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  RESUME Pradosh Naik    Email:  pradoshmak22@gmail.comDiploma in Mechanical Engineering  Mobile : +91-820874989 Current address : ! - 0#2$ %halacha &ada$ Menk'rem (ia )ol(ale$ *oa, Career Objective   Seeking a challenging position in an esteemed organization, where I can utilize and enhance my skills and expertise in the field of Material management and Customer relations. Area of E!ertise Work Experience – More Than 10 Years.  Meas'ring and Mainaining olerance a criical areas o componen like /al(e clearance$ earingclearance$ acklash$ Meas'ring Engine )ompression ress're$ )hecking o !dra'lic ress're 3ihress're a'ges.  Disassemling$ checking o 3ear o' pars and assemling o !dra'lic 'mp$ /al(e ank 5sseml$Engines$ 63ing Moors$ and 'rning oins o !dra'lic Eca(aors.  %no3ledge o )aerpillar Engines o Model #1 and )4.4.  &orked on )'mmins$ !iachi$ Mis'ishi$ De';$ /ol(o engines.  )apale o doing repair 3ork or an kind o mechanical machiner or e<'ipmen.  &orked = mainenance done on 6> 5/ ##0 6choel prop'lsion$ 6'miomo gear oes$ 6le3ing earing >ohe Erde made in erman.  reparing o pars liss re<'ired or he repair 3ork. Career Scan 1.Sept 2012 till Jan 2014 & From ! 201# till $ate%  Marine Infrastructure (Goa ! t. #td, (a $omentoGroup Co., Goa.  ro'ile – Sr. Mechanical En ineer   Marine Infrastructure (Goa ! t. #td,  ($omento %esources Group, is a leading Iron &re mining ' Marinecompany in est India (G&)   has its *hree floating cranes +nos of S# +*on ' -no of S# +*on.    )cti itiesinclude resources de elopment (/xploration, /xca ation ' Mineral !rocessing, #ogistics (Surface ' Marine and Sales (International ' 0omestic. 1   (e) *eli+era,les%   ?ooking aer re(eni(e$ reakdo3n mainenance = ro'leshooing o )5#1$ )4.4 Engines$ 6'miomo ear oes$ 6choel >'dder ropeller rop'lsion ssem *6> 5/ ##0,$ >ohe- Erde 6le3ing earing$ /ersegen = )hinese gras &>) &ire >opes dieren si;es.    ?eading a eam o 2 )hie Engineers$ 4 Ailers and 4 Mechanical iers.  ro(iding Marine and Mechanical relaed engineering ser(ices o (ario's machiner and ssems on  oard he Bloaing crane incl'ding orm'laion o mainenance programs$ conrolling operaions cos$ in(enor planning =conrol and ens'ring high sandards o plan a(ailaili or operaions.  Mainenance = lan Engineering$ incl'ding pre(eni(e and predici(e mainenance aci(iies hro'gh condiion monioring and modiicaions or eermen o operaions.  )onrol o >epair and Mainenance cos componen o operaions  red'cingCopimi;ing ependi're.  Mainaining he 'el and l'e oil cons'mpion o Main Engine and 5'iliar engines on oard he (essels 3ihin he AEM speciicaions and ake correci(e acion or an de(iaion noed.  >epairs and mainenance o Engine room machiner$ Deck machiner and crane machiner.  )arring o' da oda 3alk aro'nd inspecion o all machineries on oard Bloaing cranes.  lanning = sched'ling he 5nn'al Mainenance o Bloaing )ranes ncl'ding planning o spares.  An he o raining o cre3 and echnicians on oard Bloaing cranes o carr o'. 2.Fe, 2014 to ! 