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  122 Real Time  DVD worksheets Teacher’s notes Using the DVDs  The Real Time  DVD can either be used in the classroom or for individual study. Each DVD has six episodes. The main focus of each episode is to provide a context for the language in the Real Time  sections in the Students’ Book. It would therefore be suitable to watch one episode after having completed one Real Time  section. Each episode is divided into three scenes. There are interactive multiple-choice questions for each scene which you can use while watching. We suggest letting students see the question, watching the scene, then having a class vote on the answer. In the following pages are six DVD worksheets. These focus on the language, vocabulary, functions and general content of the episode, allowing you to make the most of the DVD. We suggest that you use the interactive questions the first time you watch the DVD episode. Then, give out the worksheets and students can watch the DVD again. There are optional ‘extra questions’ suggested in the teacher’s notes for each episode. These questions focus on the visual content, the characters’ feelings and relate the content to your students’ own experience. The story so far …  The Benton family, Jon and Sally (Dad and Mum) and Mark and Anna (their children) have come down from London to stay on a campsite by the sea in Cornwall for a few weeks. Whilst there, Anna has met Dave, who owns the beach shop and gives surfing lessons. Anna and Dave have become close and Dave has become friendly with the family. Anna also works part-time for Bob in the beach café. Episode 1 In this episode, we find Mark and Anna Benton at their tent on the campsite. Mark is listening to his MP3 player and Anna is looking for coffee. She can’t find any and although Mark offers, Anna insists on going to buy some more from Dave’s shop. Mark thinks she is more interested in Dave than the coffee. As she leaves, Mark notices the girl pitching her tent next to his and he develops a crush on her. He uses the lack of coffee as an excuse to introduce himself to her. When Anna returns, she finds Mark and his new ‘friend’, Rachel, drinking coffee. Now it is Anna’s turn to make fun of Mark. And why is he drinking coffee when he doesn’t like it? Functional languageScenes 2 / 3 Meeting and getting to know people Before you watch Before beginning the episode, you should find out whether the students have used the Real Time Elementary   or Pre-Intermediate DVD  or not. Depending on whether they have done so, follow one of the following options:OPTION 1 – For students who have not seen Elementary   or Pre-Intermediate : tell the students that they are going to watch the introduction to the DVD. Ask them to watch and tell you what the DVD is about. Play the introduction once and then elicit the answers.Answer: The DVD is about a family who are on holiday by the sea. You may tell them that it is the Benton family and they are on a camping holiday in Cornwall, England.  Then tell students that there are four family members and a friend in the DVD. Ask them to watch the introduction again and name the characters. Play the introduction again and check the answers.Answers: Father (Jon), Mother (Sally), Son (Mark), Daughter (Anna) and friend (Dave). Then elicit from students what they think the episodes in the video might be about.OPTION 2 – For students who have seen the Elementary   and/or Pre-Intermediate DVDs : Elicit from students what the Elementary   / Pre-Intermediate  DVD was about and who was in it. Elicit what happened in the Elementary   / Pre-Intermediate DVD . Write up correct or wrong information on the board and then play the introduction and ask students to add or change the information on the board. Then elicit from students what they think might happen to the Benton family in this DVD. Vocabulary or phrases to be pre-taught or checked: I get it! disturb neighbour gig seriously? unpack  Extra questionsScene 1 Describe what each character looks like. Scene 2 How would you feel when wanting to speak to a boy /girl for the first time? Scene 3 What do you think will happen next with Rachel and Mark?  123 Answers:1  1 the coffee 2 in the box 3 some more 4 alright 5 the walk 6 the only 2  Mark is looking for the coffeeAnna is going to the shop  ✓ Mark talks to RachelAnna is holding an empty coffee jar  ✓ Rachel is putting up her tent  ✓ Mark is listening to his MP3 player  ✓ 3 2 e 3 d 4 c 5 g 6 a 7 b 4  1 blue 2 packing a bag 3 Mark 4 because of the plane 5 b R c M d M e R f R g R h A 6 1 T 2 F 3 F 4 F 5 T 6 T 7 F Episode 2  This episode begins with Anna, Mark and Dave finishing a surfboarding lesson. Rachel has been watching but after a few words she has to go as she is packing to go home. Meanwhile Anna is talking to Dave, who tells her that he has to prepare the display of his shop. Anna and Mark volunteer to help. Mark also asks Dave for advice on how to get Rachel’s mobile number. Anna advises Dave on his display while Dave advises Mark on how to get Rachel’s number. It seems both sets of advice are successful. Functional language Scene 2 Giving advice Before you watch Elicit the names of the characters and the relationships between them. Ask students what they remember from the previous episode. Vocabulary to be pre-taught or checked: display surfboard bargain stuff pack up Extra questionsScene 1 What’s the weather like? Do you think this is good weather for surfboarding? If not, what would be? Scene 2 Where are Anna, Dave and Mark now?What can you see outside the shop? Scene 3 What do you think of the display?How would you do it differently?What else do you think Dave could sell? Answers:1 Let’s…I’d like…I should... I want…61, 243, 5, 7 2  1 Mark, Anna, Dave 2 Rachel 3 No one 4 Mark, Anna, Dave 3 1 How about 2 Here’s 3 do you think 4 The best thing 5 Why don’t you 4 1 d 2 b 3 c 4 no answer 5 e 5 2 Mark’s idea was good 3 Anna wants to move the bargain box 4 Anna says the bargain box is now much easier to see 6 c Episode 3 In this episode, Jon, Anna and Mark are waiting for Sally at the restaurant where they are going for dinner. However, Sally has not turned up. Jon, Anna and Mark agree to go and look for