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    INTRODUCTION Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society (MPS),is the national association for pharmacists in Malaysia.  Its motto is “Service towards a healthy society”. The society also represent the interests of its member and also the general public by having representatives at the Pharmacy Board and the Poisons Board of the Ministry Health, as well as having interest in the customers affairs of the Ministry of Trade and Domestic Affairs and including other Non-Governmental Organizations. The society aims to promote , maintain the honor and interest of the profession of pharmacy . Moreover it helps to encourage and further the development of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Education and to foster intra-professional relationship among members. On the other hand, pharmacy can be defined in many ways. Pharmacy can be said as the branch of the health sciences dealing with the preparation, dispensing, and proper utilization of drugs or a place where drugs are compounded or dispensed. It is not the only place to sell medicine but the art and science of preparing and dispensing drugs takes place here. From the view point of the medical counsellor, pharmacies should be built as much as possible due to the benefits of the medicines to the public. In addition, pharmacy is said to be the „mini clinic‟ where you can always get your medicines if you are having shortage of it. Besides we even can buy medicines for our illness such as headache, stomach ache, vitamins, energy tonic and milk powder neither for babies nor adults. Last but not least, we should have pharmacy in many places such as housing areas, towns, near to the hospitals and even universities. As a responsible and good entrepreneur, we have decided or planned to built a pharmacy at our TATIUC university.   PURPOSE First of all, our main objective to start up a pharmacy business plan TATIUC is to provide medications at superior prices. For an example, if the students, lecturers or the staffs of TATIUC wanted to buy some medicines or vitamins, they always can get for the reasonable and affordable price. They can save their budget for buying the medicines and many more. Besides, by having a pharmacy in TATIUC it might help the students to save their time for the sake to buy a medicince. Since the pharmacy is located at Kemaman town which is located 3km far away from the university. Thus students can always save their time by going to the pharmacy which is a stone throw away from the hostels. In addition, we even can reduce the illness of the students, lecturers or the staffs of TATIUC. For example, if anyone have minor problems or disease such as flu, headache and sore throat they can the perfect and correct medicine as fast as lightning with the proper prescription. They do not have to go to the hospital which is located far from the university. Last but not least, by having a pharmacy in TATIUC, we can provide counselling of dispensing of prescription and non-prescription drugs to the medical students. This might improve and widen the knowledge of the students. They can get to know more about drugs and the difference between harmful and non-harmful drugs .   COMPANY BACKGROUND Firstly the name of the pharmacy is TATIUC Pharmacy. This pharmacy will be built on 28/11/2014. This pharmacy is located at TATI Universitiy and College, Jalan Panchur,Teluk Kalong, 24100 KemamanTerengganu. In a simple way this pharmacy will be located near to the entrance of TATIUC which will be beside the COOP Mart and the hostel 2(kediaman dua). Besides this pharmacy will be fulfilled with traditional and modern medicines. These medicines will have its own proper prescription and without any doctors or pharmaciest„s  prescription these medicines will not be distributed to the patients. Moreover, these medicines have its level dosses that should be consumed. Due to that, the rules and regulations of this pharmacy will be strictly controlled. In addition, for the safety part of this pharmacy, we will have some CCTV cameras in all direction of the pharmacy which means the four sides. There will be even cameras out of the pharmacy. Next, we also had appointed two guards which will work on two shifts, day time and night time. Last but not least, we also had provided a mini lab in the pharmacy. We even have the lab equipments to be used during experiments. Not only that we even had provided the facilities to donate blood and pre-checking for diabetes and many others.   OWNERS AND PARTNERS BACKGROUND We are five in a team starting from Zulaili Bin Mohammad, Ahmad Fauzie Bin Mohamad, Mohd Afiq Izuddin Bin Fauzi and Luqman Zarin Bin Zaidi. We had planned to built pharmacy for the benefits of students, lecturers, staffs and many others. To be detailed Luqman Zarin Bin Zaidi will be the owner of the pharmacy, Sagitha and Sandra will be the administrative managers meanwhile Zulaili Bin Mohammad, Ahmad Fauzie Bin Mohamad and Mohd Afiq Izuddin Bin Fauzi will be the executive managers. Besides we are going to work in a team and divide our duties. The first investment will be ours. Since our owner of the pharmacy is one of the member in Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society so its easy for us to get the informations and the proper procedure to start up the pharmacy. Moreover Sagitha , Sandra , Haris, Zulaili and Afiq had attend to the seminar for business planning ZARIN SANDRA ZULAILI FAUZI SAGITHA  AFIQ


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