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  Purpose  The purpose of this test is to register new user. hjgjhgjhgjhgjAcceptance Criteria The system should create new user account.Set up/Pre- condition User should not have registered efore in the system.l!jl!jl!jl!jl!jl! Test ependenciesfgfgfgfg There are no dependencies for this test case.Step escription#$pected %esultActual %esult/&served %esult Pass/'ail(&pen internet rowser and enter SC)T we address in the Adrress ar.SC)T welcome page displays. As #$pected *ot As #$pected 'ollowing items were oservedPass'ail+Clic! on registration utton.%egistration page displays. As #$pected *ot As #$pected 'ollowing items werePass'ail,#nter As #$pected *ot As #$pected 'ollowing items were oservedPass'ail As #$pected *ot As #$pected 'ollowing items were oservedPass'ail As #$pected *ot As #$pected 'ollowing items were oservedPass'ail   Test %esult Summary To e 0lled out y Test #ngineer 1 )f no defect found2 3rite 4All tests passed5 for a conclusion. )f a test failed2 provide detail information including the uni6ue identi0er1 C&*C7US)&*Performed yPrinted Signature ate%eviewed yPrinted Signature ate QA Analyst   Resource 1,   Chicago, IL     Posted 1 week agoApply Now Create AlertToggle Dropdown   Report a poor listingQuality AssuranceTesting, Data Integration, !anual Testing, QL, #TL Data Ingress, Data #gress, QA Processes, #DI Testing $ %e& er'ices Testing()ull Ti*e, Contract Corp+To+Corp, Contract Independent, Contract %, C- Corp+To+Corp, C- Independent, C- %, . *onths /!arket 0D#2Teleco**uting not a'aila&le Tra'el not re3uired Job Description Resource 1 is in need o4 a QA Analyst 4or a .+*onth contract+4or+hire in Chicago 0walking distance 4ro* the train2( elected candidate will &e 5oining a tea* responsi&le 4or the testing initiati'es related to data integration0in&oundout&ound within a large #D% en'iron*ent2( Indi'idual will design, create, and e6ecute test plans, test cases, and test scripts related to the Data Integration plat4or* and Data Integration &usiness rules( Indi'idual should understand data 4low, parsing, ingress, and egress( Ideal candidate will ha'e at least 7 years o4 e6perience with data integration*anual testing and a passion 4or 4inding &ugs( Candidate *ust also ha'e stronge6perience with QL 4or #TL and &ack+end testing( #DI testing and %e& er'ices testing are plusses, &ut not re3uired( )inally, candidate *ust possess strong co**unication skills and an interest in learning new technologies and skills( hould &e a&le to take ownership o4 key initiati'es, take co**and o4 situations, and co**unicate pro4essionally with all le'els o4 an organi8ation(Local candidates are pre4erred and no third parties please(Click here to ApplyApply Now Posted By    8ohn 9ussatto


Jun 13, 2018
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