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Request for Proposal For. Outsourcing, Establishment and Management Of. CALL CENTRE At. Bhopal. With

1 Request for Proposal For Outsourcing, Establishment and Management Of CALL CENTRE At Bhopal With Disaster recovery centre in different seismic zone (Preferably at Bengaluru) Bank of India Customer Excellence
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1 Request for Proposal For Outsourcing, Establishment and Management Of CALL CENTRE At Bhopal With Disaster recovery centre in different seismic zone (Preferably at Bengaluru) Bank of India Customer Excellence (Alternate Delivery Channels) Department 6 th Floor, Star House 2, C-4, G-Block, Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra (East), Mumbai 2 Sr.No. Table of Contents Page no. 1 INTRODUCTION Information Provided Respondent Confidentiality Questions & Clarifications Disclaimer Cost Borne by Respondents No Legal Relationship Respondent Obligation to Inform Itself Evaluation of Offers Contractual Commitment Code of Conduct Errors & Omissions Acceptance of Terms Abbreviations PROJECT SCOPE-About us and Service requirements Bank of India-the Public Sector Bank Scope of Call Centre functions Scope of functions and coverage Overall Call View: Suggested Call Flow Model of Bank of India Call Centre Call Centre Infrastructure Specific use by the Respondent only Real Estate People Bank s staff members in managerial positions Contact Centre Timings & Holiday Languages Seat Capacity & Scalability Service Requirements Number of Agents Manpower Profile Training Staff Retention programme Assessment & Remedial Action Quality Management Industrial relations and discipline Remuneration to employees of Respondent Insurance Coverage Compliance to labour laws 20 2.5 Parameters for Service Level Agreements & compliance SLA Parameters Penalties and Rewards Definitions and details of SLA parameters Call Answer Call Abandonment Rate First Call Resolution Rate Average Handling Time Occupancy Utilization Fatal Error Customer Satisfaction Short recital of Service Requirements ( indicative) Liquidated damages Set-off 28 3 Other Requirements Governance and Management Management Information System -Report Re MIS Reports Project Go-Live & Scale-up Period of Service No outsourcing by vendor Termination of relationship Performance guarantee and security deposit Continuity of Business 30 4 ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA Eligibility Submission of particulars Evaluation Rights reserved by the Bank 31 5 EVALUATION CRITERIA Evaluation criteria Stage A -Evaluation of Eligibility Stage B -Technical Evaluation Stage C - Commercial Evaluation Cost per FTE & Cost Per Call Annual Escalation Procedure for Commercial evaluation Process Time frame Opening of A-Business proposal and B-Technical proposal Notification 37 3 5.8 Disqualification 38 6 SUBMISSION & ACCEPTANCE OF RESPONSES Only One Submission Permitted Technical Proposal Stage A Business Proposal Earnest Money Deposit Application Money Documents to be submitted for A -Business Proposal Stage B Technical Proposal Stage C -Commercial Proposal Lodgement of Response to RFP Address for submission of Responses to RFP Response to RFP Closing Date & Time Registration of Response to RFPs Late Response to RFP Polic Response to RFP Validity Period 42 7 MISCELLANEOUS Indemnity Cancellation of contract and compensation Non- disclosure Audit Force Majeure Publicity Amendments Assignment Severability Captions and headings Applicable law and jurisdictions of court Resolution of Disputes and Arbitration clause 45 Pre-bid meeting 46 Response to RFP/EOI Annexure A-1 Business Proposal 47 Particulars required for assessing eligibility Annexure A-II 48 List of Clients Banks Annexure III 51 Service Provider profile Annexure B-1 Technical Proposal 52 Compliance certificate Annexure B-III Establishment of Call 69 Centre Commercial Proposal Annexure C-1 70 Template for Stage A Evaluation of Eligibility Annexure D 71 Template for Stage B Technical Evaluation Annexure -E 72 4 5 1 INTRODUCTION At Bank of India after moving to the Core banking Solutions platform, it was imperative that we raise the level of service delivery through futuristic channels and simultaneously educating the customer to take an informed decision in financial matters. In this regard a small start was made by setting up a call centre in 2006 for enhancing the level of customer service. This was further improved upon under a professionally managed Totally Outsourced model of call centre set up at two locations one at Mahape and the other at Bhopal. After extending its customer service through this call centre from both locations, Bank now proposes to provide improved services to its customers through a Hybrid model, from a professionally run call centre from two locations/sites. This call centre should be Hybrid model setup in premises provided by the Respondents. The Bank shall arrange to setup all required Telecom and Data connectivity with the DOT/Data centre of Bank and also provide IVR and CRM as required for operation of a call