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  ENGINEERING RELEASE NOTESVIA/S3G P4M890/VN890 Recipient VIA/S3G Purpose Engineering release Products Supported P4M890/VN890 ri!er N #e P4M890: VIA/S3G UniChrome Pro IGP Wino! P/#$ Gra%hi&s 'ri(er  So$t% re Re&uire#ents Mi&roso)* Wino!s P + P Gol or SP, or SP#-. Ser(er#003. or Wino!s#000his is a 'ire&* 9 ri(er. as ini&a*e 12 *he ' ri(er %re)i (ersion +,4,0- Reso'utions Supported In general. *he ri(er s5%%or*s all moes s5%%or*e 12 *he (ieo 6I7S. *hen %r5nes o5* *hose moes *ha* &anno* 1e s5%%or*e 5e *o &5s*omer re5es*. 1an!i*h limi*a*ions. e*& he )ollo!ing lis* &on*ains *he moes !i*h a(aila1le *ha* *he ri(er %ermi*s al*ho5gh %ossi1l2 !i*h res*ri&*ions +eg moe %ermi**e onl2 i) %anel sie ma*&hes *his resol5*ion- 'es*o% Moes +S*anar-'es*o% Moes+V-40480 80000 ,0#4;8 ,#80,0#4 ,00,#00 ;#0480;#0<40;#0<; Additions nd () n*es Version: Date: 07/20/2006 η PERFORCE Label: WinXP_6.14.10.0324- 1. WHQL: DCT5.3: DXVAPro!essor A #li$i!ation Control Test be!o e s%i#. &1'()'*()3+(,-A((+. WHQL: DCT5.3: V(RV(R Pla/er $or V(R0 Test be!o e s%i#. &1'()'*()3+(,-A(( +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Version:  ,-.4-.0-030+.,-94-4-.4 'a*e: 0/.8/00, η PE=>7=CE ?a1el: Win P@,4,0030<,944<,4 1.-et LCD onl/ $ro C(O- t2en enable LCDCRT 4o6ie7 $ro -34is#la/ t2e ose !rsor 4isa##ears at LCD an4 2as 8arba8e at CRT. &Penal t/#e: 9XA -XA XA. LCD !ar4: VT1'3*AL VT1'3;&bootle8 VA 4ri6er<(obile=+.LCD onl/: T2e ose !rsor 4isa##ears. &Penal t/#e: XA. LCD !ar4: V+. 1'3*AL&bootle8 VA 4ri6er <(obile=3.TV)HDTV onl/: Res e $ro ACP> -1)-3 $n!tion t2e 4is#la/ be!o e DV>CRT  4o6ie7. &Onl/ $ail 7it2 TV VT1'+5<Des%to#=*.CRTTV Do6ie7: Res e $ro ACP> -1)-3 $n!tion t2e 4is#la/ be!o e CRT onl/. &Onl/ $ail 7it2 TV VT1'+5 <Des%to#= 5.All ? bit o4e 4isa##ear 7it2 VA 4ri6er 1'.0*.*5.13'. 9#4ate -3O6erla/ 9tilit/ to +.@@.*@.@5@* 6ersion. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Version:  ,-.4-.0-030+.,-94-4-.3 'a*e: 0/08/00, '. Win P@,4,0030#,944<,3,Game +N6A ?i)e #00-: Pla2 game. i* !ill *e*5re error +I* is 1la& aro5n-#he s2s*em !ill hang loaing !hen r5nning game B al) li)e # B3o r5n game B A7E3 B !ill is%la2 error  ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Version:  ,-.4-.0-098+.,-94-4-. 'a*e: 04/./00, η PE=>7=CE ?a1el: Win P@,4,00#98,944<,# 1. >i BWhen r5nning U#004 emo loo% AP 7G? moe. i* !ill sho! error message*hen &hange *o 41i* moeB ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Version:  ,-.4-.0-09,+.,-94-4-.. 'a*e: 04/01/00, η PE=>7=CE ?a1el: Win P@,4,00#9,944<,, 1 PCWorl6en&h< no s&ore 2 C= onl2: =5n U#004 'emo +'3'- 15rning. *he is%la2 ri(er !ill no res%oning an &olor e%*h 1e&ome 4 1i* +=5n a1o5*  o5rs- 3 C= onl2: =5n U#004 'emo +'3' moe- 15rning. *he s2s*em %o% error message: BGeneral %ro*e&*ion )a5l*DB +7nl2 )aile on V84<06 M/6- 4 C= onl2: =5n al)li)e# emo +E: S3@&oas*@09-. *he s2s*em hang easil2 5 'VI onl2: In*o ACPI S, )5n&*ion. *he 'VI is%la2 1e&ome 1la& an e15g &ar sho! >,. 