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E. coli
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  Rec ‐ ing the   DNA   Repair   Shopto   Combat   Antibiotic   Resistance Scott   F.   Singleton,   PhDUNC Eshelman School of Pharmac  ã  “…it   is   time   to   close   the   book   on   infectious   ”.  –   US   Surgeon   General,   1967 ã  “During   the   last   150   years   the   Western   world   has   virtually   eliminated   death   due   to   infectious   disease.”  –   US   Surgeon   General,   1975  Oh   really?  A   Challenge   &   An   Opportunity ã  damage   from   one   bad   bug   (MRSA)  –   over 7 million h sician & ER visits    –   370,000   hospitalizations  –   19,000   deaths MRSA Pseudomonas Enterococci   –   excess   spending   of    $61,000   per   patient ã  every   antibiotic   threatened   by   bacterial   resistance  –   treatments   “will    become   increasingly    limited    and    expensive   and,   in   some   cases,   nonexistent”    ã  number   of    new   antibiotics   declined   steadily  –   resistance   is   “a   growing   menace   to   all     people”   
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