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  Refection on the Theory 1.What questions do you still have about this theory (provide at leasttwo discussion questions for the class)2.What did you like about this theory?3.What did you dislike about this theory?4.ow likely are you to use this theory in your own practice? 1. !. ased on #ir$inia %atir&s theory' she said that all huans haveability to $row*. What it eans and $ive a reason to support thatidea? .  Our behaviour reflects what we have learned. Learning is the basis of behaviour”.Discuss the following statements and indicate an appropriate example.2.One of Satir’s model state that” humans behaviour reflects what the have learned.Learning is the basis of behaviour. !o change behaviour human need to have newlearning. !o accomplish new learning the need a motive a purpose a nurturingcontext and a trust in something from the outside to help them”. # li$e this theor because that show to use that learning is most important thing to use. %rom theleaning activities we can shape our behaviour. #f someone or somebod learnssomething in a positive wa the can develop a good behaviour. &nd to learnsomething in their live human need to be motivated and have their own purpose. !hatmeans everone in this world need to be motivated and need their own purpose intheir live.'.!his theor state that human from parental viewing validate their own self(worth ashuman beings rather than in their roles. # don’t agree with that because as a human we must validate our own self(worth as human beings and at the same time we alsoneed to consider our roles in communit. %or example as a leader in communit if our follower facing a problem and need our help ou as a leader must consider  both of these two elements in order to help that person.   ).&s a counsellor or pschologies’ # will use famil reconstruction method. %amilreconstruction allows people to relive past experiences from formative ears in thefamil of srcin. #t also provide new wa of seeing self and famil of srcin thusseeing present and future in a new perspective. %amil reconstruction also offer anopportunit to ma$e sense of all relational parts of our experience and allow people tosee themselves and famil members in a wa that exposes their beliefs ignorance unawareness and misunderstanding. #n the other hand it also helps bod and mindmove beond stress survival and coping to positive wa of expressing andexperiencing life. !here are several processes in famil reconstruction idea. %irst isintroduction of client’s construction of famil map that consist famil life chronologand wheel of life histor. Second is sculpting of famil of srcin and parents’ familof srcin. *ext process is client will externali+es construct of famil dnamics andidentifies perceptions and focus on ma,or learning within parent famil of feelingswhen under stress. *ext is express feelings verbali+e own unmet expectations. -lientneed to accept self and parents similarities and identif strengths and wea$nessesdifferences. ith this method # can understand m client bac$ground and able tochoose the best solution to help them.
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