15*'VI e(i&e %o!er in* *5rn o))  6 V onl2: he image 1e se%ara*e !hile r5n PCMar#00</Gra%hi&s *es* s5i*e/(ieo %la21a& 7 MAMM: Ena1le in*ernal VGA )irs* an *hen ins*all e*ernal PCI VGA &ar ri(er. *he 'e(i&e Manager 'is%la2 Aa%*ers s*ill has 2ello! mar on e*ernal PCI VGA &ar +CM7S se* AGP 1oo* )irs*- 8 C= onl2: Pla2 #4 )ile +e: *he@1ro*hers@ grimm@m480%rmo(- !i*h F5i&ime ;03 Pro.&hange *he (ieo !ino! *o )5ll s&reen. *he righ* sie o) *he is%la2 !ill a%%ear a (er*i&al green line a* resol5*ion ,0#4;8 an ,#80,0#4 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Version:  ,-.4-.0-083+.,-94-4-.0 'a*e: 0#  /08/00, η PE=>7=CE ?a1el: Win P@,4,00#83,944<,0 1 'VI onl2: Can no* res5me )rom se**ing !ai* ,min *o *5rn o)) moni*or. i* !ill &a5se s2s*em hang 2 'VI onl2: En*r2 *5rn o)) moni*or )or se**ing !ai* ,min.*he is%la2 1e&ome 1la& s&reen. 15* 'VI e(i&e %o!er ligh* s*ill 7N 3 'VI onl2: In*o ACPI S, )5n&*ion. *he 'VI is%la2 1e&ome 1la& an e15g &ar sho! >,. 15* 'VI e(i&e %o!er in* *5rn o))  4 C= onl2: Pla2 #4 (ieo )ile !i*h F5i&ime Pla2er;0# an &hange (ieo !ino!s *o )5ll s&reen a* o(er ,0#4;8 moe. *he le)* an righ* sie a%%ear gar1age 1ar  5 'VIC= SAMM: Se* 'VI *o ,#80,0#43# an se* C= *o ,00,#003#. %la2 (ieo )ile +e: 7=SE#- a* C= is%la2 *hen resie (ieo !ino!. *he C= is%la2 !ill a%%ear )li&er gar1age 6 V onl2: he image 1e se%ara*e !hile r5n PCMar#00</Gra%hi&s *es* s5i*e/(ieo %la21a& 7 C=V '5oVie!: Pla2ing 'V' *i*le !i*h Po!er'V'06,,0#/Win'V'<06,,8437EM. *hees*o% !ill a%%ear gar1age 8 C= onl2: Pla2 'V' *i*le !i*h Win'V'<06,,843 an o%en a Comman Prom%* !ino!s. s!i*&h Comman Prom%* *o )5ll s&reen *hen re*5rn. *he ' VA )5n&*ion isa%%ear  +Po!er'V'00#003e %ass-Version:  ,-.4-.0-018+.,-94-4-09 'a*e: 0 ./.0/00, η PE=>7=CE ?a1el: Win P@,4,00#;8,944<09 1. C= onl2: In*o ACPI S, )5n&*ion. *he C= is%la2 1e&ome 1la& an e15g &ar sho! >,. 15* C= e(i&e %o!er in* *5rn o)) 2. C= onl2: Pla2 MPEG, )ile +e: 7USE#- !i*h meia%la2er,0 *hen resie (ieo !ino! 12 mo5se &5rsor. *he (ieo a%%ears &olor e2 3. C= onl2: Canno* r5n >inal >an*as2 I 6en&hmar an *he s2s*em %o% error message: H>aile *o re&ognie ar!are n?Version:  ,-.4-.0-014+.,-94-4-08 'a*e: ././00 η PE=>7=CE ?a1el: Win P@,4,00#;4,944<08, C= onl2: =5n >li%#'. *he &51e a%%ears noise# WF?: 'C<3: VM=J>li% M5l*i S5r)a&e is )aile 5ner PSP# +3#M6/,#8M6/4M6 SAMM-3 WF?: 'C<3: VM=J>li% S*a*5s is )aile 5ner PSP# +3#M6/,#8M6/4M6 SAMM-4 V onl2: he image 1e se%ara*e !hile r5n PCMar#00</Gra%hi&s *es* s5i*e/(ieo %la21a&< C=V '5oVie!: Pla2ing 'V' *i*le !i*h Po!er'V'06,,0#/Win'V'<06,,8437EM. *he es*o% !ill a%%ear gar1age  BPla2 Vieo )ile+WMV9 or MPEG4 ;#0 480- !i*h Meia%la2er,0.*he (ieo 5ali*2 is 1a+here are sa!*oo*hs on %ersonages ege-B KL 'es&ri%*ion: V33#; line 15))er is 800 Vieo so5r&e !i*h is 1igger *han 800. ri(er !ill isa1le (ieo in*er%ola*ion *o a(oi (er*i&al gar1age line his is har!are limi*a*ion +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
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