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  Research Record  Source: What we have found out: Why this is relevant: When and where the oldest sweet shop began. “The famous Oldest Sweet Shop in the World has been trading continuously since 1827!”   It will help with content of interviews and the voiceover. A timeline of when certain famous sweets were introduced. “ 1899 Liquorice allsorts are invented”   It will help with facts when putting together the voice-over. Footage of a conveyor belt of sweets in 1967. We could include a section of this clip as archive footage. Archive footage of a rock making factory in 1957. Good footage for a cutaway whilst discussing popular sweets in the UK. Secondary Research  Source: What we have found out: Why this is relevant: When and where the first pic’n’mix was.   “By 1930 Woolworth had become the dominant sweet shop in Britain and Ireland”   This research will help us whilst we are interviewing. A British view on American sweets and an American view on British sweets. “Lately there has been a huge rise in popularity of imported American candy.”  Give us knowledge for our interviews on British Vs American sweets. British facts and a British history on sweets. “ The British sweet tooth has sunk deep into the economy  –  over £3000 million is spent on chocolates, toffees, boiled sweets and bars every year.”   Helps us analyse sweets in Britain to gain local knowledge. American history and facts on sweets. “Americans eat 25 pounds of candy, per person, per year.”   Helps us with the comparison between British sweets and American sweets as the British vs American sweets is one of our main exposition points we discuss. Found out about 2 local sweet shops. This will help us with our primary research so that we can conduct interviews with their staff.  Primary Research Mr Simms Olde Sweet Shoppe:    Who with:  Both the shop owner and staff of the shop. We will also interview a customer if there is one present at the time of our interview. Where: 26 London Rd Warrington WA4 6HN Date: Time: Mise en Scene:  The shelves of sweets as the backdrop. The staff wearing their Mr Simms Olde Sweet shop apron. General Public    Who with:  Interviews with members of the public, we will interview those who are about to enter, or have just left sweet shops; we will also ask willing members of the public their favourite sweets and their least favourite sweets, these responses will then be edited into a montage for our documentary. Where: Warrington town center, Stockton Heath Date: Time: Mise en Scene:  The sweetshop in the background of the interview.
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