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  Welcome to Impro-Visor (Improvisation Advisor) Version 6.0,from Prof. Bob Keller at Harvey Mudd College, 14 June 2014.Release notes for this version may be found at the end.If you need help, please post to the Yahoo! impro-visor user group: the group, you may also obtain The Imaginary Book which contains alarge number of chords-only leadsheets, as well as other usefulresources.Impro-Visor is free and runs on any platform that supports Java 1.6 orlater, including: Windows (XP, 2000, Vista, 7, 8) MacOSX (Snow Leopard 10.6 or later needed for Java 1.6) Linux The official information site for Impro-Visor is: is the same as http://www.impro-visor.comThe official download site for Impro-Visor is sourceForge: the installer that is provided for your platform, then launch the installer.Once the program is installed, there should be a launcher Impro-Visorthat will run the program itself. The first time the program is run itwill set up a folder in your user home for your personal version ofvarious files.On Windows, you will need to adjust MIDI settings to get sound on your particular system. The Impro-Visor MIDI control panel is identified bya black circular icon (representing a MIDI connector) on the right side of the upper icon bar. Set it to one of: Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synth Microsoft MIDI Mapperor some external synth.Alternatively, you may run by double-clicking the file: improvisor.jar  which is a Java archive.You cannot start the application by clicking on individual leadsheetfiles. They must be opened from within. You can download the latest version of Java free from: What you want is the JRE (Java Runtime Environment).I am pleased to acknowledge contributions from the following developers: Stephen Jones, Aaron Wolin, David Morrison, Martin Hunt, Steven Gomez, Jim Herold, Brandy McMenamy, Sayuri Soejima, Emma Carlson, Jon Gillick, Kevin Tang, Stephen Lee, Chad Waters, John Goodman, Lasconic, Julia Botev, Michael Carney, Paul Hobbs, Ryan Wieghard, Amos Byon, Zachary Merritt, Xanda Schofield, August Toman-Yih, David Halpern, Jack Davison, Audrey Musselman-Brown, Kevin Choi, Brian Howell, Caitlin Chen, Nicolas Chung, Anna Turner, Hayden Blauzvern, Nate Tarrh, Brian Kwak, Willem Engen, Eric ChicotWe hope you enjoy using the program. Sincerely,Bob Keller, Impro-Visor Project DirectorProfessor of Computer ScienceHarvey Mudd CollegeClaremont, CA notes for Impro-Visor 6.0Now the pitch of the note is displayed to the left of the arrow-head notecursor. This may be turned off in the View menu.There is an alternate cursor in the shape of note head. The note head willhave a line through it if the note is on a line, and no line if the note ison a space.The Style/Section editor has been changed to allow greater flexiblity.Sections may be added and removed on the staff by using a shift-click.There is an option in the View menu to display Major 7 chords using a delta, and minor 7 flat 5 chords using a phi symbol, as is done in some leadsheets such as Aebersold and the Real Book.There is a virtual keyboard for entering notes on the screen. It has anadvising option that indicates whether a note is a chord tone or color tone,as well as some other options. This is opened as Advising Keyboard from theUtilities menu or with control-shift-K. There is now an option within Import MIDI Tracks from File to infer chords.Now the Style Extractor does not require a leadsheet file to specify chords;  extraction is done only form MIDI files. There are some added styles that wereextracted from MIDI files generated by ChordPulse.The grammar formalism contains some new constructs, including the abilityto specify relative pitches (rather than just abstract notes), and otherbuilt-ins, such as for generating George Garzone's triadic melodies. Thereis also a grammar for Jerry Bergonzi's method of improvisation, described inhis book Melodic Structures.Now a new leadsheet can be constructed from a roadmap.The roadmap analysis algorithm has been changed to use harmonic tempo.Now the Improv button will start improvisation over the selection and loopcontinuously, until the button is toggled off.There is a **preliminary** facility for audio input, however it requires co-installation of SuperCollider with the Tartini plug-in. Audio is convertedto MIDI, which Impro-Visor can input in real-time.===============================================================================Release notes for Impro-Visor 5.16 Improves MIDI recording, allowing resolution to be set. MIDI recording can now be done in conjunction with improvisation.Memory leakage during recording is greatly reduced.Re-organizes grammars for trading, in the form trade-4-A-chord, etc.Here 4 is the number of bars traded, A means the computer goes first,B means the user goes first. 'chord' means that tones are constrainted tochord tones and approach tones. 'color' means that color tones andscale tones are also used.The layout of the main window is changed slightly for better ergonomics.===============================================================================Release notes for Impro-Visor 5.15 Improves handling of MIDI track importing.Improves style extraction from MIDI capabilities.===============================================================================Release notes for Impro-Visor 5.14 (pre-release)Bug fix: Fixes MusicXML export that was broken in 5.12, 5.13.Adds preliminary MIDI file import. Now a MIDI file can be loaded and playedas such. Single tracks can be imported as Impro-Visor melodies.(We do not import an entire leadsheet with chord symbols, etc.)Sysex events in the MIDI file are ignored.Improves Style Extraction editor and repairs some long standing problemsin that area.  Replaces Generate button with Improvise toggle button. Now improvisationwill continue until the button is toggled a second time. Playback stop isstill through the stop button or the K key.===============================================================================Release notes for Impro-Visor 5.13Bug fix: Selecting New Leadsheet (control-N) caused the program to hang.===============================================================================Release notes for Impro-Visor 5.12Added volume specification options to style specifications. (Use Vnnn wherennn is an integer between 0 and 127 to control volume in notes followingthis term, up to the next V setting.)Changed Style Editor and Piano Roll Editor to accommodate volumes.Changed the layout of the Piano Roll Editor so that controls are at the top.Now the percussion instrument names can be names rather than numbers as before.Numbers are still accepted, but when style files are written, names will beused.Now MIDI channels can be assigned (in the Mixer panel), rather than beconfined to fixed settings (melody = 1, chords = 4, bass = 7, drums = 10).Now there is an option to send MIDI Bank 0 Select before notes. This isset in the MIDI Preferences panel.Now each percussion instrument is assigned a separate MIDI track. This canbe useful if the MIDI output is used as input to a Digital Audio Workstation,for example.Updated style files to use names for percussion instruments, added some volume settings, and removed some redundant or unwanted patterns.Fixed a problem in rendering bass lines, which was causing the bass instrumentto move out of range.Fixed a problem with saving styles containing weights with decimal pointswhich would cause them to fail to load.===============================================================================Release notes for Impro-Visor 5.11Fixes a bug that prevented roadmaps from opening.===============================================================================Release notes for Impro-Visor 5.10-------------------------------------------------------------------------------The Style Editor workings have been greatly improved. Looping now works withouthaving to set an inter-loop delay. Copying and pasting of large groups of
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