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  1The study of living things and their interacon with their environment2non-living part of the environment3organic. Living part of the environment4a living thing5all organisms of the same species living in a parcular regionall organisms from all species living in a parcular region!all elements of the ioc and a ioc environment#the living space of a species$the role of a species in its ha itat%an in&uence that determines the growth of a populaon11the range of a liming factor in which a populaon will survive12the si'e of populaon that the environment can sustain inde(nitely13the group of all organisms that can and do reed in nature to produce ferle o)spring14destrucve15non-nave* from elsewhere1indigenous* from the region1!to &ourish1#a su stance used to +ill pests1$a su stance used to +ill insects2%a su stance used to +ill fungi21a su stance used to +ill plants22a species that is the intended target of a pescide23a species that is not the intended target of a pescide* ut that is +illed or harmed anyway24a relaonship etween di)erent species25the relaonship in which one organism ene(ts and the other is neutral2the relaonship in which oth organisms ene(t  2!the relaonship in which one organism lives inside or on the other2#the relaonship in which one organism hunts the other2$the relaonship in which oth species vie for a common resource3%the increase in a to,in as it moves up the food chain31the uildup of to,in in a single organism32a linear progression from a producer organism to primary consumer to secondary consumer33a interconnecng map of consumers and producers34a feeding level35plant eater3meat eater3!plant and meat eater3#organism that gets its energy y eang other organisms3$organism that gets its energy from the sun4%organism that eats a producer41organism that eats a primary consumer42self-feeder* producer /i.e. plants and some acteria043other-feeder* consumer /i.e. animals044situaon that occurs when many people share one resource that is owned y no one45the act of ta+ing care of a common property4!species that is e,nct in a parcular region* ut e,ists elsewhere4#species that is headed for e,ncon4$region with a disnct climate and ecosystem5%the release of water from plants into the atmosphere51the release of water from animals into the atmosphere52the change of state from gas to liuid53the change of state from liuid to gas  54rain* snow* hail55the urning of maer52  62  7nergy --8 612%  25!612%  2 --8 2  62  7nergy5#an organism that lives and feeds inside or on another organism5$an organism that rea+s down dead maer%one cause of glo al warming1sudden increase in nutrients in an auac ecosystem* that results in a populaon e,plosion that severely un alances the ecosystem.

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Apr 16, 2018


Apr 16, 2018
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