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  Shwan K. Khalid (408) 834-0590 SUMMARY ã Over 14 years of experience in installation and supervision on different type of projects with several clients for H! and plum#in$ works. ã Over % years of experience in &prinklers system installation and supervision as per '()! codes and related local authority re$ulations. ã Over * years of experience in central $as +,)- system installation and supervision as per '()! codes and related local authority re$ulations. ã Over / years of experience and knowled$e in swimmin$ pool system with fountains installation accordin$ to environment authority re$ulations. ã )roficient in & office 010 +2ord3 xcel and power point. EDUCATIO ã 5.&c. 6e$ree in echanical n$ineerin$ from niversity of 8echnolo$y3 5a$hdad3 9ra:3 1%%/. CERTI!ICATIO ã H! ,oad alculation ;thermal 9nsulation aterials< = ner$y &avin$ +theory = computer3 6u#ai3 00>. ã (969 %% ontracts ondition3 6u#ai3 00*. ã !uto !6 01/ for echanical &ervices3 6u#ai3 01/. ã !utodesk ?evit 01/ for echanical &ervices3 6u#ai3 01/. TRAII ã arrier &oftware )ro$ram +8hermal load alculation software for H! installation and coolin$ desi$n accordin$ to !&H?! standards. #RO!ESSIOA$ E%#ERIECEARC In&'na&inal En*in''in* Cn+,l&an&+ 3 6u#ai3 nited !ra# mirates &ep 00%  !u$ 014 S'ni M'hanial En*in'' (D'+i*n  S,/'i+in) ã ,iaise with local authorities for o#tainin$ #uildin$ permit on desi$n drawin$s #efore releasin$ drawin$s to contractor for construction. ã oordinate with local authorities for o#tainin$ completion certificate of the projects #efore handin$ over to client representative. ã ?eceive A action re:uest for information +?(9 that apply to mechanical works and re:uired desi$n feed#ack for site installations. ã )rovide technical assistance for construction teams durin$ installation periods. ã !ssist the project mana$er in ensurin$ completion of the project as per approved contract schedule and in accordance with :uality standards. ã ana$e Handin$ over documents of the projects as per clientBs re:uirements. ã 9nvolved in ) activities +H! 3 water supply3 draina$e3 fire fi$htin$3 ,)- system3 swimmin$ poolsand fountains for several projects in 6u#ai as followsC  Hotel +5D-D11D?oof at port &aeed 6u#ai with chiller coolin$ system.    Hotel +5D-D/)odum D1* 8yp (lrsD?oof at 6owntown 6u#ai with 6istrict coolin$ system .  6u#ai 9nstitute and &ports Hall complex with com#ined chillers and 6E coolin$ system.  8ransport and rescue complex +!dministrations 5ld$3 !ccommodation 5ld$ and several service 5ld$s. with com#ined chiller and 6E system.   5irds and )ets arket omplex with 6E coolin$ system.  ?esidential 5uildin$ +5 D -D1>D-ym. (loor at 6u#ai arina with hiller system .  sed 8ruck and &pare )arts arket omplex with 6E oolin$ system.  9mmi$ration 6etection 5uildin$ +-D1D?oof !l !wir !rea3 6u#ai with chiller system . D1na2i En*in''in* Cn+,l&an&+ 3 6u#ai3 nited !ra# mirate !pril 00* F &ep 00% S'ni M'hanial En*in'' (S,/'i+in) ã 9nvolved in mechanical activities for ?esidential complex project +**G illas +-D1 and 4 #uildin$s +-D/D?oof with 6E coolin$ system in 6u#ai as followsC  (ollowed up site activities as per local authorityBs re:uirements and su#ject to comply with ontract 6ocuments.  -eneral supervision and inspect the installation3 modification and commissionin$ of mechanical systems at construction sites.  !ssist site consultant staff on all matters related to construction :uality assurance of mechanical works.  erified and handled all variations raised due to chan$es or modifications as per site conditions or accordin$ to client re:uest.  ?eviewed shop drawin$s3 material su#mittals3 site works pro$ram. onduct site inspections.  ana$ed final checklist for testin$ and commissionin$ of the project as per consultant handin$ over documents.  !ttended site inspection #y authorities for o#tainin$ final approval from related authority  #efore completion of the project. M'na+ ME# Cn&a&in* C2/an1 3 6u#ai3 nited !ra# mirate Oct 00/Farch 00* 'ad  E+&i2a&in and T'nd'in* D'/a&2'n& ã )repared ) estimation cost for tendered projects as per drawin$s and specifications. ã valuated tender documents for proper competition with other competitors #efore awardin$ project. ã ?aised clarification re:uest to consultant on the tendered project #efore releasin$ final project cost. ã !ssisted procurement department #y providin$ comprehensive #reakdown on the priced #ill of :uantities for awarded project. ã )rovided value en$ineerin$ durin$ tender sta$e of the project without affectin$ :uality of the materials. il& Middl' Ea+& ME# Cn&a&in* C2/an1 3 6u#ai3 nited !ra# mirates !u$ 1%%%F&ep 00/ 6AC En*in'' ã )repared shop drawin$s for H! drawin$s and coordinate with other services for site construction. ã Handled the complete mechanical H! desi$n and )repare estimation cost for tendered projects as  per contract documents +6rawin$s and &pecifications. ã !ttended site technical meetin$s for proper coordination with consultants and client re:uirements. ã &erved as the senior site representative for all matters related to construction :uality assurance of mechanical works. ã ana$ed site materials procurements as per the approved project pro$ram from client. ã 9nvolved in H! 9nstallations for several projects in 6u#ai as followsC  ,uxury )rivate illa with 6E packa$e and &plit units coolin$ system.  9nk factory located at 6u#ai industrial area with 6E packa$e and split units system.  8win ?esidential #uildin$ +5D-DD1> 2ith hiller coolin$ system. MEMERSI# ã em#er of 9ra:i n$ineers nion since 1%%4 ã em#er of &ociety of n$ineers in nited !ra# mirates since 00>  
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