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How Ripple works
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  ` Ripple Explained Guide Version 1.97   by Andrew White twitter @OMGateway Copyright 2014 - Andrew White  Hello and welcome to the Ripple Explained Guide. This book is only for educational purposes, and is not intended to provide investment advice. My goal for this book is to be largely non-technical and, as the author, I feel a certain responsibility to make sure everyone who reads this book learns something of value. I apologize in advance if there is anything in this book that is too technical or too complicated. If there is a passage in this guide that does not seem to make sense or is too complicated I ask that you don’t give up, keep reading and come back to it later. Take your time with each section and supplement your learning with Google searches to help get the answers on terms or areas of interest. Throughout the text I include links for you to follow up on for further research. When you are done learning all the information below don’t be surprised if after reading this guide you become the “go to” expert about Ripple in your social network! In my opinion the Ripple payment system is one of the most exciting technologies to be developed in recent years. For the first time, payments can be sent to anyone in the world in any currency within a few seconds. I describe Ripple like “email for money.” But even better than that is that activities that were once the sole purview of the banking industry, such as lending or making payments, have become democratized in the Ripple system. The myriad opportunities and challenges these new options bring to the masses open a whole new set of possibilities for the discerning entrepreneur or investor to consider. This ebook presents a brief overview of business opportunities in the Ripple ecosystem and what roles you can play in this exciting new area of finance. I have been involved with Ripple since early 2013 and I have experienced all of the difficult questions of trying to wrap my head around it. After I began talking to public about it I Copyright 2014 - Andrew White  quickly learned that everyone asks the same questions and one way to satisfy those questions is to write a book ahead of time. So on that note I want to cover the major components of Ripple as it exists today and dive deeper into each topic but without getting into the gritty details. So with that said with any new technology there are tradeoffs between sophistication and ease of use, new features and complications, new capabilities and new risks, and Ripple is no different. This book was started in December 2013 in a dozen pages. Over time it has expanded over 39 pages and my intent is make you conversant in the main areas of Ripple and invite you to continue in your own area of research. Best wishes,  Andrew White  Acknowledgments: I would like to thank the following people with their help in this document: Fred Laughter for editing, Ripple Labs for permission to reuse their images, and the Ripple community for making valuable feedback and suggestions. Copyright 2014 - Andrew White  Table of Contents Ripple Labs Wallets Ripples Gateways Consensus Currency IOUs Traders Market Makers Enterprises Due Diligence Questions In the Future Important Ripple Infrastructure FAQs Glossary  About the Author Why Digital Currency? Copyright 2014 - Andrew White
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