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  LinkView Version 1.1aBuild id is the first release of LinkView.-------------------------------------Release 1.2:Build id 04.06.1999.1200Y2K changes: Device Manufacturing date Status Bar SNMP Tab/Date SNMP Event LogDisplay Mantissa for BER AlarmAllow 10 E-6 for BER thresholdRelease 2.0Complete reconstruction. Can be used with all XP4 as well as DART radios.Runs on Windows NT and Windows 95 operating systems.DART has enhancements, to bring DART capabilities in parallel with XP4 capabilities.Phase1, RC1 Build ID 10.07.1999.1100Port ManagementRFPDisplay window appropriate to radioMenu displayLogin managementEdit PasswordATPCReal-time alarmsAlarm ConfigGeneral TabTrib ConfigAboutRead Radio (Read LInk)Phase1, RC2 Build ID 10.12.1999.1400Includes fixes for these RC1 problemsProb 1 -- Alarms not cleared after freq changesProb 2 -- enable hotkeys for LinkView--DARTProb 9 -- AIS combo box in Trib Config screen should not be editableProb 11 -- In Change Freq screen, always display freqs with 2 places after the decimal.(this fix was made for Change Power Level, too)Prob 12 -- In Edit RFP window, increase the size of the field for Capacity so does not cut off valueProb 13 -- Add hot key for Read Link functionProb 15 -- Make Dev Attributes menu say IDU Attributes, instead of just IDU. Same for ODU, MSU.Prob 17 -- Clear in Add RFP Window causes 3 error messages.Phase1, RC3 Build ID 10.25.1999.1800Prob 9 Revisited -- Trib Config, AIS Insert: Catch the case where the tombstone data may have Off for a value, though is not valid for DS3/E3, etc., by changing it to Frame for display. For 2x,4x,8x, show the value of Off if that data is in the tombstone. Otherwise do not show it.  Prob 15 Revisited -- Make Dev Attributes menu say IDU Attributes, instead of just IDU. Same for ODU, MSU. Do for Remote as well as localProb 20 -- X out of RFP windows triggers deleteProb 21 -- RFP File type extension needed for Save RFP. Done for OPen RFP, too.Prob 23 -- Add hot keys for RFP local/RemoteProb 25 -- When double TT-Spacing of active RFP, need to update the channel number on the Gen Tab display.Prob 26 -- Delay after change frequency-done for XP4Prob 27 -- Change alarms config not work type in change RSL--E3/non-ISP Prob 31 -- RFP, huge TT-Spacing causes value to display as negativeProb 32 -- Disable File/Open and Save hot keysProb 33 -- Make alt keys for Gen Tab differentProb 34 -- Installation of LinkView on NT4 causes TAPI error.Prob 36 -- user can close child windows using Ctrl-F4Also:When selecting Active Freq Plan in RFP Select screen, check the T-R spacing as well in case are plans with dupe TxStart, TxEnd, TT-SPacing.----------------------------------------------------------Phase 2 RC1 Build ID 11.18.1999.1645ADDITIONS---------Code DownloadActive softwareDiagnosticsTest Mode ToolsSNMPFront Panel Password/Locked neededIDU ParamsODU ParamsSwitch ParamsBUG FIXES----------Prob 41 - Connection between IDU and computer is broken, have the interface reflect this.Prob 44 - Hit enter on Freq wait screen closes it.Prob 49 - Adjust max/min limits for ATPC RSL Maint level to realistic valuesProb 51 - Allow user at maint level to change capacityProb 55 - Put upper limits on TxStart and TxStop in RFPsProb 59 - There is atrocious flickering on the alarm tab, due to excessive alarm event messages.Prob 60 - If you don't make changes to the Change Alarm Config window then press cancel, still see prompt to save changes.Prob 62 - make the freq wait window only come up when change frequency, not chan/prime dataProb 64 - Related to prob 55Prob 68 - need freq wait screen for DART too (see prob 26).Prob 69 - when lose comms to the remote side then regain it, Linkview does not update the change. DART.Prob 71 - The hourglass does not appear sometimes. DART. Fix done for RFP.Phase 3 RC1 Build ID 12.15.1999.1630  Additions---------Protection TabFile Configuration (Write to File)Monitor LogBug Fixes---------Prob 73 -- Local download to 2x/4x does not work properly. User allowed to download s/w to active s/w section.Prob 74 -- Downloading to the local, inactive IDU s/w section of a 2x/4x does not work properly. See 2 error messages after every beep.Prob 84 -- In a DS3, the SNMP time was showing the same for local