201#%  Mohammed )1dul %ahman )l 2ahar (3)/ ()uthorised 0ealer for Caterpillar  /arthmo ing /4uipment in Middle /ast.  ro'ile - Ser+ice oor$inator    Mohd. )1dul %ahman )l 2ahar is the )uthorized Caterpillar /4uipment dealer for Middle /ast. *hecompany deals with Sales and Ser ice of Caterpillar e4uipment in the Middle /ast. *heir 5ead4uarters islocated at Shar6ah.  (e) *eli+era,les%  n charge o Mainenance$ repair o caerpillar machines Eca(aors$ &heel loader$ )ompacor$ 6kid seer loader$ D'mpers$ >oad roller$ Do;ers.  o lead a eam o Mechanics and helpers or mainenance o )aerpillar renal e<'ipmens.  ro'leshooing o e<'ipmens 'sing Diagnosic ools s'ch as )5 E..$ )5 66.  Monioring !ealh o caerpillar renal e<'ipmen 3ih he help o )5 diagnosis ssem a (ario's sies.2   lanning or spares or periodic mainenance o e<'ipmens.  )ond'cing raining program or Aperaors and mainenance personnel.  /.SE 200 To  11% Chowgule ' Company ! t. #td (Sirigao Mines  ro'ile – J!nior 3''icer in Maintenance *ept. Chowgule ' Company ! t. #td (Sirigao Mines head office at Mormugao har1or, 7asco ha ing mines in arious parts of Goa, some parts of 8arnataka etc.  (e) *eli+era,les%  Bor 4 ears handled pre(eni(e$ reakdo3n mainenances as 3ell as ro'leshooing o Moile6creening lan Make:-Eec 6$6$mpac )r'shers Eec )10$)1# = elecrical$ mechanical andhdra'lic aspecs o !ea( Earhmo(ing Machiner s'ch as !5)! FG470?)!$ /ol(o E)40?)$)5#0?ME and %AM56H )#00 hdra'lic eca(aors$ )5 9DCECBC &heel ?oaders$%AM56H D275$ D#5 >ipperCDo;ers$ %omas' D-E Do;er$ )5 D! Do;ers$ /A?/A5#)CD 5ric'laed !a'lers$ 5M& >igid D'mpers$ /A?/A ?120E &heel ?oaders$ 5ended in-ho'se rainings on /ol(o 5ric'laed !a'lers$ !iachi FG Eca(aors$ /ol(o &heel ?oaders$ %omas'>ippers and Eca(aors.  o allocae he mechanics as per heir skills.  lanning = aking 'p pre(eni(e mainenance$ repair$ = o(erha'ling o machines. Achievements Reco#nition and A$ards  aricipaed in B>6 5D )5M Argani;ed  Direcorae eneral o mines 6ae oa$ 6indh'd'rga =%arnaaka. Academic %ualification  Diploma in Mechanical Engineering$ o(. olechnic icholim$ oa. oard o echnical Ed'caion. Iear: 200$ )lass: 6econd )lass.  !igher 6econdar 6chool )eriicae Eam$ Iear: 200#$ 5'omoile Engineering echnolog$ Dr. 5medkar !igher secondar$ )ol(ale$ oa. )lass: Birs )lass.  6econdar 6chool )eriicae Eam$ Iear: 2001 o( !igh 6chool Menk'rem oa$ )lass: 6econd )lass. Core Com!etences  Ecellen proicienc in Microso Aice  &orked on )5 Elecronic echnician and )5 6..6.  &orked on Aracle E> 9.0 6sems.  &orked on 65 ssem. #  &rainin#:  5ended das rainings o )5 740D 5ric'laed D'mpers ser(ice and mainenance n oa  5ended 4das raining )5 Diagnosic ools$ Elecronic echnician$ 51 = 52 5)E> Engines a6harah H5E. Personal Profile   ame: radosh aik Bahers name: Bai aik Dae o irh: 22.02.198  aionali: ndianasspor Deails: !491711 /alid 'p o 21C10C20196e: MaleMarial 6a's: 6ingle ?ang'ages English$ %onkani$ Marahi and !indiDri(ing license. o !ea( )ommercial and assenger 's.?ic. A : 5 04C>C2010C00##479 Other 'etails 5nn'al )):$ 0$000C- 'eclaration  do here declare ha all he saemen 'rnished ao(e is r'e o he es o m kno3ledge and elie.Dae J radosh aik lace J /asco da ama4
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