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  RESUME A.RameshL-6 B, Sarvamangala Colony,Ashok Nagar,Chennai – 600 083shivvaram@gmail.om!o #- $%&'(&)0003*08* +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Professional Objective o assoiae mysel in !i//le  122er mi//le level managemen 2osiion ih!NCs o re24e an/ in he iel/ o energy, oil 5 gas, 2oer generaion,elerial ransmission 5 /isri 4ion e., so as o ena le me eer 4ilie heknole/ge, skills an/ vas e72eriene a4ire/ in he area o 4rnkey 9ro:e!anagemen, ;esign 5 ;eaile/ <ngineering, !ainenane an/ governane o ani-orr42ion.. Profile A /ynami res4l oriene/ elerial engineers ih a o4 30 years o e72erienein vario4s in/4sries an/ seors in vario4s a2aiies Strengths ã A goo/ eam lea/er an/ a goo/ eam 2layer ih onsisen rak reor/o eiieny in vario4s assignmens  :o res2onsi iliies han/le/. ã =oal oriene/ a22roah ã Risk aking a2aiy ã >2imism ã =oo/ a analysis an/ 2ro lem solving Experience !ay *0'* ill /ae # ;e2armen !anager %<lerial, ?nsr4menaion an/Conrol( ih ms.e o/in Cons4lans an/ <ngineers ?n/ia 9v L/., %9resenlyBilinger e o/in(As hea/ o he eam, he roles an/ res2onsi iliies involve g4i/ing he eam in ã <<;, Basi an/ ;eaile/ <ngineering, ã ;imensioning o ransormers, Conrol 5 Sihgears, Ca les an/ a leonainmens ã Loa/ lo Analysis, SC Analysis, A/e4ay vali/aion e., Page 1 of 7  ã <arhing an/ Lighning 9roeion ã raming o S2eiiaions an/ /aa shees or 2ro4remen an/ en/er ã ?nsr4menaion logi  la//er /iagrams, onrol 2hiloso2hy, SCA;A, ;CS ã !> – <lerial an/ ?nsr4menaion ã Lo 4rren sysems – CC, 9A, ;AS, Aess onrol e.,he res2onsi iliies also inl4/e g4i/ing he AC eam an/ !<9 eamsan *0'* ill !ay *0'*#- Assisan <lerial <ngineer %Railay <leriiaion( ã Conra !anagemen alling or he olloing 4nions#-  Revie an/ eriiaion o he ork /one a sie in onneion ih2rovision o *) D >ver hea/ e4i2mens inl4/ing raion mass2oral sr44res an/ assoiae/ assem ly or onormane osan/ar/ /esigns ih res2e o he given rak geomery a sie.  es hek meas4remens o o4n/aion or sr44res  Revie an/ eriiaion o a/e4aies o /esign o ''0 k *) kraion S4 saion inl4/ing revie o vario4s as2es ih res2e oereion, esing an/ ommissioning o <,  Sih gear,2roeion relays, ''0*)k raion ransormers, SCA;A e4i2mene.,  Liaison ih he Chie <lerial ?ns2eor in onneion ihommissioning o *) k eleri raion 2oer s422ly.anE *0'' o ;e *0''#- ?nharge or mainenane o air-on/iione/ oahesSenior Seion <ngineer %<lerial( Air-on/iioning @ oah mainenane/e2o a Basin Bri/ge yar/, one o he larges oah mainenane /e2o over?n/ian Railays. ã Res2onsi le or mainenane, oh 2revenive an/ reak/on,o onvenional AC oahes ih roo mo4ne/ 2akage/ AC2lans an/ as ell 4n/er-sl4ng mo4ne/ AC 2lans ã Res2onsi le or Res2onsi le or mainenane, oh 2revenivean/ reak/on, o reen versions o AC oahes o LB%=erman /esigne/ oahes(  ;4rono, Sha /hi an/ Ra:/hanirakes ih sae o he ar miro-2roessor ase/ AConrols. ã Res2onsi iliy inl4/e/ 2lanning 5 e7e4ion o mainenaneshe/4les or *) kA inverers, *) kA onverers, * 7 )00 kA Page 2 of 7  ;= ses in 2oer ars, sae o he ar ?