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  B. Task 2  –  Reading Type of incident Details of incident Cause(s) Effect(s) C. Task 3  –  Writing Letter should include 1. When the incident took place- kelmarin 2. Who were involved  –  motorcycle and cars 3. Why it happened  –  speed and langgar lampu isyarat 4. Suggestion on how the town council and police department can help to prevent such incidents - kerjasama - Rondaan polis - Cctv - Bonggol - Keselamatan jalanraya/poster/iklan - Enforcement of strict regulation/law - Banyakkan lampu jalan dan segera baiki yang rosak D. Reflection - Memahami kehendak soalan sepenuhnya, membuat perancangan, mndapatkan bahan yng sesuai, drafting first - Tanya rakan guru sekolah, melayari internet, dictionary, buku rujkan - About parts of speech/grammar, format of writing formal letter and structural writing, using the internet, find suitable material/reference, using dictionary, reading English newspaper, self learning process,  First Article : 3 killed as bus rams into divider Source : News Straits Times Date : 2 May 2012 ( Wednesday) Page : 4 Type of incident Details of incident Cause(s) Effect(s) Chartered bus accident This accident was happened at 1.50 a.m. on First of May 2012. Three people were killed and 24 others injured when a bus crashed into a road divider at the Sungai Buaya interchange being constructed at Km 434 of the North-South Expressway, near the Bukit Beruntong toll plaza. The bus was travelling with 48 passengers aboard from Chenderiang, Perak to Malacca. 1. A bus crashed into a road divider. 1. Three people were killed and 24 others injured. 2. The bus accident at 1.50 a.m. 2. Three passengers were thrown out of the bus and died on the spot. 3. The accident area was dark at the time as there were no lamp posts. 3. The bus rams into a road divider. 4. Bus accident. 4. Syamin’s father died.  5. Setapa Mat, 46 died in that bus accident. 5. His wife refused to believed that she was now a widow.  6. Syamin’s father died in the bus accident. 6. Syamin’s will to present his father with his first salary will never materialise. 7. The bus crashed into a road divider at the Sungai Buaya interchange. 7. Other survived passengers have to wait for other transport onwards their destination after the accident.  Second Article : Crane rams into houses Source : News Straits Times Date : 20 May 2012 ( Sunday ) Page : 27 Type of incident Details of incident Cause(s) Effect(s)  A crane slides down the steep slope by itself. The crane slid 100 meter down a hillside road after given the all-clear by Puspakom in the inspection just an hour before the accident. The crane owner explains that his crane driver had  just turned the engine and applied the brakes before parking the vehicle. He still shock that the crane could move and slide down the road. 1. The crane slid 100 meter down a hillside road 1. It crashed into the gates of several houses and a car in Taman Seremban. 2. The crane went right through the gate of the house. 2. Nurila Ahmad’s front porch was crushed by that crane. 3. Nurila returned home quite late at that day. 3. Her car was safe in the accident. 4. She saw a crowd of people outside her house. 4. She was shocked. 5. The crane slid 100 meter down a hillside road and crashed into several houses and a cars. 5. The houses and car owner suffered losses from the accident.

Parts of Speech

Jul 23, 2017
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