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Request for Proposal (RFP) For. VoIP Telephone System. February 23, PDF

2080 Citygate Drive Columbus, OH p: f: Educational Service Center of Central Ohio Request for Proposal (RFP) For VoIP Telephone System February
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2080 Citygate Drive Columbus, OH p: f: Educational Service Center of Central Ohio Request for Proposal (RFP) For VoIP Telephone System February 23, 2016 Page 1 of 14 1) Purpose The Educational Service Center of Central Ohio (ESC) is requesting proposals to provide a new VoIP Telephone System to replace the existing phone system at the central office located at 2080 Citygate Drive. 2) Key Dates The following are the key dates associated with the RFP process. Proposals received after 4:00 P.M. EST on Tuesday, March 22, 2016 will not be considered. RFP Publication Date: Tuesday, February 23, 2016 RFP Advertising Period: Thursday, February 25, 2016 Inquiry Period Begins: Friday, February 26, 2016 Pre-Proposal Meeting: ** Friday, March 11, 2016 Inquiry Period Ends: Friday March 18, 2016 RFP Due Date: Tuesday, March 22, 2016 ** Mandatory 3) Mandatory Pre-Proposal Meeting There will be a Mandatory Pre-Proposal Meeting held at 2080 Citygate Drive, Columbus, Ohio 43219, on Friday, March 11, 2016 at 2:00 PM, EST. Only those vendors in attendance will be considered for award. Proof of attendance will be the sign-in sheets provided at the meeting. The project will be discussed and questions pertaining to the RFP can be addressed during the meeting. Some questions may be taken under advisement and answered after-the-fact and will be posted on the ESC website at: Procedures and scheduled dates and time will be announced and confirmed during the conference. 4) Selection Process The completed responses are to be submitted to the ESC at the following address: ESC of Central Ohio VoIP RFP Attn: Steve Wright 2080 Citygate Drive Columbus, OH One original and 4 copies of responses to this RFP must be in a sealed envelope labeled VoIP Telephone System and must be received by the ESC by no later than 4:00 P.M. EST, March 22, Proposals received after this date and time will not be considered and will be returned unopened, nor will the ESC consider any oral, telephonic, or facsimile proposals. The ESC reserves the right to reject proposals submitted without an RFP signed signature page. Page 2 of 14 5) Background The Educational Service Center of Central Ohio accelerates the missions of school districts in Delaware, Franklin, Licking, Ross, Madison and Union counties, serving more than 209,000 students in 28 school districts and career centers. Together with the Educational Service Center Council of Governments (COG), the agency totals more than 2,500 full and part-time employees. A key time saver for schools and districts and in most cases also a cost saver is the ESC s Substitute Staffing Consortium. The consortium encompasses 23 Central Ohio schools or districts with more than 3,200 substitutes. Covering more than 12,500 school staff members through the ESC s Substitute Staff Consortium, the ESC of Central Ohio supports the workforce needs of our member districts and other school and agency partners. Because of the ESC of Central Ohio, meaningful education experiences are available for all Central Ohio students. During the school year, 1,540 students served either directly in a classroom or directly by related service staff. Students served by ESC of Central Ohio staff and/or programs include students with emotional disturbances, multiple disabilities, autism spectrum disorders, hearing and visual impairments, at risk high school and preschoolers with delays Citygate Drive, home to the ESC of Central Ohio, is a place where thousands of educators come each year to receive professional development and conduct other business. The Conference Center continued to prove valuable, providing a home to 645 different events during the school year. Numerous member school districts and partner organizations make use of the facility in various ways including holding their annual planning meetings. 6) Present System ESC has used the Nortel Business Communication Manager 400 with an Enterprise Edge 1000 Expansion Cabinet, which provides service to the entire building since it moved to 2080 Citygate Drive for about ten years. The BCM 400 has had some slight changes over the past few years and is now a hybrid system with digital and VoIP lines. The BCM 400 is connected to a PRI and has around 160 DID s. The ESC is responsible for managing and maintaining the phone system. There are no outside vendors with a maintenance plan for this system. This proposal of a new unified communication system is to utilize newer technology and assist the ESC with future plans of development. 