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  OVERVIEW Magnetic Analysis Corporation Since 1928, Magnetic Analysis Corporation has been a leader in nondestructive testing. We developed the first American-made system using electromagnetic principles for the detection of flaws in steel products.Since then, MAC has grown to be a major source of NDT services and equipment for testing metals.Our technology encompasses eddy current, electromagnetic, flux leakage and ultrasonic testing methods. We are production-oriented in our approach to testing. While offering individual instruments, we generallyprovide complete systems that incorporate materials handling as well as nondestructive testing. Years of in-plant experience have made us aware of our clients’ concern for reliability and simplicity of design, withminimal need for operator supervision.The results are seen in plants throughout the world, where wire, tubing, bars and metal parts roll throughautomatic inspections without missing a beat.MAC Field Engineers based throughout the United States, Europe, China and Australia, along with experienced representatives in South America, Russia, Turkey, Korea and India, symbolize our commitmentto service.Backing up this field staff is our home office engineering department, including specialists in each area of technology. At our home and field offices, we maintain an inventory of over two million dollars’ worth of spare parts to back up our promise to keep your production line running. 2 Main office and research facility in Mount Vernon, New York  Convenient Purchase & Lease Options MAC offers short and long term operating leases on most of its standard test systems. Installationassistance, training and service by MAC’s own FieldStaff is provided as part of the lease agreement. For customers who prefer to purchase equipment,service contracts or pay per visit arrangements aregenerally available.  OVERVIEW Magnetic Analysis Corporation 3 MAC Eddy Current, Ultrasonic and FluxLeakage Instruments and Systems Magnetic Analysis Corporation produces a completeline of non-destructive testing instruments and systems.ãEddy current, ultrasonic and flux leakage test instruments and inspection systemsãInspect bar, rod, tubing, wire, strip and metal partson - or off-line ãDetect surface, subsurface, internal, ID and OD defectsãMeasure wall thickness, OD, ID, ovality and eccentricity in tube and pipeãDetect variations in alloy, heat treatment, hardness, gradeãDesigned for production-line useãCustom fixtures, controls, or complete systems can be designed to meet special needs Experienced MAC Field Engineers Behind every MAC system is a worldwide technical support staff to ensure our systemswork to your specifications and accurately reflect your testing criteria. Based in the United States,Europe, Australia, and China our Field Engineersare proficient in all aspects of nondestructivetesting. They and our representatives in South America, Asia, Europe and Eastern Europe willwork with you to select the best systems for  your test applications. Our engineers: ã Advise in equipment selectionãConsult and assist on installationãProvide on-site training for test operators and QC personnel. ãProvide on-site maintenance, repair and regular calibration checks. Call 800-4NDT MAC (800-463-8622)or visit us at  EDDY CURRENT Encircling/Segment Coil TestersEncircling Coil Testers to detect transverse and non-continuous surface and subsurface flaws. In encircling coil instruments, the product being tested is passed through an electrical test coil which has beenexcited by an alternating current of a given frequency. This induces a flow of eddy currents around the test material. Imperfections or flaws stimulate variations in the eddy current pattern which the instrument detects and indicates to the user. The coil system is available as an absolute, null, or combination of both modes. Generally,MAC encircling coil instruments are used to detect surface and subsurface flaws, including weld-line defects inmaterial with a uniform cross section. These flaws can also be detected in a similar manner using tangent or segment coils to inspect a portion of the circumference, such as the weld zone. ERIC / MAC Series Computer controlled eddy current testers featuring full color display of true test signals and thresholds,broad selection of frequency, phase and filtering, and easy save and recall of an unlimited number of setups. Standard test coils are available from 1/8 to 7-1/2 (3.2 mm to 191mm) in a variety of configurations, including square, rectangular, hex, tangent or segment coils. Test speeds range from 1' to 5000' feet per minute, depending on the test coil selected. Elevated temperature materials can be tested with special coils. ERIC V installed on line for testing stainless steel bar. Test coil,drive mechanism and saturation coil are shown in the foreground. A production Comparator is above the ERIC. ERIC Optimum Flaw Discrimination, Multiple Channel Eddy Current Testers  MAC’s most sophisticated and versatile eddy current instrument. The Eric Series features simultaneous opera-tion of multiple channels, either null or absolute, over abroad frequency range of 1 KHz to more than 2.5 MHz,depending on test coil selection. Standard featuresinclude signal enhancement, multiple threshold selectionwith individual output relays and flaw verify system that virtually eliminates false signalsresulting from random,extraneous sources. 4 ERIC VI display of thresholds and two test signals from a .02” drilled hole in a 1  ⁄  2 ” diameter stainless steel tube.

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