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   SIMI IS BORNFour classic Beatles grooves io.orn Ringo (with 1oN4Doc SpoonsHelle Folks, following on from the Keith Moon feature in issue .11 I thought It was about time we looked at the work of another iconic British drummer, none other than The Beatles' very own Ringo Starr. BornRKharcl Starkey on 7 July 1,440 in the Dingle district of Liverpool, young Ringo's early life was blighted by bouts of illness and injury forcing him to miss a great deal of schooling. As a result, he did not take any exams and left school aged IS. Ringo worked a fewlobs before taking on the role of an apprenticeloiner when he met and lconed the Eddie Clayton Skittle Group. At thisstage, Ringo and the band were playing for fun and the occasional partsin December of 1457 Ringo's .teetattier oot him his first drum kit and as 1;111,j0 1111p, 0,ed as a player he would sit in with manydifferent bands eventually landing himself a summer season with The Hurricanes, who would go on to perform in Hamburg It Was during his time In Hamburg that Ringo met end got to know The Beatles. The Beatles and The tiurrkanes shared the gig at the Kaiser Keller and Ringo often depped for Pete Best, the Beatles srcinal drummer, when theywere back home in Liverpool. As Ringo began to get laded with The Hurricanes gig he was kicky enough to receive two offers for newgigs, one of them being The Beatles. Ringo performed his first official gig as the band's drummer on 18 August 1gC,2a mere three weeks before the EMI Abbe\ Road sessions were due to start. The rest as they say, is history.The beauty of Ringo's drumming is that he alwas plays for the song, never overstated or showy. Ringo's drum parts complement the compositions perfectly, here are a tow choice offerings for you.Exercise 1'Love Me Do' - Recorded 11 September 1962 at Abbey Road Studios, London and was the band's first single, a great debw that reached Not in the OSA A simple bu, effective groove from Ringe. the snat doubled by a tambourineExercise 2'Ticket to Ride' - Recorded on 15 Feb 1965 at Abbey Road Studios, London. The song starts with the classic guitar riff and sloth note on the toms from Ringo, The main groove, which changes slightly in the second half of the song, uses ?lams on the snare and toms.Exercise 3  This shows the lovely fill played on the snare end floor tom after the pause in each verse.Exercise 4:'Get Back' Recorded on 28 January 1969 at Apple Studios in London. This song was number one for six weeks in theUK and five weeks in the USA. This exercise Shows the nice, simple 'four on the floor' groove, driven by the snare,Exercise 5This shows the groove with occasional crashes that accompany the guitars.Exercise 6'Conic Together' - Recorded in July 1969 at Abbey Road Studios in London. This song reached Number One in the USA for a week. This exercise shows the great drum led Introduction/Verse section featuring a hi-hat figure and a roll around the toms, before a more driving rhythm comes in for the choruses, using a crash instead of hi-hats In exercise 7.Ringo continues to record and tour to this day with his All Starr Band, featuring such great drummers as Gregg Bissonette and Sheila E. Check out The Beatles album for an easy whistle stop tour ofRirrgos ,11 eat grOCAMs, www.myspace.comidocspoons;r1EXERCISES··■·■11:1·-1=1CIIV I ·ANMIWIN·WWI·Nn···············.....w, 116.11WWIMIMWIMMWMIONIIIMISIWINNIMawa·WIlaa····dr our mew ·sr· ··a
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