Reflection of Light

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    Name: Jowel Gray Group: G3 Course: Science 3 (Physics) Lecturer  ’ s Name: Mr Taylor Date: October 13, 2014  TOPIC: REFLECTION OF LIGHT Reflection-   Reflection is important because without reflection you wouldn’t be able to see anything because any object that you look at the light has reflected off that object and the rays then travel to your eyes. Periscope-  A periscope is an apparatus consisting of a tube attached to a set of mirrors or prisms,  by which an observer (typically in a submerged submarine or behind a high obstacle) can see things that are otherwise out of sight. The periscope is made with two mirrors tilted at a 45 degrees angle so by looking into one side of the mirror you will be able to see the object that is in the opposite mirror because light travels in a straight line. PURPOSE:    To observe that light travels in a straight line.    To observe that a periscope can be used to see objects over, around or through an object, obstacle or condition that prevents direct line-of-sight observation from an observer’s current position. GRADE: Four (4)  MATERIALS NEEDED    Periscopes    Large pictures     Notebook    Pens/pencils  PRECAUTIONS FOR TEACHER: The teacher must ensure that he/she take these necessary precautions.    Ensure that you test this activity before doing it with your students because the students should be able to see the picture in the mirror when they carry out the experiment.    This activity will be done in groups and then individually so that each student will understand the concept of reflection of light. PROCEDURE/METHODOLOGY: 1)   Teacher will place some large picture on the wall of the classroom so that each group of students will have a picture for their experiment. 2)   Ensure that you test this activity with a child who is not from the classroom but have similar height of your students. 3)   Place students in groups of 4 to 6. 4)   Tell students to cooperate in their groups and take very good observation of what they will observe. 5)   Let one student from each group stand (facing the picture) while holding the periscope above their head and looking directly into one of the mirror. 6)   Continue this procedure until every student from each group is given a chance to carry out the experiment. 7)   Ask each group of student what was observed by looking into the mirror. 8)   Tell each group of students to note what their group saw in the mirror in their notebooks. 9)   If some students in a group saw something different in the mirror, then first ask the other members of the group assist the ones who are not following the procedure correctly.   ENRICHMENT/EXTENSION: Perform a similar activity, but this time students will be asked to do this at their home to see if they understand it individually. They will find a section in their house where there is a corner and they will place their school bag at one corner, and then place the periscope flat on the ground where they can lay down and look into the mirror from their end. The students will then note if they saw their school bag when they look in the mirror. PICTURES OF PERISCOPE
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