Advanced Find and Replace v7.8.1 Copyright © 2013 Abacre Limited. All Rights Reserved ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Search multiple documents with queries as with Google and replace entire paragraphs of text! Advanced Find and Replace allows you to search local documents with queries like in Google and replace entire paragraphs of text. You may specify a mask to search files with different extensions and then make a query like in Google. For instanc
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  Advanced Find and Replace v7.8.1Copyright © 2013 Abacre Limited. All Rights Reserved-----------------------------------------------------------------------Search multiple documents with queries as with Google and replaceentire paragraphs of text!Advanced Find and Replace allows you to search local documents with queries like in Google and replace entire paragraphs of text. You may specify a mask to search files with different extensions and then make a query like in Google. For instance, you may search all text, html and RTF files with query:+ John Smith resume -salaryFurthermore, you may insert, replace and remove entire fragments of text consisting of more than on line in multiple files. For example, it is very easy to insert JavaScript right after <BODY> tag and then easy update it, insert new or remove from all pages of your site! This utility also offers a lot of additional functionalities, for instance, using of Perl-style regular expressions, command line parameters, save results in XML, conversion of Perl scripts before porting to Unix platforms and much more.It works on Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/Windows 7/8What's new-----------------------------------------------------------------------AFR v7.8.1* Corrected minor Windows 8 compatibility issues.AFR v7.8* Improvement: added new Help menu command:Like this product on Facebook.* Bug fixed: corrected several issues related to showing web pageslike Translate into Native Language in different browsers.* Bug fixed: corrected several issues related to showing help file.AFR v7.7* Feature: new button: Export Values to file for exporting list ofbatch replace pairs.* Feature: new option: Clear Batch Grid on pressing Clear button.* Feature: new option: Clear Results on pressing Clear button.AFR v7.6* Improvement: corrected tab order for search conditions on Find tab.* Improvement: corrected tab order on Batch Replace tab.* Improvement: corrected tab order on Regular Expressions builder.* Improvement: font on Regular Expressions Builder was set to CourierNew (fixed pitch font).* Improvement: corrected program's registration URLs.AFR v7.5* Improvement: assigned all misting translation tags in GUI.* Improvement: updated all language files.AFR v7.4* Feature: Configuration file  s folder is saved into configuration file.* Feature: saving position, state and dimensions of Regular Expressions  Builder window.AFR v7.3* Feature: added new option: Filter files by creation date. Thereforenow it's possible to select files in search using file's creation dateand not file's last modification date.* Bug fixed: action's type for Replace operation was saved twice inconfiguration file.AFR v7.2* Feature: added possibility to use masks like ? and * in folders toignore list. Read more:* Improvement: Folders to Ignore list was replaced by memo editcontrol. Now it's possible to move ignored folders in the list,correct ignored folders or create masks.AFR v7.1* Improvement: better memory allocation for list of files on SourceFiles window for adding new files.* Bug fixed: Remove Files button on Source Files window did not freememory allocated for files list.* Bug fixed: file's date was not properly formatted on Source Fileswindow depending on user's country format settings.AFR v7.0* Feature: Search and replace in folder names with possibility to remove folders. Read more:* Feature: Now AFR can remove files. Specify file name in Search For field and empty string for Replace Width field on Batch Replace (with checked Replace In File Names option) when run Batch Replace.Read more:* Feature: application's specific icons are displayed now in resultslist for EXE and DLL files.* Feature: preview of MS Office documents works now for Findcommand.* Improvement: faster sorting of search results.* Improvement: faster caching of file icons.* Improvement: icons for files in results list are drawn more clearly.* Improvement: faster speed of file type retrieval for results list.* Improvement: file names are compared in case insensitive mode before renaming. * Bug fixed: exclude masks could not work with upper case file'sextensions.* Bug fixed: Sorting results by date was failed on Windows with specific regional settings.AFR v6.5* Feature: added XML as command line parameter for -format command.* Improvement: for command line parameters when path is not specifiedfor configuration file then app data folder is used instead of folderwhere EXE file is located (as it was used previously).* Improvement: for command line parameters when path is not specifiedfor batch file then application's My Documents folder is used insteadof folder where EXE file is located (as it was used previously).