TOTAL 45 PAGES (Including Cover) Project Work Instruction(PWI) ● PROJECT CODE : A90207 Purpose ● PROJECT NAME : CHILCA UNO POWER STATION ADD-ON PROJECT □ For Review ● DOCUMENT No. : 0-WD010-CZ731-10047 □ For Information ● TITLE : General Heat Treatment Procedure □ For Approval ● OWNER : ENERSUR S.A. ■ For Construction Reviewed by QA/QC posco E&C 1 03.Jan. 2012 REV. DATE - - - PRE. CHEKD. APPR. For Construction Y.S.Kang PRE. J.H. Lim CHEKD. DESCRIPTION POSCO E&C OWNER
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    Project Work Instruction(PWI)   TOTAL 45   PAGES (Including Cover)   ●  PROJECT CODE : A90207 ●  PROJECT NAME : CHILCA UNO POWER STATION ADD-ON PROJECT ●  DOCUMENT No. : 0-WD010-CZ731-10047 ●  TITLE : General Heat Treatment Procedure ●  OWNER : ENERSUR S.A.   Purpose □  For Review □  For Information □  For Approval ■  For Construction   1 03.Jan. 2012 - - - For Construction Y.S.Kang J.H. Lim J.H,Yoon REV. DATE PRE. CHEKD. APPR. DESCRIPTION PRE. CHEKD. APPR. POSCO E&C OWNER: ENERSUR S.A   Contractor: POSCO Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd.   evewe y QA/QC   posco   E&C    GENERAL HEAT TREATMENT PROCEDURE  Number: TSG-701   Testing Service Group S.A.C.    GENERAL HEAT TREATMENT PROCEDURE  1   JR   29/12/11    AR   29/12/11   RR   29/12/11   0   JR   11/11/11    AR   11/11/11   RR   11/11/11   Responsible   Date   Responsible   Date   Responsible   Date   VRS   Prepared by   Revised by   Authorized by   WARNING: This document and all its content, drawings, and samples is property of TESTING SERVICE GROUP S.A.C. (TSG). This document is for the sole purpose of the task described by the client and TSG.   Total or parcial reproduction of this document without TS G’s  written consent is prohibited.      GENERAL HEAT TREATMENT   PROCEDURE   TSG-701   REV.1   Testing Service Group S.A.C    1. OBJECTIVE  This procedure describes the proper technique for the for the following: A. Post Weld Heat Treatment. B. Preheat. C. Post-heat. D. Dehydrogenation E. Heating for interference adjustment. 2. SCOPE   This procedure is applicable in the following cases: ã   Shop and on-site Pre-fabrication or while already mounted. ã    Alternative oven method. ã    All Heat Treatments performed localized by heaters that require temperature control and temperature uniformity. ã   On Site Heat local heating on large vessels by internal heat utilizing high speed burners. 3. REFERENCE DOCUMENTS   ã    ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, Section I: Rules for Construction of Power Boilers ã    ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, Section VIII, Division 1: Rules for Construction of Pressure Vessels ã    ANSI/ASME B31.1: Power Piping ã    ANSI/AWS D10.10-90, Recommended Practices for Local Heating of Welds in Piping and Tubing ã   ISO 13916, Welding -- Guidance on the measurement of preheating temperature, interpass temperature and preheat maintenance temperature ã   BS EN 10052:1994, Vocabulary of heat treatment terms for ferrous products  Página 2 de 17      GENERAL HEAT TREATMENT   PROCEDURE   TSG-701   REV.1   Testing Service Group S.A.C    4. ACRONYMS    ACRONYM. TYPE    ACRONYM   HEATING METHOD   PWHT   Post Weld Heat Treatment   RE   Heating by electric resistance heaters.   PH   Pre-Heat   HF   Heating by flame   Post H   Posterior Heat   HI   Heating by induction      ACRONYM. THERMIC CYCLE   EO   Electric Oven   HFT   Heat free temperature (ºC)   CO   Combustion oven   HSB   High speed burner    HR   Heating Rate (ºC/h)   TC   Thermocouple   H-T   Hold temperature (ºC)    ACRONYM   DESCRIPTION   t   Hold Time (minutes)   WT   Weld Thickness   CR   Cooling Rate (ºC/h)   WM   Weld Material   CFT   Cooling free temperature (ºC)   BM   Base Material   HAZ   Heat Affected Zone   5. PERSONNEL  Heat Treatments shall only be performed by personnel with broad experience in Heat treatment. 6. THERMIC CYCLE AND HEATING BROAD RANGE   The six variables of a thermic cycle are:  A. Temperature in which the heating rate is free of (HFT). B. Heating Rate (HR). C. Hold Temperature (H-T). D. Hold Time (t). E. Cooling Rate (CR). F. Temperature in which the cooling rate is free of (CFT).  Página 3 de 17  
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