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Final consolidated report of the Aotearoa delegates (Carwyn Jones, Carl Hutchby and Catherine Murupaenga-Ikenn) to the UN World Conference on Indigenous Peoples 2014. Please feel free to distribute widely, particularly noting the recommendations at the end. Note also the numerous footnotes intended to provide access to extended information about the Conference discussions and follow-up action. Nga mihi,
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  Report: United Nations High-Level Plenary meeting of the sixty-ninth sessionof the General Assembly, to be no!n as the #orld $onferen%e on&ndigeno's Peoples())-)* +eptember ). /ate: 8 November 2014 0o: The Māori Indigenous Human Rights Advocates Networ  1rom: Aotearoa !e egates to the #$I% 2014 & $ar Hutchb' (Atihaunui)a)%a*arangi+, $arw'n -ones (Ngāti .ahungunu+ and $atherine Muru*aenga)Ienn (Te R/nanga o Te Rarawa #$I% re*resentative #$I% Aotearoa oca %oint+ PURP2+3 1This re*orts on the 3nited Nations ( UN + High)eve % enar' to be nown as the #or d $on5erence on Indigenous %eo* es ( #$&P + he d 22)26 7e*tember 2014 atthe 3N Headuarters in New 9or This re*ort recommends that members o5 theMāori Indigenous Human Rights Advocates Networ:a  Receive  this re*ort b  Lobby  their res*ective iwi authorities, a55i iated N;<s, ;overnment  *o iticians and o55icia s (both oca and centra +, Human Rights institutions, and (where the o**ortunit' arises+ other sectors o5 civi societ' to:iRes*ect, *romote and advance the rights o5 indigenous *eo* es as set out in the !RI% and iiTae meaning5u action to im* ement the commitments as set out in the #$I% <utcome !ocument andc  Continue  to advocate our indigenous *eo* es rights through e55ective engagement with the 3N s'stem UN #2RL/ $2N13R3N$3 - 243R4&3# 2The #$I% 1  brought together over 1,000 indigenous and non)indigenous de egatesover two da's to discuss the rea isation o5 indigenous *eo* es= rights as containedin the 3N !ec aration on the Rights o5 Indigenous %eo* es ( /R&P + The #$I% was the cu mination o5 a heav' *rogram o5 engagement between indigenous  *eo* es, 7tates, 3N Agencies and civi societ' inc uding regiona indigenous  *eo* es= *re*arator' meetings in March 2016 a g oba indigenous *eo* es=  *re*arator' meeting in A ta, Norwa', in -une 2016 indigenous *eo* es= consu tations with states in -une, -u ' and August 2014 and regu ar iaison and negotiation u* unti the #$I% meeting between the indigenous *eo* es= obb' Team (based *ermanent ' in New 9or+ and 7tate re*resentatives 1  7ee the 3nited Nations #$I% site at htt*:>>wwwunorg>en>ga>?@>meetings>indigenous>documentsshtm   , and the Indigenous %eo* es #$I% site at htt*:>>wci*2014org> 5or more in5ormation  6As a resu t o5 the #$I%, the 3N ado*ted an 2't%ome /o%'ment  (co*' attached 2 + setting out 7tate and 3N commitments regarding actions to im* ement the rights o5 indigenous *eo* es, with *articu ar consideration given to indigenous *eo* es= *riorities as contained in the A ta <utcome !ocument o5 2016 6   56ori Parti%ipation 4The #$I% ; oba $oordinating ;rou* ( G$G + secured 5unding 5or 200 Indigenous *eo* es= de egates to *artici*ate in the #$I% A**roimate ' 28 de egates were se ected 5rom each o5 the seven 3N regions inc uding three 5rom the %aci5ic region 5or Aotearoa: $arw'n -ones (Ngāti .ahungunu+, $ar Hutchb' ( + and $atherine Muru*aenga)Ienn (Te R/nanga o Te Rarawa+ Māori de egates Hema Broad and Maanu %au were a so in attendance 4   7ey 0heme - $limate $hange C$ imate $hange was an urgent reoccurring theme throughout #$I%, which a so coincided with two other historic c imate change events: name ' the $ imate $hange