7) Network Infrastructure 7.1. Network Requirements ESC s current data network was installed in The equipment in use is provided in the table below. Vendor is to propose new network infrastructure equipment (PoE switches) to support data and voice communications in a secure, reliable manner. Vendor shall also include installation and configuration services as part of the ESC scope of work. ESC s switch room is located on the 1st floor and has a dedicated UPS backup. All office wiring runs directly, home run, to the switch room. Page 3 of 14 Current Cisco Catalyst port 10/100/1000 Total Non-PoE Port Capacity: 336 Total PoE Port Capacity: 96 Vendor Proposed Vendor proposed POE switch(es) to support 288 PoE port capacity supporting 1 GBS 144 Non-PoE capacity supporting 1 GBS Data cabling is already in place and all runs out of server room on the first floor. Each workstation data cable run is less than 300 and utilizes Cat 5e cabling. 8) Telephony Infrastructure Item Quantity/Description Standard Office Phones 128 Standard Office Phones w/ Sidecar 2 Courtesy Phones 4 Small Conference Room Phones 7 Large Conference Room Phones 1 Fax Ports 6 Current DID Range Numbers 1 TTY line 1 BCM Enterprise Edge 1000 expansion chassis 1 Gateway support for PRI 1 9) VoIP System Functional Requirements 9.1. Core System Functionality System shall provide the ability to park a call to an extension and then to connect back to the parked call extension System shall provide the following incoming call management: Allow user set do not disturb route calls to voic Ability to direct incoming call to voic System shall provide ability to forward current call to another extension and to an external number System shall provide ability to place current call on hold, connect to another extension, and then forward the on hold call to the extension System shall allow users to set their own name and voic greeting System shall allow users to set their own vacation voic greeting along with start date and end date for the vacation greeting (Optional) System can allow users to get a different greeting for internal and external callers System shall use the same password for accessing voic on handset and accessing any system self-service web portals (Optional) System can provide ability for self-password reset (Optional) System can provide integration to Active Directory System shall provide multiple levels of password security rules and complexity requirements. Page 4 of 14 System shall provide ability to require billing code prior to allowing a long distance call Desktop Phone Desktop phone shall have standard dialing 0-9, *, #, volume and mute controls Desktop phone shall support Power Over Ethernet (802.3af) via a network switch Desktop phone shall accept 10/100/1000 Ethernet and provide at least 1 10/100/1000 Ethernet for optionally connected desktop or other LAN devices Desktop phone shall support full duplex speakerphone capabilities Desktop phone shall have a prominent visual voic indicator Phone display shall provide incoming caller ID number and name Desktop phone shall have the ability to forward incoming call to voic Standard Office Phone shall have the following additional capabilities: Shall utilize adaptive menus that provide user-friendly button names Shall support at least 4 extensions Shall have a quick access button to voic Shall have the ability to connect external headset Shall maintain list of inbound calls that user can retrieve via phone Shall maintain list of outbound calls that user can retrieve via phone Shall have a corporate directory to quickly lookup by first/last name any internal extension Shall have at least two user-programmable keys for speed dialing an internal extension or an external number Shall ring silently while on another call Advanced Office Desktop phone should meet all the requirements of the Standard Office Phone with the additional capabilities: Shall have a color display Optional side car to support up to 20 additional lines/extensions Blue tooth support USB ports Courtesy Phone shall have the following additional capabilities: Shall support at least 1 extension Conference Phone is a Desktop Phone with the following additional capabilities: High quality microphone(s) with ability to provide coverage for a 10ft x 20ft room with 12 participants High quality speaker(s) to project far end conversation into the room Optional Ability to add additional microphone and speakers to cover larger area Advanced echo cancellation Advanced shielding from cellphone interference Softphone Softphone client should run on current (N) and prior (N-1) Windows operating system. (As of February 2016 this requirement is Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7.) Softphone client should support 32-bit and 64-bit versions of operation systems in Softphone client should run on current (N) and prior (N-1) Apple operating system. (As of June 2013 this requirement is OS X or earlier.) Softphone client on laptop shall not require a registration tied to a specific client IP address. A registered client shall be able to connect from any IP address Describe softphone options for Android smartphones Describe softphone options for Apple smartphones. Page 5 of 14 Describe softphone options for Windows smartphones Describe softphone options for Blackberry smartphones Voic