centre. This call centre will be operated from such premises as provided by the Respondents. The Vendor shall be required to arrange for the necessary infrastructure other than the ones mentioned above given by the Bank, for running of the call centre including Resources (Agents/Team Leaders/Trainers/quality Managers etc.) and attend to the day to day operations of the Call centre. This Request for Proposal document ( RFP ) has been prepared solely to enable Bank of India ( BOI or Bank ) in the selection of suitable organisation for operations and management of Bank s Call Centre. The selected Respondent must be able to commit adequate resources necessary and as required by the Bank. This RFP document is not a recommendation, offer or invitation to enter into a contract, agreement or other arrangement in respect of the Call Centre services. The provisions of the Call Centre services are subject to appropriate documentation (Contract) being agreed /executed between Bank of India (BOI) and the Respondent for the purpose. The Vendor shall arrange to provide the necessary licenses and clearances, certifications from the Authorities concerned like TRAI, DOT etc. 1.1 Information Provided This RFP document contains statements derived from information that is believed to be reliable on the date obtained but does not purport to provide all of the information that may be necessary or desirable to enable an intending Respondent to determine whether or not to enter into a contract or arrangement with Bank of India in relation to the provision of Call Centre services. Neither Bank of India nor any of its employees, agents, contractors, or advisers gives any representation or warranty, express or implied, as to the accuracy or completeness of any information or statement given or made in this RFP document. 1.2 Respondent The RFP document is intended solely for the information of the party to whom it is issued ( the Respondent ) and no other person or organisation. 6 1.3 Confidentiality The RFP document is confidential and is not to be reproduced, transmitted, or made available by the Respondent to any other party. The RFP document is provided to the Respondent on the basis of the undertaking of confidentiality given by the Respondent to Bank of India. Bank of India reserves the right to update or revise the RFP document or any part of it prior to opening of responses by the Respondents. Bank shall provide the revised RFP document, if any, to all the short-listed Respondents of RFP, through appropriate mode of communication in writing including by way of . Bank may also consider providing additional time to submit the responses to RFP. The Bank acknowledges that any such revised or amended document is received subject to the same terms and conditions as this original and subject to the same confidentiality undertaking. 1.4 Questions & Clarifications The Respondent will not disclose or discuss the contents of the RFP document with any officer, employee, consultant, director, agent, or any other person associated or affiliated in any way with Bank of India or any of its customers, suppliers, or agents without the prior written consent of Bank of India, except to the extent provided herein below in this RFP document. Respondents are required to direct all communications related to RFP, including notification of late Response submission to the Nominated Point of Contact / person- i.e Shri Romesh Mirakhur, Assistant General Manager, Customer Excellence (Alternate Delivery Channels) Department Head office, Bank of India, Star house - 2, 6 th floor, C-4 G- block, Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra East Mumbai Tel No , Mobile no , Treatment of RFP Response Deviation: Any deviation/requirements other than what is stated in the RFP shall be discussed in the pre-bid meeting and if necessary appropriate addendum/amendment to the RFP shall be put in place by the bank, as deemed fit. Any deviation/requirement or precondition other than allowed by the Bank and stated in the RFP including addendum/amendment, to that extent be invalid. The successful bidder cannot define and limit the Scope of Work mentioned in the RFP including addendum/amendment. If it is necessary to sign the Scope of Work document with successful bidder such scope of work document shall be an exact replica of the Scope of Work stated in the RFP including addendum/amendment. If any deviation is noticed thereafter then RFP Scope of Work mentioned in the RFP including addendum/amendment will be final. All questions relating to the RFP, technical or otherwise, must be in writing only to the above Nominated Point of Contact. The Bank will answer all communication initiated by Respondents as per the time frame mentioned in Clause No. 5.5 Process Time Frame. However, the Bank may in its absolute discretion seek additional information or material from any Respondent after the Time frame for submission of Response to RFP. Respondents should provide details of their address(es). Responses to any query raised through Nominated Point of Contact / person, will only be provided to the Respondent via . If the Bank in its absolute discretion deems that the originator of the question will gain an advantage by a response to a question, then the Bank reserves the right to communicate such response to all Respondents. Bank of India may in its absolute discretion engage in discussion or negotiation with any Respondent (or simultaneously with more than one Respondent) after the Response closes to improve or clarify any response. 