march (he d on 21 7e*tember in New 9or and other ocations around the wor d C +, and another 3N meeting & the $ imate $hange 7ummit (he d 26 7e*tember+ The summit drew together wor d, business and communit' eaders who announced their vision and * edged commitments regarding carbon emissions reduction, c imate change mitigation and ada*tation, 5inancing 5uture action, and reaching a meaning5u 3N ramewor $onvention on $ imate $hange binding agreement in %aris 201C ? ?A though there was much indigenous su**ort 5or the action, due to etreme ' tight schedu ing and the over a**ing o5 events, the three Aotearoa !e egates wereunab e to *artici*ate in the c imate march However, the !e egates raised awareness o5 the march via socia media, and we note that a number o5 Māori sti managed to *artici*ate in their own right ed b' Indigenous eaders 5rom Turt e Is and, the march was re*orted as having u*wards o5 400,000 *eo* e in attendance in New 9or a one, with 2?4? events in 1?2 countries he d wor d)wide &N/&G3N2U+ P32PL3+ PR3PARA02R8 5330&NG  DThe #$I% began with an indigenous *eo* es= *re*arator' meeting on 21 2  $o*ies a so down oadab e at htt*:>>wci*2014org>w*)content>u* oads>2014>0@>N14C64@1)#$I%)INA)!<$3MENT)EN*d5  or statements made at the #$I%, see htt*:>>wwwdoci*org><n ine) !ocumentation62FMC4aD08de8020htm   6  Indigenous %eo* es= de egates 5rom around the wor d *artici*ated in the #$I% ; oba Indigenous %re*arator' $on5erence, hosted in -une 2016 b' the 7ami %ar iament o5 Norwa' in A ta The %re*arator' $on5erence ado*ted a series o5 recommendations which were contained in what is now nown as the A ta <utcome !ocument, down oadab e at   htt*:>>wwwunorg>esa>socdev>un*5ii>documents>wc>Ado*tedA taGoutcomedocGEN*d5 4  unded se*arate ' C  or an etended 6 hour ive broadcast o5 the march, inc uding ro ing interviews with N;< re*resentatives and  *artici*ants, see htt*:>>wwwdemocrac'noworg> ive>*eo* esGc imateGmarch ?  7ee 3N News $entre, Ban hai s bo d= announcements on tac ing c imate change as historic 3N summit c osesJ (26 7e*tember 2014+  7e*tember .e' *oints discussed were as 5o ows:aThere were some 5rustrating as*ects around the #$I% negotiations *rocess,  but the <utcome !ocument is as strong as it cou d have been bTwo e' *oints mae the #$I% and the <utcome !ocument signi5icant iirst, being a 3N ;enera Assemb ')endorsed instrument, the <utcome !ocument has ( ie the !RI%+ ver' high status 3n ie the !RI%, however, it is not   sim* ' an as*irationa = instrument: rather, it records s*eci5ic actions that 7tates are committed toii7econd, because norma ' on ' 7tates *artici*ate in such 3N *rocesses, indigenous *eo* es did etreme ' we to in5 uence the decision)maing, create new moda ities (eg Advisors to the %resident o5 the ;enera Assemb '+ and get such a constructive and res*ect5u res*onse 5rom most3N o55icia s and 7tate o55icia s (bar the ies o5 Russia+ c$ommitments regarding certain indigenous *eo* es= *riorities were notachievab e in the <utcome !ocument, inc uding demi itarisation o5 indigenous *eo* es= ands, se 5)determination and im* ementation o5 nation)to)nation= Treaties $ertain 7tates *ro*osed tets in these areas that 5e be owthe !RI% standard, and our indigenous obb' Team was unab e to budgethem 5rom their *ositions This was in e55ect an attem*t b' those 7tates to re)de5ine (ie water down+ the !RI% To avoid that outcome, the indigenousobb' Team members o*ted to omit an' re5erence to these *rioritiesa together This enab es indigenous *eo* es to continue 5ighting 5or theserights to their 5u est etent in other 5ora at another time dIt is critica that indigenous *eo* es continue to c ose ' monitor and *ressure 7tates and the 3N