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  Retorica General Rules and Guidelines General Rules- 1.   Meeting will be conducted for the group on a weekly basis. 2.   Three-fourth of the sessions are expected to be attended. 3.   The Order of the day (on the day of meeting) shall be well communicated and members will be expected to be well read about the issue, especially on the main topics of discussion. 4.   Fashionably late is not acceptable behaviour and neither should be the norm. 5.   Membership will be reviewed every year towards the end of academic year, this is to ensure positions in Retorica are not taken for granted and avoid laxity on part of the members, furthermore to exclude members who have outlived their usefulness. Clause (I): Existing members have to re-apply for induction. Clause (II): New members will have to appear for interview. Clause (III): All applications will be reviewed and voted on by Think Tank. 6.   Decisions made by Think Tank are binding on all members. 7.   Review and interview will be conducted by the Think Tank. 8.   The first term of the academic year is the time for annual inclusions in Retorica. 9.   This round of interviews shall be conducted by the Think Tank. Think Tank Rules- Qualification criterion:- 1.   Must clear all general rules. 2.   Should have been involved with the group for at least a year. 3.   New inclusions are based on the discretion of Think Tank. 4.   In case of conflict, members vote upon inclusion to Think Tank. 5.   Current society Co-ordinator can choose a Think Tank member. 6.   There shall be six Think Tank members, three from the second and third year each. This rule is not binding and may be subject to change in special circumstances. Co-ordinator Think Tank Members  Rules:- 1.   Retorica meetings are to be conducted by the Think Tank on a rotational basis. 2.   The meeting chair shall decide on the topic of the day. 3.   Roles: (I)   Co-Ordinator (1) (II)   Adjudication Mentor (1) (III)   Mentor Debating (2) (IV)   Liaison (2) 4.   Retiring members of Retorica automatically member in their Fourth/Fifth years. 5.   The Liaison shall be the voice of Think Tank, all queries, reasons and doubts must be communicated to her/him by the members. 6.   There will be a quartermaster elected from the junior-most batch who will be responsible for maintaining attendance records and permissions for the venue. The quartermaster gets a position in the ThinkTank automatically in his/her 2 nd  year, subject to the discretion of the ThinkTank. 7.   The rules pertaining to the selection of quartermaster solely rest in the hands of the ThinkTank. Co-Ordinator Rules:- 1.   Elected at the end of every academic year. 2.   Eligibility criterion: (I)   Member of Think Tank for a year. (II)   Member of Think Tank shall nominate themselves. (III)   In case of more than one nomination, voting shall be conducted in which all the members shall vote. 3.   The Co-Ordinator heads both society and the Think Tank. 4.   His job is the maintain harmony in the society and ensure its smooth functioning. Events:- 1.   D’Battle should be conducted on an annual basis.  2.   All members should participate for its smooth conduction. 3.   The core events Parliamentary Debate and MUN have to be included to relish and foster the  joy and love for debating. Amendments- 1.   Any member can propose amendments in the meetings. 2.   The amendments need to be passed with 2/3rds majority, if introduced by a member. 3.   Any amendment being introduced in the society by the ThinkTank needs atleast 51% majority. Happy debating! Founding Members- Saharsh Gupta Divya Batra Pragya Pathak
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