Shall provide ability to forward voic message to another extension System shall have the option to and/or sms text a user on arrival of new voic System shall provide the ability to configure voic message notification groups Voic notification groups can require a PIN to send message Voic system shall provide an option to 0 out to an operator or centralized answering station 9.5. Auto Attendant System shall have option to dial by name to lookup an employee s extension System shall have the capability to provide nested options and play different types of announcements (i.e. directions to 2080 Citygate Drive) Ability to change recordings based on time of day System shall have the ability to have an overriding message in the event of an emergency or disaster to announce closures or other critical information 9.6. Call Center (IPCC) System shall allow multiple phone tree options that automatically adjust on a pre-set schedule (day of week or time of day) System shall provide multiple incoming call options to include: Round-robin to any extension logged in Ring group to all extensions logged in Hunt group to extensions logged in System shall provide customizable hold music or informational recordings (Optional) Message to provide caller with estimated wait time Ability to forward all calls to remote location or cell number in the event of emergency or disaster Teleconference Ability for host to self-schedule conference bridge and set PIN in advance of conference call Teleconference shall offer option of toll-free or long distance numbers for participants System shall provide a DC-local number for participants System shall support conference size up to 20 participants Describe any limits to the maximum number of participants in a single conference. Describe options if dedicated conference bridge is required Describe any limits to the maximum number of participants concurrently across multiple active conferences System shall provide ability for host to monitor conference via web interface to perform key functions such as mute-one, mute-all, unmute-one, unmute-all (Optional) System can provide ability to record conference call (Optional) System can provide video conferencing and document sharing/presentation capability Integration Describe integration options with Microsoft Lync Describe integration options with Skype Describe integration options with Microsoft Office 2010 or later Describe integration options with Office 365 and unified messaging, including FAX capability. Page 6 of 14 Describe integration options with Internet Explorer Describe integration options with Safari Describe integration options with Chrome Survivability ESC will provide a data center at 2080 Citygate Drive with climate control, a Server room UPS Vendor will provide redundant call managers, one Hot or Active at ESC s central office and one passive or cold at ESC s central office In the event of either Call Manager fails, the remaining Call Manager shall fully function independently of the other E System shall have the ability to support E911 to identify the location of the 911 caller from the 1st floor of 2080 Citygate Drive it is not anticipated that a dedicated E911 system is needed to accomplish this requirement System shall have the option of notifying a system administrator at the ESC and/or any time 911 is dialed in addition to the public safety 911 center Vendor shall coordinate semi-annual tests of E911 to ensure it works properly. 10) Monitoring & Reporting Call Detail Reporting (CDR) System shall have a CDR system with access by ESC system administrators CDR system shall store call detail data for a minimum of 90 days The CDR system shall provide a mechanism to track calls made and assign charges to them for chargeback purposes. ESC has grants (including several in locations outside the US) that require expense details for chargebacks CDR shall have an online query capability for system admins to perform ad hoc queries and simple reports Traffic reporting System shall provide traffic reports detailing utilization of inbound/outbound traffic levels including high and low water marks Monitoring System shall have monitoring that will include a phone home option to notify the support vendor of critical errors detected. It will also include notification for ESC support staff via and sms text messaging Notifications shall include details as to the nature of the problem and criticality System will provide real-time access for ESC system admins to monitor call traffic and system activity. 