation, dust, and debris. Do not apply to reinforcing steel. Most VOC compliant form releases are approved for all form liner materials. T ECHNICAL  S UPPORT  – Contact Spec Formliners, Inc. 888 429-9550 Photo  AvailableSoon Call for ThermoSpec tm  Standard Panel Sizes on this pattern. Custom Sizes and Art Panels availableElastoSpec tm  Customized Panel Sizes and Art Panels ThermoSpec tm   S INGLE   OR  M ULTI - USE  P LASTIC PropertyHIPSABS  Tensile D63837005300IFlexural D7905-9300Hardness D786-105 Material Weights - lbs/ft 2 0.070 MIL0.110 MIL0.150 MIL0.393 0.6210.843 ElastoSpec tm   100% Solid UrethaneB ONDED  T O  3/4” P LYWOOD PropertyASTMRating Shore AD224050-55 TensileD638800 psiElongationD638600% Tear Strength D624200 pli Material Weights - lbs/ft 2 Varies by Pattern ElastoSpec Lite tm   Semi-ElastomericM ULTI -U SE  M ATERIAL PropertyASTMRating Shore DD224065 TensileD4123000 psiElongationD412300% Tear Strength D237023 MPa Material Weights - lbs/ft 2 Varies by Pattern 1.750 0.500 0.500 1.500 0.250 3/4 Plywood factorymold bonded 0.750 0.500 0.750 0.500 1.500 0.250 Pattern Number: 1101 Standard Spec Rib 3/4” (19mm) deep fractured fin1-1/2” (38mm) pattern repeat
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