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  RHA130 - Table of Contents Workbook 1 - Red Hat Enterprise Linux Installation1. The Red Hat Linux Installer: Anaconda2. Anaconda Stage 2: The Installer Proper3. Network Based Installations, and Other Installer Topics4. Using Kickstart to Automate InstallationsWorkbook 2 - Hardware and Device Configuration1. Hardware Overview2. PCI Devices3. Filesystem Device Nodes4. Performance MonitoringWorkbook 3 - Linux Filesystem Management1. Disk Recognition and Partitioning2. Creating and Managing Filesystems3. Mounting Filesystems4. The /etc/fstab  File5. Managing Swap Space6. Miscellaneous Filesystem Management Commands7. SELinux: Secure LinuxWorkbook 4 - System Initialization and Services1. Boot Sequence Overview2. The GRUB Bootloader3. /sbin/init and Run Levels4. Red Hat Enterprise Linux Service Scripts5. Troubleshooting the Boot SequenceWorkbook 5 - User and Group Administration1. What Is a User?2. Adding, Modifying, and Deleting Users3. Managing Passwords4. Adding, Modifying, and Deleting Groups5. Users and the UNIX Filesystem6. Filesystem Access Control Lists ( acls )7. Network Based User Models8. Customizing the User's EnvironmentWorkbook 6 - Network Configuration1. Managing Network Interfaces2. Basic IP Routing and Gateways3. Configuring DNS Clients4. Miscellaneous Network Settings5. Network Diagnostic Utilities  Workbook 7 - System Administration Tools1. The CUPS print system and system-config-printer 2. CUPS Administration: The Web Interface and Command Line Tools3. System Logging4. Periodic Tasks: Managing cron5. Automated System MaintenanceWorkbook 8 - RPM: The Red Hat Package Manager1. RPM: Installing and Removing Software2. RPM Queries and Verification3. Miscellaneous RPM Utilities4. The yum Update UtilityWorkbook 9 - Kernel Services and Configuration1. Kernel Modules and Updating Kernels2. The Network File Systems (NFS)3. The Automounter4. Filesystem Quotas5. Software RAID6. Logical Volume ManagementWorkbook 10 - The X Windowing System1. The X Windowing System2. X Server Configuration3. X Startup Configuration
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