Respiratory Responses to Exercise SF

respiratory responses
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  Respiratory Responses To Exercise ã Stefanie  Reference 1.Frontera,W.  Exercise .In:G,Erwinetal,editor.Downey&  Darling’s PhysiologicalBasisofRehabilitationMedicine.3 rd edition.ButterworthHeinemann,Boston.2001.p.3822.Moldover,J.  Cardiopulmonary Physiology .In:G,Erwinetal,editor.Downey&  Darling’s PhysiologicalBasisofRehabilitationMedicine.3 rd edition.ButterworthHeinemann,Boston.2001.p.380-3813.Burnett,C.  Principles of Aerobic Exercise .In:Kisner,C.TherapeuticExercise2 nd edition.F.ADavis,Philadelphia.1990.p:6544.Julet,M.  The Respiratory System .In:Sherwood,L.HumanPhysiologyFromCellstosystems3 th edition.Thomson.2004.p:459-5045.Lane,S.,Hawksworth,R.  Exercise and The Pulmonary System .In:ExerciseTherapyPreventionandTreatmentofDisease.Blackwell,Oxford.2005.p:27-356.Suleman,A.,2008.,ExercisePhysiology.,from,citedon November21,2010.  Respiratory System Functions ã To provide a continuous and adequate supply of Oxygen to the tissues ã To enable the removal of Carbon Dioxide from the body ã To assist in the maintenance of the acid-base (pH) of the body ã To assist in the control of body temperature  External respiration The exchange gases ( o2 and co2 ) between the body and external environment Internal respiration The exchange of gases between the capillary blood and the metabolically active tissues Pulmonary ventilationPulmonary diffusion
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