at the nationa and internationa eve to ensure commitments in the <utcome !ocument are im* ementedeIt is critica that indigenous *eo* es maintain a *resence at a nationa and internationa c imate change meetings>summits, inc uding The Internationa $ imate $on5erenceJ 60 th  November to 11 th  !ecember 201C to be he d in e Bourget rance #$&P /A8 2N3 9 )) +3P0353R ;am-pm 9 2pening Plenary 5eeting 8The <*ening % enar' Meeting D  began with statements 5rom the 5o owing *eo* e:aMr 7am .utesa, %resident o5 the ;enera Assemb ' bMr Ban .i Moon, 7ecretar' ;enera o5 the 3nited NationscMr Evo Mora es A'ma, %resident o5 the % urinationa 7tate o5 Bo iviadMr 7au i NiinistK, %resident o5 the Re*ub ic o5 in and (#estern Euro*ean D  or more on o*ening s*eeches, see  Archived webcast o5 this <*ening % enar' session is viewab e at htt*:>>webtvunorg>watch>wor d)con5erence)on)indigenous) *eo* es)genera )assemb ')4th)* enar')meeting)?@th)session>6D@@D1@@24001  and <ther ;rou*+e!enis 7assou Nguesso, %resident o5 the Re*ub ic o5 $ongo (;rou* o5 A5rican7tates+5Toomas Hendri I ves, %resident o5 the Re*ub ic o5 Estonia (;rou* o5 Eastern Euro*ean 7tates+gMr Enriue %eLa Nieto, %resident o5 Meico (atin American and $aribbean;rou*+h$hie5 <ren 'ons, $hie5 o5 the <nondaga Nation $ounci o5 $hie5siMs Ai i .esita o, %resident o5 the 7ami %ar iament o5 Norwa' (Re*resentative o5 the Arctic Indigenous Region+ Mr uis Eve is, 7enator o5 the Re*ub ic o5 $o ombia (Re*resentative o5 the $entra and 7outh America and the $aribbean Indigenous Region+Mr eid Ra=ad A )Hussein, 3N High $ommissioner 5or Human Rights!r !a ee 7ambo !orough, $hair, 3N %ermanent orum on Indigenous Issues Ms Rigoberta MenchO, indigenous eader and Nobe aureate@7*eaers high ighted the ga* between the g oba consensus on the recognition o5 Indigenous %eo* es= Rights, as e*ressed in the 3N!RI%, and the rea it' o5 state action The <utcome !ocument is made u* o5 action)oriented commitments= which are aimed at addressing the im* ementation ga*s10o owing the o*ening statements, the Assemb ' ado*ted the <utcome !ocument *-<pm 9 Ro'ndtable : United Nations system a%tion to implement the rights of &ndigeno's peoples 11 This session 8  was chaired by Ghazali Ohorella, Representative of the Pacific Indigenous Region and Edita Hrda, Permanent Representative of Czech Republic(Eastern European Group) and heard presentations from Ms. Victoria Tauli-Corpuz, Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples; Mr. Atencio Lopez, Representative of the Central and South America and the Caribbean Indigenous Region; and Dr. Kanayo Nwanze, President of the International Fund for Agricultural Development. Statements were then presented by representativesof states, Indigenous Peoples, and NGOs. 12 The Chair’s summary of this session notes 9 : Participants… stressed the importance of indigenous peoples full and equal  participation in the UN system. They provided examples of how this could be done, inter alia, by (a) ensuring indigenous peoples’ participation in various decision-making governance structures at local, national, regional and international levels, (b) recognizing indigenous peoples governments and high level official by providing an adequate UN status, and by (c) ensuring 8  !ocumentation submitted 5or archiving 5or this Roundtab e is viewab e here: htt*:>>wwwdoci*org><n ine)!ocumentation620htm , then b' choosing con5erencesJ & #or d $on5erence on Indigenous %eo* esJ & High eve % enar'J & Round Tab e 1J @  Re5 htt*:>>wwwunorg>en>ga>?@>meetings>indigenous>roundtab e1shtm  or more Roundtab e summaries, see htt*:>>wwwunorg>News>%ress>docs>2014>ga11CC4dochtm
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