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   Short History    A calculator is a device that can be used to make many different types of mathematical calculations, so there are many different types of calculators to handle the different functions.  The designs and sizes of calculators vary based on what they are to be used for. Some calculators are designed for specific purposes, such as different trades or businesses, while others can be used just for basic mathematical calculations, like addition and multiplication.   The abacus was one of the first mathematical devices to be used, and it is simply a series of beads or stones that represent numbers.  It  wasn’t  until 1623 that the first calculating machine was designed by Wilhelm Schickard, which was made to calculate astronomical tables.  In 1645, Blaise Pascal designed his own calculator, called the Pascaline, which was used to add and subtract.   For the first half of the 20th century, mechanical adding machines were the main types of calculators used.  These devices used keys, cranks, gears, and other components mostly to add and subtract  —   multiplication and division  were done with multiple additions or subtractions.
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