her. They have no success. Meanwhile, with the battery of her phone flat, Sally is very worried as she is lost. Luckily, she meets Dave who tells her where to go to find the restaurant. When Jon, Anna and Mark return to the restaurant they find Sally waiting and complaining that she had been waiting for them for ages. Functional language Scene 2 Giving directions Before you watch Elicit what happened in the previous episode. Vocabulary to be pre-taught or checked: odd write down weird to charge (a mobile) recognise thank goodness flat battery for ages any sign of her? starving Extra questionsScene 1 Where are they?What do you think has happened to Sally?How do you react when someone is late? Scene 2 Are Mark’s directions easy? What do you do when you are lost? Is it easy to ask for directions from strangers? Why? Scene 3 Have you been in a similar situation before? How would you feel if you were Jon? What other excuses can you use if you are late or were lost?  124 Answers:1 1A 2 J 3 J 4 M 5 A 6 J 7 J 2  1, 3 and 4 3  1 straight on 2 first right 3 second left 4 your right 5 five minutes 4  1 dress shop and high street 2 car park, near the cinema where there are some small shops 5  1 a 2 b 3 c Episode 4 In this episode, Jon can’t get the car to start and he doesn’t know why. This is a problem especially because Sally wants to go shopping. Sally phones Anna as she needs her and Mark’s help. Dave comes along too as he knows something about cars. Dave quickly discovers that the battery is flat but Jon can’t understand why. Sally then realises that she has been listening to the radio in the car all week. Everyone helps push the car to get it started and Jon takes it to the garage to get the battery recharged. Functional language Scenes 1/2 Offers and requests Before you watch Elicit information about the episodes you have seen. Vocabulary to be pre-taught or checked: I don’t get it running well ( the car) flat (battery) recharge headlights fault to use up brake to fix Extra questionsScene 1 What could be wrong with the car?What do you think Anna and Jon need to do? Scene 2 How does Dave know quickly that the battery is flat?Sally still needs to do the shopping. What will they do? Scene 3 Have you ever had to push a car? Have you or your family ever had a problem with a car? What did you / they do? Answers:1  b 6 c 4 d 7 e 2 f 3 g 5 2  1 Jon 2 Sally 3 Anna 4 Mark 5 Dave 3  1 d 2 c 3 b 4 a 4  1 T 2 F 3 F 4 F 5 T 6 F 5  1 Come on everyone! 2 Are you ready? 3 Can you check the brake? 4 I’ll go to the garage and have it fixed. 5 I don’t know what we’d do without you! Episode 5 In this episode, the Benton family are thinking about their journey home. They are very sad to be leaving but they decide to have a picnic at Smuggler’s Cove before they go. Of course they decide to invite Dave to  join them and of course, Anna will ask him. Dave is very happy to join them for the party. While inviting him, Anna tells Dave about how she is going to miss being there by the sea and how she feels relaxed there. Dave thinks she only feels like this because she is on holiday. At the picnic everyone expresses how sad they are that they are going home and Dave tells them that the place will be quieter without them. They all thank Dave for all his help. Then Anna walks off into the distance with Dave while Jon, Sally and Mark wonder whether Dave will visit Anna and maybe whether Anna will want to go home with them. Functional language Scenes 1/2 Making suggestions Before you watch Elicit what happened in the previous episode. Vocabulary to be pre-taught or checked: smuggler cove whenever to suit someone to manage do you fancy? Extra questionsScene 1 Do you think doing something special at the end of a holiday is a good idea? What other things could they do? Scene 2 Have you made new friends on holiday? Did the friendships continue after the holiday? Scene 3 Are the Benton’s happy to be going home? How do you feel at the end of a holiday? What did you miss about your last holiday?  125 Answers:1  1 should go 2 how about 3 is/ ‘s decided 4 why don’t we   5 what do you think 6 ‘ll go and ask  2  1 Mark 2 Mark 3 Mark 4 Dave 5 Anna and Dave 3  1 Do you fancy going on a picnic? 2 How about going in the evening? 3 What are you doing tomorrow evening? 4 I’m sorry, I can’t. 5 Okay, what about the evening after? 4  1 b 2 c 3 c 4 a 5  1 miss 2 hope 3 a pleasure 4 Why not 5 all right Episode 6 In this episode, Anna is working her last day at the café. She is sad because she doesn’t want to go home. But Bob, the café owner, has an offer for her. He’d like her to stay two more weeks working at the café and he’ll even give her extra hours. Anna is not sure and needs time to think. She asks Mark for advice. Mark tells her what advantages there are for staying but Anna says she is afraid of being lonely. They agree to ask mum and dad but then Mark says that although he doesn’t want to go home he knows he has to. This seems to decide the issue for Anna. In the final scene we see the Benton’s going home. Jon and Sally leave the children to empty the car and whilst they are unpacking Mark asks Anna if she thinks she made the right decision. It’s clear that Anna is ready to move on. Functional language Scene 2 Advice Before you watch Ask your students what happened in the last episode. Vocabulary to be pre-taught or checked: none Extra questionsScene 1 What can you see behind Bob and Anna?Do / Did you have a summer job? What is / was it like?Would you like to have a part-time job all year round? Why? / Why not? Scene 2 Have you ever asked someone for advice? What advice did they give you? Was it good advice? Do you think Anna has made the right decision? Scene 3 What can you see on the Benton family’s journey home?How do you feel when you come home from your holidays? What do you miss most about holidays?What do you think will happen in the future with the Benton family? Answers:1  1 c 2 f 3 d 4 a 5 e 6 b 2  2, 3, 5, 7 3  1 A 2 A 3 M 4 M 5 M 4  1 Can I ask your opinion about something? 2 What do you think I should do? 3 Should I talk to Mum and Dad? 4 I would if I were you. 5  1 A 2 C, D 3A 4 A, B 5 D 6  1 Sally and Anna 2 six hours 3 Yes
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