Refining Catalysts

About refining catalysts.
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  R & D INDIANOIL 1 RefningRefning  CC atalyst atalyst Development Development ProcessesProcesses Dr.  S K Ray Indian Oil Corporation Limited, R&D Centre, Faridabad  R & D INDIANOIL 2 Contents ãRefining Process & Catalysts ãFluid Cracking Catalyst (FCC)ãFCC additivesãReforming CatalystãHydroprocessing and oter CatalystsãR & ! & Commerciali ation #tatus in $ndiaãConclusion  R & D INDIANOIL   Process to produce useful fuels from crude oil    Separation, Conversion, Treatment & Blending   Primary processes-  Primary processes-  fractionation   Secondary Processes-  Secondary Processes- conversion processes  improve the product quality  uprade heavier end! to lihter product!  redominantly catalytic proce!!e!  Refining   R & D INDIANOIL % Re#inery operation! $ea% re#inery marin! roduct pattern !hi#t   Deterioratin Crude qualityRe#inery emi!!ion control NO ' and (o ' )
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