Fer nando Yar za Gumi el 2nd YEAR OF BACHI LLERATO 2011/ 2012 1 Conditional sentences 1. I f you ar en’ t on a di et , t r y t he cheesecake. Unless … Danny want s t o l ose some wei ght , but he doesn’ t have any wi l l power . If DANNY … Sue di dn’ t ment i on t he t enni s game so I di dn’ t t ur n up t o wat ch. If SUE … I n my opi ni on, you shoul d dr i nk l ow- f at mi l k. If I … 5. I di
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  Fernando Yarza Gumiel 2nd YEAR OF BACHILLERATO 2011/2012 1 Conditional sentences   1. If you aren’t on a diet, try the cheesecake.   Unless …   Danny wants to lose some weight, but he doesn’t have any will power.   If DANNY …   Sue didn’t mention the tennis game so I didn’t turn up to watch.   If SUE …   In my opinion, you should drink low-fat milk.   If I …   5. I didn’t buy any vegetables so I couldn’t make a salad.   If I ...   Paul won’t swimin the pool because there is no lifeguard.   If THERE ...  You should have a medical check-up when starting a diet.   If YOU …   Peter gets angry with people who don’t take himseriously.   Unless PEOPLE …   He won’t help you if you don’t ask him.   Unless ... 10. In my opinion, you should take that medicine.   If I … Don’t park here; otherwise you will be fined $30.   If YOU …    You shouldn’t eat fish unless it is fresh.   If FISH …    Fernando Yarza Gumiel 2nd YEAR OF BACHILLERATO 2011/2012 2 I’d lend you my dictionary only if you took care of it.   I’d lend you my dictionary as …   If you don’t dress properly, you won’t go to the party with me.   Unless  YOU …   If I had known you were in trouble, I’d have helped you.   As I didn’t KNOW …   16. You must speak very slowly or he will not be able to understand you. He  WILL …    Active or passive   17. They are returning the books to the library.   The books …   At the end of the year, we given students school reports.   School reports ….   Mr Green is repairing the car.    The car ...  20. He painted this roomyesterday.    This room .. .    Teenagers will organize the exhibition.    The exhibition ...   Were they selling computer games at half-price?   Were COMPUTER …   We can’t finish this project by tomorrow.    This …    The government has increased the tax on cigarettes.    The tax ON CIGARETTES .. .    Fernando Yarza Gumiel 2nd YEAR OF BACHILLERATO 2011/2012 3 25. They are going to launch the product in May.   The product ... Our water heater is being repaired by an electrician.   An ELECTRICIAN .. .   Peter and Mary hadn’t paid for the tickets in advance.    The tickets ...   Many friends visited my sister when she was in hospital.   My sister ...    The flood has caused a lot of damage.   A lot of damage  ... 30. The doctor is examining the patient.    The patient ... I was taken to the restaurant by my friends.   My friends ... Nothing has been touched since you went away.    They ...  They say that the Loch Ness monster exists.   It’s ...  They believed that the hostage had died.   It’s ...  35. Rangers are expected to win the cup.   It’s  ...   A present was given to the President during his visit.    The President ...   Nobody gave me anything for my birthday.    Fernando Yarza Gumiel 2nd YEAR OF BACHILLERATO 2011/2012 4 I ...    The plane is believed to have disappeared in the triangle of the Bermudas. It ...  It is believed that he has got divorced twice.   He ...   40. This diamond is said to be very valuable.    They say ...   People say that the famous actress is very ill.   It  ... It is said that Miss Green has ten cats in her flat.   Miss Green ...    Modals and semi-modals   43. These tests have to be corrected.   These tests need ...  It’s possible that she won’t ring after all.   She may  ...  45. You don’t have to do homework this weekend.    You needn’t ...   You don’t need TO .. .  You sent us a cheque but it was not necessary. You needn’t ... Parking is no allowed here.    You can’t  ... Smoking is prohibited here.   You mustn’t ...
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