Resident Tutorial 57-Part 1

Part one: Scope of neurology studying Coma Dementia Normal pressure hydrocephalus AIDS dementia
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  Resident tutorial’57 Surat Tanprawate, MD, FRCPT Division of Neurology, Chiangmai University  Neurology you should know 1.Symptomatology approach 2.Disease based learning 3.Skills learning- 1.History taking, Physical exam 2.Thinking skills: summarisation, problem lists, discussion  Symptomatology approach ã Cognitive function and behavioural change ã Level of consciousness: coma, delirium ã Content of conscious: dementia, other higher cognitive disorder (dysphasia, acalculia etc) ã Neuropsychiatric problems ã Cranial nerve function ã visual loss, diplopia, dysarthria, hearing loss, vertigo, dysphagia  Symptomatology approach ã Motor system ã weakness ã movement disorder ã gait disorder ã ataxia ã Sensory system ã numbness ã pain, and headache ã Autonomic function ã bowel bladder involvement, dysautonomia ã Episodic disorder ã transient loss of consciousness ã episodic neurological signs/ symptoms
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