1.5 Disclaimer Subject to any law to the contrary, and to the maximum extent permitted by law, Bank of India and its officers, employees, contractors, agents, and advisers disclaim all liability from any loss or damage (whether foreseeable or not) suffered by any person acting on or refraining from acting because of any information including forecasts, statements, estimates, or projections contained in this RFP document or conduct ancillary to it whether or not the loss or damage arises in connection with any negligence, omission, default, lack of care or misrepresentation on the part of Bank of India or any of its officers, employees, contractors, agents or advisers 1.6 Cost Borne by Respondents All costs and expenses incurred by Respondents in any way associated with the development, preparation, and submission of responses, including but not limited to attendance at meetings, discussions, demonstrations, etc. and providing any additional information required by Bank of India, will be borne entirely and exclusively by the Respondents. 1.7 No Legal Relationship No binding legal relationship shall exist between any of the Respondents and Bank of India until execution of a contractual agreement. 1.8 Respondent Obligation to Inform Itself The Respondent must conduct its own investigation and analysis regarding information contained in the RFP document and the meaning and impact of that information. 1.9 Evaluation of Offers Each Respondent acknowledges and accepts that Bank of India may in its absolute discretion apply whatever criteria it deems appropriate in the selection of Respondent to submit a response including, but not limited to, those selection criteria set out in this RFP document. Bank has no obligation to make public the detailed results, of the RFP evaluations, the reasons for selection of Respondent, reasons why a specified Respondent was not selected, or the name of the final Respondent Contractual Commitment Should the Respondent be an Award Respondent, the contents of its Response to RFP, including any material submitted in the Response to RFP, may by mutual consent be incorporated by reference or integrated as obligations in the formal Service contract and / or Service Level Agreement (SLA), to be drafted by Bank of India Code of Conduct It is the objective of Bank of India to obtain the best services possible by giving fair and impartial consideration to all Respondents invited to accept RFP for submitting Response to RFP. Every potential Respondent will be considered on fair and equal basis. 7 Errors & Omissions Each Respondent should notify Bank of India of any error, omission, or discrepancy found in this RFP document, not later to the date of closing for submission of RFP response Acceptance of Terms A Respondent will, by submitting the Bid/Proposal in response to this RFP document shall be deemed to have accepted all the terms and conditions of this document Abbreviations The following are the abbreviations and their expansions used in this document. Abbreviation RFP BOI BANK RESPONDENT MKTG SLA CBS ATM IVR RTGS NEFT NAV FDs RDs CRM TPIN DR CTI UPS HR USB DND PRI AMC FTE WAN BPO KYC AHT FCR TRAI RBI IBA ACD MIS Q & A CAGR INR BOT Expansion Request for Proposal Bank of India Bank of India Is one who responds to this RFP document Marketing Service Level Agreement Core Banking Solution Automated Teller Machine Interactive Voice Response Real Time Gross Settlement National Electronic Funds Transfer Net Asset Value Fixed Deposits Recurring Deposits Customer Relationship Management Telephone Personal Identification Number Disaster Recovery Computer Telephony Interface Uninterrupted Power Supply Human Resources Universal Standard Bus Do not Disturb Primary Rate Interface Annual Maintenance Contract Full Time Equivalent Wide Area Network Business Process Outsourcing Know Your Customer Average Handling Time or Average Call Resolution First Call Resolution Telecom Regulatory Authority of India Reserve Bank of India Indian Banks Association Automatic Call Distributor Management Information System Questions and Answers Compound Annual Growth Rate Indian Rupee Build, Operate, Transfer 9 2.0 PROJECT SCOPE About us and Service Requirements- 2.1 Bank of India the Public Sector bank Bank of India is one of the largest public sector Banks in India with a Branch network of over 4966 branches in India and 57 overseas offices / branches in 20 countries. The aggregate number of accounts is approximately 65 million. The Bank has commissioned Finacle as its Core Banking Solution and it is presently catering to all domestic and foreign branches. Bank has selected Internet Banking as an alternate channel of service delivery and has network of about 7800 ATMs, besides other banks ATMs available in other Networks like Cash Tree, National Financial switch, NPCI, BANCS, VISA & Master Cards. 