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78-6970-6704-5 10/99 Rev. A Page of 2 1 Film Feed Adjustments Note: 1. This document is only a guide listing specification. If adjustments are required follow procedures in your manual. 2. All adjustments should be checked or verified for any film feed problem. 3. Verify that all film feed updates have been installed. Quick Reference Guide Steps Description Specification Reference: Model 959 Ll Service Manual 1 Supply Magazine Tray Position Check that the outside edges of the suction cu
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  78-6970-6704-510/99 Rev. APage of 21 Film Feed Adjustments Note: 1.This document is only a guide listing specification. If adjustments are requiredfollow procedures in your manual.2.All adjustments should be checked or verified for any film feed problem.3.Verify that all film feed updates have been installed. Quick Reference Guide StepsDescription SpecificationReference: Model 959 Ll Service Manual 1Supply Magazine Tray Position Check that the outside edges of the suction cups are1/8 to 3/16-inch from the leading edge of the film, andare parallel to it.If the suction cups are less than 1/8-inch from the edgeof the film, there may not be sufficient vacuum to pullthe film past the corner separators in the magazinewhen it is full (125 sheets).If the suction cups are more than 3/16-inch from theedge, the suction required to pick up film may beinsufficient when fewer than 20 sheets remain in themagazine.If the suction cups are not parallel to the edge of thefilm, they may be unable to pick up film, regardless ofthe level of sheets in the supply magazine.NOTE: On Daylight Load magazine adjust screw(Refer figure C1 of the DLL Installation Instructions) sowhen drawer is closed, film is positioned about1/16-inch from stop. Film must not touch stop. Drawermust open and close easily. Readjust if necessary.Preliminary check step 3,Section 3-1-9  2 Supply Magazine Film Tray Springs Verify, with a full magazine, that there is an air gapbetween the film and magazine stripper tab.If not, then reshaping of DLM tray spring or trimming ofregular magazine tray spring may be required.On regular magazine tray spring, trim until you get anair gap between the film and stripper tab. Trim a 1/2loop at a time.None  3Suction Cups Arms Low Position Rotate the cam to check that all arms reach bottomand start back up simultaneously. Preliminary check step 4,Section 3-1-10  4Supply Magazine Window Ensure that the Ball Plungers are snugly fit to preventslipping of the Supply Magazine Motor Gear at itsinterface with the Ball Plungers in the Holding Bushing.Section 3-1-11  5Air Pot Rod Reverse Stopper See figure 3–2C. Adjust the Air Pot Rod ReverseStopper to provide a 60 degree gap between the Air PotRod lever and the Holding Plate. (Use a 60/30 degreeTriangle.)Section 3-2-3 StepsDescription SpecificationReference: Model 959 Ll Service Manual 6Air Pot Rod Lever Stopper Adjust the stopper position to obtain a 2 mm gapbetween the rod and the lever shaft.Section 3-2-4NOTE: Check for excessive front to rear play. No morethan 1/8-inch of play. Verify that the Air Pot Supportmoves freely.IPB Section 9, Item 33  7Film Start Clutch See figure 3-2E. Adjust the Film Start Clutch to providea 0.2 to 0.3 mm gap between the arbor and the clutch.Section 3-2-5  8Air Pot Clutch Adjust the Air Pot Clutch to provide a 0.2 to 0.3 mm gapbetween the arbor and the clutch.Section 3-2-7  9 F ilm Start Cam High Switch The Film Start Cam High Switch must actuate when thesuction cups are at their highest position.Clean and inspect Suction Cups for damage or wear.Section 3-2-8  10Film Start Cam Middle Switch The Film Start Cam Middle Switch must actuate whenthe suction cups are at the middle position.Section 3-2-9  11Film Start Cam Low Switch The Film Start Cam Low Switch must actuate when thesuction cups are