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  Curriculum Vitae   Name :   Dr. UDHAV VENKATRAO BHOSLE Designation: rinci!al  Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology, Off. Juhu- Versova Link Road, Versova, ndheri ! #, $u%&ai-'(( ()*  ã Recognition as #EEE Tec$nical a!er Re%ie&er at #nternationalCon'erence on (ulti)is!lainar* as!ects o' Engineering. ã (em+er State Coor)ination Committee 'or Com!uteri,ation (inistr* o' Rural De%elo!ment -o%ernment o' (a$aras$tra (um+ai.Date o' Birt$ + ' th  January /0. ass!ort )etails + 1*'*'/ valid u2 to * rd  $ay (). Tele!$one + !Res# -(-/)3)3(/ !O# -(-/3(3(), (-/3(3(/ a/ + -(-/3(3(/ Cell + 4-(03*/'3 Email + udhav&hosle  A))ress 'or Corres!on)ence: 1lat 6o. (*, 7econd 1loor, rshie 8o%2le9 8o-o2erative :ousing 7ociety Ltd., ;anch $arg, Off <ari Road, Versova, ndheri ! #, $u%&ai-'(( (/. ermanent A))ress: t. ;ost. =u%tha !>.=#, Ta+ h%ed2ur, ?ist+ Latur, $aharashtra, !India#. ;in+'*)'. ACADE(#C 0UAL##CAT#ONDoctor o' $iloso!$* in Electrical Engineering 1$.D.2#nstitute + Indian Institute of Technology, >o%&ay 1##T Bom+a*2  India. 3ear o' assing + July ((', su&%itted ?ece%&er ((*. T$esis title + Investigations in I%age $osaicing under different ;ro&le%?efinitions. (aster o' Engineering 1(.E.2 Degree in Communication Engineering#nstitute: 7. G. G. 7. Institute of @ngineering and Technology, 6anded, $aharashtra.!n utono%ous Institute under Govern%ent of $aharashtra#!1or%erly, 7.G.G.7. 8ollege of @ngineering and Technology, 6anded#. 3ear o' assing + $ay ). ercentage + 45 6 ! 'irst )i%ision #  Bac$elor o' Engineering 1B.E.2 )egree in Electronics Engineering#nstitute: 7. G. G. 7. Institute of @ngineering and Technology, 6anded, $aharashtra.!n utono%ous Institute under Govern%ent of $aharashtra#!1or%erly, 7.G .G.7. 8ollege of @ngineering and Technology, 6anded#. 3ear o' !assing + $ay 0. ercentage o' (ar7s + 456  ! 'irst )i%ision #. Hig$er Secon)ar* Sc$ool. 1H.S.C.2 Boar) + $aharashtra 7tate >oard of 7econdary and :igher 7econdary,uranga&ad ?ivision, $aharashtra, India. 3ear o' assing + July 0'. ercentage o' (ar7s + 896 aggregate 1; 6 C(2 1irst )i%ision2.Secon)ar* Sc$ool Certi'icate 1S. S. C.2Boar): $aharashtra 7tate >oard of 7econdary 7chool 8ertificate, uranga&ad?ivision, $aharashtra, India. 3ear o' !assing + July 0. ercentage o' (ar7s: ;96 1irst Di%ision &it$ Distinction2. ACADE(#C E<ER#ENCE . orked as A;rinci2alB in Ra%rao dik Institute of Technology, 6erul, 6avi$u%&ai, $aharashtra !India#. 1ro% ?ec (() to *( th  $ay ((3.   . orked as a ;rofessor in @lectronics @ngineering, Ra%rao dik Instituteof Technology, ?r. ?.<. ;atil Vidyanagar, 6erul, 6avi $u%&ai. !Cniversity of $u%&ai#, fro% 6ove%&er (() - January ((/.*. orked as ;rofessor and :ead ?e2art%ent of @lectronics andTeleco%%unication, $.G.$. 8ollege of @ngineering and Technology,>o%&ay !Cniversity of $u%&ai#, fro% July (( D 6ove%&er (().'. orked as an ssistant 2rofessor, ?e2art%ent of @lectronics andTeleco%%unication @ngineering, $.G.$. 8ollege of @ngineering andTechnology, >o%&ay !Cniversity of $u%&ai#, fro% Oct 3 - July ((.). orked as a Lecturer, ?e2art%ent of @lectronics and Teleco%%unication@ngineering, $.G.$. 8ollege of @ngineering, 6anded, fro% July (-3. #NDUSTR#AL E<ER#ENCE   orking as 8onsultant for II; !Indian Intellectual ;ro2erty# 7ervices, C7fro% July (('.  RESEARCH = DEVELO(ENT an) CONSULTANC3 RO>ECTS . ?r. 7. 7engu2ta, ;rinci2al Investigator E U)$a% B$osle , 8o-2rinci2alInvestigator, F$oderniation of 8o%%unication 7yste%H, Cnder $O?RO>sche%e I8T@, June (( to ugust ('.. Dr. U)$a% B$osle , ;rinci2al Investigator, F$ultis2ectral I%ageRegistration and 1usionH, Cnder Research ;ro%otion 7che%e !R;7#, of I8T@, 2ril ((3.