=B ase/ <RR1s, *)kF r4shless alernaors e., ã Res2onsi le or om2lee managemen o h4man reso4res an/e7erise/ onrol over a o4 3)0 s4 or/inae sas o vario4sra/es 5 a/re. ã Res2onsi le or maerial managemen or /ay o /aymainenane s2ares, 4ni s2ares an/ a2ial s2ares inl4/ingin/ening 5 4aliy onrol. ã Res2onsi le or em2loyee elare an/ re/ressing o em2loyeegrievanes 4n *00G o ;e *0'0#- Chie igilane ?ns2eor %<lerial( igilane/e2armen So4hern Railay ã Res2onsi le or governane o ani-orr42ion, assessmen o onras 2eraining o 24 li 2ro4remen 5 servies, 4aliyassessmen e., ã Res2onsi le or i/eniying he la4naeEs in he e7ising sysems2roe/4res an/ i/eniying o solee erms 5 on/iions o onra, evolving orreive meas4res an/ im2lemenaion o s4horreive meas4res. ã Res2onsi le or i/eniying he vag4eness an/ loo2holes ormisiner2reaion in he e7ising s2eiiaions or 2ro4remen o vario4s 2lans an/ e4i2mens an/ or e7e4ion o orks , ine-4ning s2eiiaions in line ih vario4s B?S san/ar/s so as omake hem sel e72lanaory iho4 any am ig4iy an/ oailiae 2ro4remen o orre 4aliy o iems a he righ2rie. ã ?m2aring raining 5 reaing aareness ross he vas s2er4m o h4man reso4res, es2eially or hose involve/ in 2ro4remen an/onra managemen. ã Rei2ien o he 2resigio4s =eneral !anagerEs aar/ on ooasions esi/es aar/ or meriorio4s servie rom he Chie igilane >ier S.Rly on many oasions.'&&H o *00G#- 4nior <ngineer- <lerial in <lerial =eneral servies/e2armen  So4hern Railay ã S4 se4en res2onsi iliies inl4/e/ ;esign, ;eaile/ <ngineering,esimaing an/ osing, 2re2araion o en/er s2eiiaions, en/er Page 3 of 7  she/4les e., 4aliy onrol 5 esing 5 ommissioning 2lans orvario4s 2ro:es involving o L SS, ?nernal 2oer s422ly arrangemens inl4/ing 9CCs,!CCs, L sih oar/s ih ACBs  CBs,  L a linge., ih soli/ sae relays an/ elemery o ?ll4minaion  lighing a22liaions oh or saions, yar/s,oie 4il/ings, inl4/ing loo/ lighing, aIa/e lighing e., o 94m2ing insallaions oh or Clear aer an/ seage 24m2s, o AC – enralie/ hiller 2lans, 9akage y2e e.,, o 19S %san/alone versions –San/ alone an/ e4al 4rren sharing2arallel re/4n/an versions(, o <mergeny San/ y ;= ses, A! 2anels, o Lis, esalaors e., '&&3 o '&&H#- 4nior <ngineer %ormerly /esignae/ as <lerial Chargeman( -<lerial in <lerial =eneral servies /e2armen  So4hern Railay ã !ainenane in-harge or vario4s y2es 5 a2aiies o saionaryAC 4nis inl4/ing 3 7 60 R hiller 2lans, 3 7 '8 R hiller 2lans,ooling oers, ee/ aer an/ ir4laion 24m2s, 2akage/ y2e AC4nis o '0 R 5 H.) R over he enire :4ris/iion o Chennai;ivision o S.RlySe2 '&&0 o '&&3#- 4nior <ngineer %ormerly /esignae/ as Assisan/ra4ghsman( - in <lerial raion /e2armen  So4hern Railay ã Res2onsi le or ;esign 5 ;eaile/ <ngineering o <lerialarrangemens or <leri raion involving '3*k, ''0k*) kraion s4 saions, *) k sihing saions, *) k >ver hea/aernary arrangemens, SCA;A or remoe onrol or raiona22liaions. '&8) o Se2E '&&0 <m2loyer #- !s. ri ology ?n/ia L/, %no knon as < ?n/ia( a S gro42Conern - oine/ as 4nior <ngineer %<lerial( an/ elevae/ as ;y.S42/%<lerial( a he ime o e7i. ã Res2onsi iliies inl4/e/ ;esign, a riaion, insallaion, esing an/ommissioning o elerially heae/ 4rnaes along ih heirelerial onrol 2anels, 4enh anks, /egreasing anks, e Page 4 of 7


Jul 23, 2017


Jul 23, 2017
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