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  Products from Rice Husk Next  Introduction  Rice husk is major by-product of paddy processing.  The rice husk accounts for about one fifth of the paddy  produced, on weight basis.  Estimated annual production of rice husk is about 20 m tonnes.  Economic utilization of this by-product is highly desirable. Next End Products from Rice Husk  Constituents of rice husk  The main constituents of rice husk are cellulose, pentosan, lignin and silica.  All these constituents have valuable industrial applications.  Pentosan is considered a good source for furfural production.  Amorphous silica is a very good source for preparation of pure silicon and a number of silicon compounds such as silicon carbide, silicon nitride, cement, ceramic and other silicate materials.  Cellulose is raw material for pulp and paper making. End Previous Next Products from Rice Husk  Properties of Rice Husk  Rice hull has thermal conductivity of about 0.0359 W/(m. ° C), which is comparable with thermal conductivity of excellent insulating materials.  Energy content of rice hull is 11.9-13 MJ/kg at 14% moisture content.  In terms of nutrients, it has less than 10% total digestible nutrients.  Rice hull has a bulk density of 100-160 kg/m 3 . End Previous Next Products from Rice Husk

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Jul 23, 2017


Jul 23, 2017
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