11) Proposed On Premises VOIP Solution Vendor shall provide a detailed statement of work to be performed Vendor shall describe proposed solution, Call Managers, Voice Mail Server, modules, switches and routers, and 3rd party software to meet requirements in Section Vendor shall provide network and systems diagram of key VOIP components Describe software licensing model for all components and modules of VOIP solution What is the process for increasing or decreasing licensing count? Are there any restrictions or limitations? Describe maintenance contract and any additional on-site service offered Describe how annual service fees are calculated Describe how annual technical support fees are calculated. Page 7 of 14 11.9. What service level agreements (SLAs) are provided? What type or SLA reporting and remedies if SLA is not met are provided? Describe fault tolerance with proposed solution including disaster recovery/disaster avoidance procedures should a Call Manger or PRI service stop functioning Describe preventative maintenance, patching and minor upgrade process Describe major upgrade process Describe remote monitoring and services that can be performed by service provider. 12) Services, Pricing, and Schedule Services to be provided by vendor: Network Services Review current network and vendor proposed new network configuration to confirm support for VOIP, security, and Quality of Service Procurement, installation, configuration, and testing of network infrastructure as outlined in Section Installation of VOIP infrastructure, including Call Managers, voice mail server, and all other components Installation and configuration of all VOIP phones Coordinate and perform cabling cutovers as necessary to migrate systems to new network infrastructure Telephony Services Verification of current phone number and DID assignment on building PBX Procurement, installation, configuration and testing of VOIP equipment as outlined in Section Verification that all system requirements have been met and accepted Pricing Vendor shall provide pricing schedule. The layout of the schedules is as follows: 1. Network Equipment (RFP Section 7) a. Line item list of proposed equipment and procurement cost b. Estimated annual maintenance costs 2. Network Services (RFP Section ) a. Consulting costs necessary to perform network services 3. Telephony Equipment (RFP Section 8) a. Line item of proposed equipment and procurement cost b. Vendor may propose two telephony hardware options c. Annual maintenance for first year with optional renewal pricing for up to five additional years with various options for on-premises, and remote services and monitoring 4. Telephony Services (RFP Section ) a. Consulting costs necessary to perform telephony services including all steps involved in procuring, configuring, and implementing on-premises VOIP solution. 5. Other Fees a. Telephony Training for End-users and for Administrators b. Regulatory tariffs & taxes (ESC is Tax exempt) c. Trunk access fees between customer and hosted VOIP provider Page 8 of 14 12.3. Schedule Vendor shall be required to provide a detailed implementation schedule within 14 days of contract acceptance. As part of proposal submission, vendor shall provide a sample project schedule for a similar implementation in terms of scope and size Vendor shall utilize a project management tool that vendor and customer stakeholders and use to keep informed of project s progress Vendor Staffing Resources Identify all vendor resources assigned to this project Provide resumes of key personnel assigned to this project Describe team member roles, responsibilities, and experience with implementations similar to that of this RFP Customer staffing and responsibilities Specify what responsibilities ESC will have throughout the project ESC will provide one point of contact and backup point of contact Current building telephony manager will provide necessary access to current building PBX and assist with any needed telecommunication infrastructure access Site Visits As part of the proposal evaluation process ESC staff may request customer site visits to see VOIP solution in a production environment. 13) Vendor Information Vendor shall provide answers to the following questions within their response: How many years has vendor been VOIP and network services provider? What market segment is the primary focus for vendor? What partner status does vendor have with the manufacture and how will this status impact problem resolution with vendor staff and with manufacture directly? Does vendor have any other K-12 education associations? What methods of technical support are available? What levels and hours of technical support are provided? What levels are included in the proposal and which are additive? Describe the process of how a trouble call is logged, processed and assigned What type of training is provided to customers? Vendor webinars? Online instructor based? Classroom based? Vendor shall provide a copy of their latest D&B report The name of each team member that will be assigned to this project and the role that they will play. Include a brief resume of experience, certifications, skills and abilities of each team member Vendor shall furnish future expansion plans and planned future enhancements All information concerning any suits filed, judgements entered or claims made against the vendor during the last five years with respect to services provided by the vendor or any declaration of default or termination for cause against the vendor with respect to such services. In addition, state whet
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