* . Dr. U)$a% B$osle  ;rinci2al Investigator, 8onsultancy ;roject of 6avi$u%&ai $unici2al 8or2oration for Recruit%ent drives of 6$$T staff. Com!uter rogramming?ot$er languages 8, 844, $atla&, Late9, $s Office, Linu9. AREAS O #NTEREST  7ignals and 7yste%.?igital 7ignal and I%age ;rocessing.dvanced ?igital 7ignal ;rocessing.8o%2uter Vision and ;attern Recognition.7tatistical Theory of 8o%%unication.7ignal ;rocessing in Teleco%%unication. UBL#CAT#ONS@ . U)$a% B$osle , 7u&hasis 8haudhury and 7u%antra ?utta Roy, FCse of Geo%etric :ashing Techniue for uto%atic I%age $osaicingH, In;roceedings 6ational 8onference on 8o%%unication !688(#, IndianInstitute of Technology >o%&ay, $u%&ai, ((, 2ages )**-)*3. 5. U)$a% B$osle , 7u&hasis 8haudhury and 7u%antra ?utta Roy, F 1ast%ethod for I%age $osaicing using Geo%etric :ashing TechniueH, I@T@Journal of Research, 72ecial Issue on $ulti%edia 7ignal ;rocessing, $ay-June ((, 2ages *3-*0.  . U)$a% B$osle , 7u&hasis 8haudhury and 7u%antra ?utta Roy, F$osaicingof 7cene ith %oving o&jectsH, in 2roceedings 6ational 8onference onco%%unication !688(#, Indian Institute of Technology, $adras, ((*,2ages 0(-0). 9 . U)$a% B$osle , 7u%antra ?utta Roy E 7u&hasis 8haudhury, F$ultis2ectral ;anora%ic $osaicingH, In 2roceedings International 8onferenceon dvances in ;attern Recognition, Indian 7tatistical Institute =olkatta,?ec((*, ;ages 00-.   . U)$a% B$osle , 7u%atra ?utta Roy and 7u&hasis 8haudhury, F$ultis2ectral ;anora%ic $osaicingH, ;u&lications in I@@@ Journal of ;atternRecognition letters, vol. /, no. ', $arch ((), 2ages '3-'0. 4 . U)$a% B$osle , 7u&hasis 8haudhury and 7antosh Gavali, F7u2er-$osaicing+ $osaicing at :igh ResolutionH, in 2roceedings International8onference on 8o%%unication, Indian Institute of 7cience, >angalore, ((',2ages (/-(. ;. U)$a% B$osle  and 7u&hasis 8haudhury, F7u2er-%osaicing+ $osaicing at:igh ResolutionH, 8o%%unicated to I@T@ Journal of Research. .  7hivaji Ghungrad, U)$a% B$osle  and 7. 6auvi, F7i%ulation of @lectricalI%2endence To2ogra2hyH, Golden Ju&ilee ?@K>R8, in 2roceedings 6ational7y%2osiu% on 6uclear Instru%entation !676I-(('#, ((', 2ages /3-3. @.U)$a% B$osle , =ingalku%ar ;atel and ?. Vinod, F:o%e uto%ationand 7ecurity 7yste% Csing ;oer Line 8arrier 8o%%unicationH, In;roceedings 6ational 8onference on 7ignal ;rocessing, 8ontrol and8o%%unicationH, VIT, ;une, July ((), ;ages *' D*3. @@.U)$a% B$osle , FInvestigations in I%age $osaicing under ?ifferent;ro&le% ?efinitionsH, Invited Talk, In ;roceedings, 6ational 8onference on7ignal ;rocessing, 8o%%unication and 8ontrol, VIT, ;une, July ((), ;ages*)*-*/. @5 . ?eeli2 =hairnar and U)$a% B$osle , F$oving Target Indicator Csing>ack ;ro2agation 6eural 6etorkH, In ;roceedings 6ational 8onference onCn%anned Ground Vehicle, Vehicle Research and ?evelo2%ent@sta&lish%ent !VR?@#, ?efense Research and ?evelo2%ent organiation!?R?O#, h%ednagar, 1e&ruary ((/. @. U)$a% B$osle  and ?eeli2 =hairnar, F7ignal ?etection in 6on Gaussian6oise using R>1 6eural 6etorkH, In ;roceedings Technical 7y%2osiu% atGovern%ent 8ollege of @ngineering !T7<G@8(/#, January ((/, ;ages *)-*. @9. nil =ale and U)$a% B$osle  F ;ush 7yste% for Infor%ationRendering 7ervice on $o&ile :andset and @%ailH, In ;roceedingsInternational 8onference on dvances in $anufacturing and Technology$anage%ent !I8$T$ ((3# $u%&ai, India, January ((3, ;ages */-*//. @. $anjusha ?esh%ukh and U)$a% B$osle , Fnalysis and I%aging of >rain+ 6eural ;athays for $e%ory TaskH, In ;roceedings International8onference on dvances in $anufacturingE Technology $anage%ent!I8$T$ ((3#, $u%&ai, India, January ((3, ;ages /-.
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