2.2 Scope of Call Centre functions: The Call Centre will receive the inbound and make outbound calls. Call centre will directly receive calls and process them. The Call Centre will make outbound calls for recovery and marketing and other purposes enumerated below. Besides voice calls, the scope will also include non-voice customer care services like s, chats, etc. The scope of functions and coverage of Bank s services by the Call Centre is discussed below Scope of functions and coverage: Respondents ( Bidders ) are required to submit their proposals in strict adherence with the following: Operationalization of Call centre for Bank of India on Hybrid model basis. The Bank shall be providing following infrastructure/ Equipment: 1.) Software and Hardware components for IVR (Purchased from B K Systems, Chennai) and CRM module (Siebel) of Oracle with appropriate integrations and customization. 2.) PRI lines for both inbound and outbound calls. Bidder has to ensure the Uptime of these PRI with the TSP (Telecom Service Provider). Bank will process the recurring bills, however Maintenance of the PRI lines shall be the responsibility of the bidder. The Respondent will be required to arrange for the Hardware and software, compatible with our Systems (IVR/CRM/Finacle) and also the necessary integration with these systems. The Bank will act as a facilitator between the respondent and the respective vendor for getting the required interface details from the respective vendor. The respondent to provide adequate premises with following hardware/software components: 1.) CMS (Call Manager System) 2.) Dialer 3.) Voice Logger 4.) All electrical fittings for lighting, Fans, AC etc. 5.) Basic amenities including Drinking water and refresh rooms. 6.) Security systems -Access control system, CCTV with camera, provision of security guards, smoke detectors, fire detectors and other general security alert systems, etc., 7.) Standard fire-fighting systems 8.) Call Center Solution should allow smooth integration with existing Siebel CRM solution version used by its customer facing staff 9.) Scope also includes providing and/ or customizing the necessary middleware & component to connect/integrate with existing Siebel CRM/IVR 10.)The respondent needs to provide CTI (Computer Telephony Interface) connector to integrate Siebel CRM ver with new contact center applications (Inbound, Outbound) & IVR applications using the industry standard interfaces for automatic pop-up of customer profile/360 degree view in CRM on every inbound/outbound call alert on Contact Centre application. 11) Siebel-CTI integration will also be required to push Outbound calls from real time campaigns or dues collections and also for making outbound calls for re-scheduled calls or for other campaigns/campaign response and hence outbound dialer functionality too is expected from Call Center Solution 12) CTI Server, CTI solution including ACD (If CTI is available in Siebel (CRM) to use the same in an integrated manner) 13) Terminals for Agents, Team Leaders and Supervisors which shall also include data cabling etc). 14) Furniture/Fixture for workstations/cubicles/seats for Agents, Team Leaders and Supervisors as provided to suit a typical Call Centre. 15) Provide adequate space for the BOI Supervisory staff to be posted in Call centre. The number of such staff shall range between in aggregate at both the centres ) ISDN/lease lines and connectivity between both locations of the call centre and with the Data Centre of the bank and Master Server of selected vendor for real time Data flow. The necessary network LL/MPLS link (Provision and Management) from Bank s call centre (both locations) to Bank DC and DR including network devices (Routers, Switch, modem etc) with dual redundancy should be provided by the bidders. The links for connecting Bank DC and DR site with bidders proposed Call centre DC and DR site is to be procured by the bidder and maintain the links by ensuring 99.99% monthly UP time. Bidder has to deliver the last the last mile as Ethernet handoff to Bank DC and DR site. Bidder has to ensure the traffic which is flowing from Bank s proposed call centre DC or DR site should be IPSEC enabled. 17) All required cabling at new call centre locations or Bank DC and DR sites will be bidder responsibility till PE (Premises Equipment). Since bidder is going to provide Ether location for call centre, accordingly all required data/lan or internal cabling work at call centre premises will be the responsibility of bidder. 18) Bidder has to make the necessary arrangements for providing authorized internet access for the Bank staff deputed at proposed call centre locations. This Call centre should offer services broadly in the following five categories: a. Effective query response services b. Basic Banking services and transactions c. Marketing and selling functions d. Recovery functions. e. Ser
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