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  1 TABLE OF CONTENTS Item Description   Page 1.  ARCHITECT‟S INSTRUCTIONS AND SUPERINTENDING OFFICER‟S INSTRUCTIONS   2 2. VARIATION ORDER 13 3. PRIME COST AUM AND PROVISIONAL SUM 22 4. CONTRACTOR‟S OBLIGATION   27 5. CONTRACT DOCUMENT 33 6. SITE AGENTS 46 7. REFERENCES 49  2  3 S.O’S INSTRUCTION AND ARCHITECT INSTRUCTION  INTRODUCTION  Architect Instruction or S.O Instruction is an instruction make by the Architect or Superintending Officer to the Contractor where applicable during the construction or before the construction is start to the end of defect liability period. The contractor is to be follow all the valid instruction which is the variation or changing of works that has been agreed when the contract was signed. WHO IS THE ARCHITECT AND SUPERITENDING OFFICERS (S.O) Mean person who is the leader of the construction works. The S.O‟s basically use only for the project own by the government. The Duty of the S.O‟s is to make sure all the work done in time and handle all the problem involved in the construction industry. Related to the variation works, standard form of contract stated that only the  Architect or superintending (agent) who has the power to give instruction for the variation of works and it must be in writing. If it is instruct orally, it must be approved by any authorities who has a power in the project. Contractor does not have the obligation to directly follow the order from the Client. Contractor has the power no to obey any of the instruction give by the Architect and has the power to brings the conflict to the arbitration.  4  Architect or S.O can only make an order for variation of works about affair that he has the real power to do so. And here is some of the affair that can be issued by the  Architect or S.O:-   Differences of the documents, mistakes in bills of quantities   Move and replace materials and stuff that is not obey the contract   Change of works, quality, quantity and works conditions   Expenditure of the provisional and prime cost sum   Remove of works because of wars   Extension of works   Produce list of defect woks to be repaired by the contractor   Recovering works which is broke because of fire and so on. Failure of the Contractor to obey and perform the Architect instruction or approve S.O is count as breach of contract and give the right to employer to hired other person to hand over and carry the works from the previous contractor by the deduction of the contract sum that need to be paid to the contractor. Effect of the Architect Instruction that is not approved, Contractor cannot be force to obey and if he been force by the employer, the contract is break then. Still, if the contractor wants to obey the instruction, there is no obligation for the client or employer to pay the amount of the works that has been done.
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