within 2-3 mm above the top sheet ofa full film pack.A good measurement tool is a 2.5 mm allen wrench.Section 3-2-10  12Rocker Cam Start Switch The Rocker Cam Start Switch must deactuate when theroller bearing contacts the rearmost portion of the camstart facet.Section 3-2-11  13Rocker Cam Stop Switch The Rocker Cam Stop Switch must deactuate when theroller bearing contacts the front edge of the cam stopfacet.Section 3-2-12  14Drive Belt Verify that belts are tight enough to drive. Too muchtightness will cause the clutch to bind. Refer to figure3-2U for belt adjustments.Section 3-2-15NOTE: Check movement of Air Pot Rod. If Belt H hasto much tension the Air Pot Rod will not home probably.IPB Section B, Item 22  15Pick Roller Tension Roller must be clean first. Adjust the Pick Rollers to300 + -25 grams tension. The tension between thefront and rear sets of rollers should be within 25 grams.Section 3-2-16NOTE: Before tension adjustment, verify that filmstaging assembly1 brace is tight and roller turns freely.IPB Section 10, Item 13 StepsDescription SpecificationReference: Model 959 Ll Service Manual 16Film Detector A The Film Detector A sensor S16 should deactuatewhen a film is fed into the Pick Rollers, continue to bedeactuated as the film moves through the rollers, andactuate when the film is no longer advanced by the PickRollers.Section 3-2-17NOTE: The A sensor S16 is a magnetically-actuatedproximity (read) switch. As the magnet on the switchactuating linkage (detector lever) moves close to theswitch, the switch actuates. When film contacts theactuating linkage (detector lever), the magnet movesaway from the switch, deactuating the switch.  17Push Level Stop Sensor Feed film and observe a slight bow as the push leverstouch the trailing edge of the film (refer to figure 3-3G).If not, perform the adjustment.Adjust the position of PS1 until you observe a slightbow in the film.Section 3-3-5  18Film Detector B Film Detector B actuates when a film is on the detectorlever. There must be no deactuation as the film movesacross the lever. The Top Plate must not interfere withthe movement of the lever.NOTE: The display should toggle to “0” when the levertop is still slightly above the level of the Top Plate. Thisensures that any bounce that may occur as the filmmoves across the lever will not deactuate the DetectorSwitch.Section 3-3-7  19Double Film Feed Sensor The Double Film Feed Sensor must actuate when morethan one sheet of film passes between the Nip Rollersand the Drum.Section 3-4-1  20Double Film Feed Separator Tabs Verify correct operation. The film should lightly contactthe separator tab.P/O Section 11 Item 28  21Film Detector F Film Detector F must deactuate with film on theDocking Plate. If adjusted too high, the laser lmagerfeeds one film and then stops.Film Detector F must be deactuated by the dockingplate when feeding to the receive magazine.Section 3-5-5  22Film Leading/Trailing Edge detector AMP The Film Leading and Trailing Edge sensing circuits onPWA-1 must detect the leading and trailing edges of thefilm.Attach Scope on the Blue lead PWA-J. While manuallyturning the exposure drum, adjust RT-1 of PWA-J for2.5 volts.Section 3-7-2  78-6970-6704-510/99 Rev. APage of 22 Film Feed Adjustments MCS Switch TestQuick Reference Card Display S3S4FunctionOnOff  00Normal.N/A10Mechanical Test with film.N/A20Mechanical Test without film.N/A30Exposure test (LD/Polygon on).N/A40Local Panel Switch Test.See 8–250Film Detector A (S16).060Film Detector B (S17).070Film Detector Leading Edge.1080Film Detector Trailing Edge.1090Double Film Feed Sensor.10A0LOAD Button.10B0UNLOAD Button.10C0Supply Drawer interlock (S2).10D0Receive Drawer interlock (S3).10E0Top Cover interlock (S4).10F0Supply Magazine Presence (S5).1001Receive Magazine Presence (S14).1011Supply Magazine Window Closed (S6).1021Receive Magazine Closed (PS2).1031Supply Magazine Window Open (S7).1041Receive Magazine Open (S15).1051Film Start Cam High (S8).1061Film Start Cam Middle (S9).1071Film Start Cam Low (S10).1081Rocker Cam Snarl (S11).1091Rocker Cam Stop (S12).10A1Push Lever Home (S13).10B1Push Lever Stop (PS1).01C1Beam Splitter Home Position.10D1Film Detector F (S34).01E1Docking Switch Up (S33).10F1Docking Switch Down (S32).1002Docking Unit (S30,S31).0012PWA-B SW 1022PWA-B SW 50-15 for O/F32PWA–B SW 60-15 for O/F42PWA–B SW 70-15 for O/F52PWA–B SW 80-15 for O/F Film Feed AdjustmentsTroubleshootingQuick Reference Code CardP831/952/959 *P831/952 only+59 only-Not UsedF1CPU Failure on PWA-B.F2ROM Checksum Failure on PWA-B.ecsum aiure on -.F3RAM Failure on PWA-B.F4Timing Failure on PWA-B.F5Machine Type EPROM Failure. Alarm Codes 10Supply Magazine Empty Detected.11Receive Magazine Full Detected.12Supply Magazine not Detected.13Receive Magazine not Detected when Supply Magazine is in Place.14Supply Drawer Open Detected. .15Receive Drawer Open Detected.16Top Cover Open Detected.17Film Processor Not Ready Detected.18Docking Unit Not Ready Detected.19Not Assigned. Error Codes: Problems in the Film Transport System 20/20FFilm is near the Supply Magazine, Detector A is off.21/21FFilm is near the Supply Magazine, Detector A is on.22/22FFilm is in the Center Machine, Detector B is on.23Film is in the Center Machine, Detector B in on.24Double Film Feed.25Film is in the Docking Unit, Detector F is off.26Film is in the Docking Unit, Detector F is on.27Film is in the Processor.28FFilm is near the Receive Magazine.29Receive Magazine did not open.30FSupply Magazine did not close.31Supply Magazine did not open. Error Codes: Other Problems 32Setup Fail – No more zones can be defined.33Setup Fail – Aspect Ratio Error34Setup Fail – Current user is not DZO user.35Setup Fail – Images do not fit into zones as defined.36*Not Assigned.37*Not Assigned.38No Pass/Fail response from IMS for a command sent by the MCS.39Fiber Optic Link out of sync.40Push Lever Stop Sensor overtime.41Film Leading Edge Detector Failure.42Film Trailing Edge Detector failure or Film Jam at the Sensor.43Beam Splitter Position Failure.44Drum Motor not stabilized.45Polygon Motor not stabilized.46SOS not detected.47Data Ready from the IMS not detected.48EOF from the IMS not detected.49No response from the IMS.50MCS received NAK over 3 times from the IMS.51MCS Transmitted NAK over 3 times to the IMS.52*Not Assigned.53Print failed – three IMS errors detected.54*Not Assigned.55*Not Assigned.56*Not Assigned.57Invalid checksum in contrast tables.58Image Fail BMAG – bad magnification.59Image Fail BSET – improper setup for IMS.60+Print failed – three MCS errors detected.61NOVRAM Error (Input Module).62Image Fail BVAL – bad value.63Image Fail BIM – bad image number.64Parity Error on Optical Link.65+Generic acquisition error.66Acquisition memory out of bounds error.67Acquisition FIFO overflow or underflow.68Image Fail TIME – acquisition timeout.69*Not Assigned.70–Not Assigned.71*Not Assigned.72MCS received INV form IMS over 3 times.73IMS Status MRR – memory error.74Not Assigned.75Not Assigned.76Not Assigned.77MCS transmitted NAK over 3 times to Remote/Keypad.78MCS received NAK over 3 times from Remote/Keypad.79Film Start Cam High Switch overtime.80Film Start Cam Middle Switch overtime81Film Start Cam Low Switch overtime.82Rocker Cam Start Switch overtime.83Rocker Cam Stop Switch overtime84Push Lever Home Switch overtime.85Image Fail OVER – memory full.86Image Fail NOVRAM.87*Not Assigned.88*Not Assigned.89*Not Assigned.90*Not Assigned.91*Not Assigned.92*Not Assigned.93IMS-MCS link time-out.94*Not Assigned.95IMS received NAK 3 times.96MCS NOVRAM has a bad value.97*Not Assigned.98*Not Assigned.99*Not Assigned.F1CPU Failure on PWA-BF2ROM Checksum Failure on PWA-B.F3RAM Failure on PWA-B.F4Timing Failure on PWA-B.F5Machine Type EPROM Failure.
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