Review of Vector Analysissss

Review of Vector Analysissss
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  EEL 3472 Review of   Vector Analysis  EEL 3472 2 Review of Vector AnalysisVector analysis is a mathematical tool with which electromagnetic (EM) concepts are most conveniently expressed and best comprehended. A quantity is called a scalarif it has only magnitude (e.g.,mass, temperature, electric potential, population).A quantity is called a vectorif it has both magnitude anddirection (e.g., velocity, force, electric field intensity).The magnitudeof a vector is a scalar written as A or A  A   Review of Vector Analysis  EEL 3472 3 A unit vector along is defined as a vector whose magnitude is unity (that is,1) and its direction is along AAAAe A   )e(  A  1  Thus A e wh   ich completely specifies in terms of A and its direction A e A A eAA   Review of Vector Analysis  EEL 3472 4 A vector in Cartesian (or rectangular) coordinates may be represented asorwhere A X , A y , and A Z are called the components of in the x, y, and z directions, respectively; , , and are unit vectors in the x, y and z directions, respectively. zzyyxx  eAeAeA   )A,A,A(  zyx A A Review of Vector Analysis    x e    z  e    y e
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