Reflection End of Year 2010

Reflection End of Year 2010
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  H ALF  H OLLOW  H ILLS  C ENTRAL  S CHOOL  D ISTRICT  R  EV  . 02/09 D OMAIN  R  EFLECTIONS  N AME  _  M ASSIMILIANO  T OMMARCHI  S CHOOL   HSE/HSW A DMINISTRATOR    R  OBERTO   TRIGOSSO   D ATE   6/1/10 How has your practice evolved during the year with respect to each of the four domains of the framework for teaching? For each domain, write a brief but insightful reflection. Refer to the component rubrics for ideas, but you need not include each component. Domain 1 Planning and Preparation The advantage to have previously taught all my courses for at least one year helped me plan differently by keeping what was useful and introducing new approaches to help achieve student learning. I had to adapt to the diversity of my students which ranged from auditory, visual, oral and writing abilities, therefore my activities contained a bit of each. Domain 2 The Classroom Environment y goal is always to create a friendly and safe learning environment. I have never e!perienced a number of students this year that had a variety of allergies in the first #uarter I was forced to evacuate my class due to a bee infestation because I had a student who is allergic to them. $eedless to say my lesson turned out a bit different thansrcinally planned. Domain 3 Instruction I like to teach the language, not %ust grammar based, but also culture based. I try to incorporate my own e!periences having lived in Italy, into the lesson everyday. I want the students to take advantage of the fact that I am a native speaker. Domain 4 Professional ResponsibilitiesDomain 4aaintaining !ccurateRecords I keep a detailed record of grades, absences, detentions and parent phone calls. Domain 4bCommunicating ith#amilies I consistently communicate with students& families both for positive comments and to reinforce student learning. Domain 4cContributing to the $chool andDistrict I was advisor to both Italian Honor 'ociety and (lub at High 'chool )ast. I also coached Hills )ast girls *+ soccer team. I  Domain 4d%ro ing andDevelopingProfessionall& I continue to take all positive suggestions made during observations by administrators and suggestions by colleagues during ( periods. Domain 4eDemonstratingProfessionalism I constantly help colleagues in need, and reschedule e!tra help for individual students if needed and possible. 'ighlights for the 2(()*2(1( $chool +ear   (highlights related to professional practice) -efinitely my R students both at east and west demonstrated creativity through their videos. I am always looking forward to this topic during the year. The kids have fun and en%oy themselves in Italian. ,ne !rea to be E-tended and.or Refined in +our Professional Practice I need to give out more detentions. y diplomatic approach this year worked fine until ay, but I needed to give out more to reinforce my authority in the classroom. This form will be attached to Smmati!e Report  Teacher&s 'ignature-ate /dministrator-ate
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