and remote.Phase4, RC1 Build ID 02.07.2000.1100---------Additions---------ModemTemp CompMod DevPrint ReportSave Tombstone DataWrite Tombstone Data3 Digit precision for frequencies (SPR 1064)7-Gig sub-band in RFPs (SPR 1005)Trib Termination for DMC MuxEthernet Connector goes to 4 bytesEthernet BNC Available becomes BNC UnavailableDisplay Application Load status messages to Splash ScreenBug Fixes---------Prob 29 - LinkView has a serious resource leak. (Like SPR 859)Prob 49 - Lower Maximum limit on ATPC Maint RSLProb 70 - When put another app in front of LinkView and move it, red alarms turn greenProb 82 - there are no Alt+[Keys] for the button in the RFP Select window.Prob 88 - Can edit the SNMP event logProb 89 - Lost connection when switched from high memory to low memory.Prob 90 - When switch local active S/W, LV said it could not reboot the local radio.Prob 91 - In the tools menu, both the Test Mode Tools and Toolbar items have same Alt+KeyProb 94 - No Alt + Key for File config menu item.Prob 95 - On the Protection tab, Freq. Diversity is displayed as Frequency .Prob 97 - Help is the default button on the View Protection Port dialogProb 103 - If Monitor log is not used before or at the default start time...monitor log is not enabled.Prob 114 - Test Mode Tools has no selections showing in Maintenance mode on 4x/8x.SPR Fixes---------SPR 856 - LinvView interface not correctly show radio state when remote user mutes their local radio.SPR 859 - LinkView has a serious resource leak. (like Prob 29)  SPR 862 - LV allows the user to put both local and remote radios into trib loopback.SPR 863- Use of buttons that toggle between On and OFF is confusing to the user.SPR 1005 - Allow sub-bands in RFPs for 7 Gig radios.SPR 1064 - Need 3 decimal places in 7 GHZ band in TR Spacing, Tx Start, Tx Stop and T-T spacing.Phase4, RC2 Build ID 03.17.2000.1700---------Additions---------Have the time displayed in the status bar show seconds.For code download and any other file open, have the dialog remember the last path the user chose.Undo a patch in the DART Freq Plan code that disables changing TR spacing for older Model numbers.Comm Select screen now properly handles modem connections.Fix small memory leaks that happen when cancel out of the CommSel screen.Bug Fixes---------3 Allow the user to change Tx power even when the radio is muted.29 Memory leak caused by activities that cause the main menu to be enabled and disabled, including Read Link.35 Alarms do not clear after capacity changes.38 After a capacity change, remote reads No Remote Radio but the alarm LEDs are green.39 Same problem as 29, but seen on a WinNT PC.42 The Comm select screen lets you get into the app without being connected to a radio.43 Task manager opened on top of LinkView causes LinkView to crash.81 For IDU FPGA download, the location is not given.92 The Write Confirmation window associated with Active S/W and Diagnostics has the No button chosen as the default. 96 When switch the offline remote radio to online, the remote Protection tab, as well as other remote radio data, is not updated. Fixed by warning the user that remote radio data needs to be refreshed when the remote radio switches.105 Embedded code menu items don't have an Alt key112 The File Download window has a Read Only check box.118 When selecting what version is active for an IDU embedded download and choosing No, LinkView selects the memory section where the download was given to.119 There needs to be some more obvious way to tell the user are in File Config Mode.120 When the RSL level is at HiUncal , the monitor log displays the RSL as >-40. Similar problem for LowUncal. 123 When downloading code to FPGA IDU, MSU/SU, and FPGA MSU/SU a message appears that the IDU or ODU is sending data to the MSU/SU or programming the memory. A Help button is available but can't be clicked.124, 136 The Switch Lockout function does not work.126 After a remote radio switch, remote reads No Remote Radio but the alarm LEDs are green and the Remote Tab change buttons are enabled.127 Like 96128 For the Alarms Tab, E3 LOS A and E3 LOS B should be changed to LOS A and LOS B.129 For the IDU parameters on a DS3 Protected link, the Trib Interface is displayed as E1.
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