* Bug fixed: Open SAMPLES Dir button opened wrong location.AFR v6.4* Feature: new option Min Subfolder Depth located on menu Action -Options - General.  * Improvement: added Arabic translation.AFR v6.3* Improvement: Save Results As folder location is saved into configuration file. So you don  t need to search again for results folder next time.* Bug fixed: Force read-only files option was not loaded from configuration file.AFR v6.2* Improvement: improved start up time on most Windows operatingsystems. Now Advanced Find and Replace runs more faster.* Bug fixed: Some versions of Windows blocked AFR from running becauseof enabled DEP protection. Now AFR can run on any Windows without anyrestrictions.AFR v6.1* Improvement: Improved detection of language file based on system'slanguage defined in Windows.* Improvement: updated language files.* Bug fixed: error messages were shown after entering incorrectregistration key.AFR v6.0* Feature: possibility to use labels for masks and paths. For example,instead of selecting *.doc;*.docx;*.xls;*.xlsx from Maskdrop-down-list you can simply select MS Office files .The same is applied for paths. For example, you can choose: Contracts from Paths lists. It will automatically select, for ex.: C:\Documents\contracts D:\clients\contractsetc.New labels can be easily created, updated or removed from lists ofmasks or paths.* Feature: new option: Max subfolder depth. Now it's possible tospecify how deep to search for subfolder. For example, specifying 1means to search in current directory and in subfolders of thiscurrent directory (but not subfolders of these subfolders).Putting zero into these option (zero is default value) means search inunlimited number of subfolders.This option located on menu Action - Options - General.* Feature: possibility to select backup file name. In previous versionbackup file back was created automatically based on current date andtime. Now you can select more clear backup file names. For example, replaced ZIP code in all companies . This is controlled by new addedoption: Backup File Name. The option is located in menu Action -Options - Backup.* Feature: new option: Collect preview information for files of : anysize; maximum N MB. It's well-known that collecting of previewinformation for large files is very time consuming process. Sometimesprocessing of large file maybe 10 or 100 times slower if you collectpreview information. With this new option you can collect previewinformation for example for files with size less than 2 MB.* Feature: added new command: menu View - Backup Folder.This command allows to quickly open backup folder in Windows Explorer.Note: default location of backup folder is:  \My Documents\Advanced Find and Replace\Backupbut location can be changed using menu Action - Options - Backup -Backup Folder.* Improvement: saving to and loading from configuration file heights ofChoose Masks and Choose Paths windows.* Improvement: saving to and loading from configuration file height ofparameters panel on main window.* Improvement: backup options has been moved into separate Backup tabon Options window.* Improvement: updated language files with new labels.AFR v5.2* Feature: added new button: Shell Association. This button is locatedin menu Action - Options - Advanced. By pressing the button you canremove Advanced Find and Replace from Windows Explorer. So Searchwith Advanced Find and Replace text will be disappeared. By pressingback on the button the association may be added.* Improvement: pressing Ctrl+A selects whole text in Text To Find orReplace With.* Improvement: updated icons on Action menu.AFR v5.1* Feature: Add To Batch command is not available in pop up menu afterright-clicking on Replace tab.* Improvement: Add To Batch button is now well positioned on Replacetab after resizing of main window.* Improvement: new notification window about mistyped registrationkeys.* Improvement: Batch grid is now better resized after entering manysearch/replace pairs.AFR v5.0* Feature: Undo operation. After Replace or Batch Replace operationnow it's possible to press Undo button to cancel this operation.You modified files will be returned into srcinal state.* Feature: Possibility to Show Line Numbers in preview. This optionshould be enabled in menu Action - Options - Preview - Show LineNumbers. Note: collecting line numbers information is quite consumingprocess. Use it only if you work with usual plain text files. Weadvice you to disable it while working with huge files.* Feature: New Open with Editor command. Now just right-click on anyplace of found text in Preview. You will see Open with Editor command. With this command you can open your favorite text editor andit will be automatically navigated to selected in Preview line andcolumn numbers. Some popular editors are already pre-configured(Notepad, Notepad++, UltraEdit, Multi-Edit and TextEdit). But you cansetup option for any other editor too on menu Action - Options - Preview.* Feature: Automatically save modified files into backup folder option.This option allows you to save modified files into selected folder.Complete structure of folder-free will be saved including drive nameinformation. The option is located on menu Action - Options -Advanced. Automatic recovery from this folder is possible using Undo
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