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Risk Management in Banking

Risk Management in Banking Bangladesh perspective
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  A PROJECT REPORT ONRISK MANAGEMENT IN BANK  SUBMITTED TO ALL INDIA MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION-CENTRE FOR MANAGEMENT EDUCATION MANAGEMENT HOUSE, 14 INSTITUTIONAL AREA,LODHI ROAD, NEW DELHI-110002OCTOBER, 2010BY ABHIJEET KUMAR  REGISTRATION NO. 70!21!07 GUIDED BY MR. RAKESH SINGH SR. MANAGER #ACCOUNT$ FOR THE PARTIAL FULFILLMENT OF POST GRADUATION DIPLOMA IN MANAGEMENT#FINANCE$  ToThe Manager EvaluationAIMA – CME14, Intitutional AreaLo!hi Roa!, Ne #elhi#ear $ir,I have ent the %no&i an! it ha 'een a&&rove! 'ut I haven(t re)eive! the)o&% o* the a&&roval %no&i, intea! ha )olle)te! the )ontrol nu+'er *ro+ the #elhi O**i)e The %no&i )ontrol nu+'er i -./0 an! !ate! . th A&ril 212There*ore, I a+ en!ing the &ro3e)t re&ort along ith a )o&% o* the%no&i ith the e&e)tation o* earliet )oni!eration *ro+ %our i!e Than5ing %ouA'hi3eet 6u+ar Reg No /728182/#ate9 7 O)to'er, 212  P%&'()* R(+&%* RISK MANAGEMENT IN BANK   Submitted By A'((* K/% R(. N&. 70!21!07D*(3 2 O)*&(% 2010  DETAILS OF THE PROJECT 1Na+e9A'hi3eet 6u+ar Reg No9/728182/0Na+e o* the Coure9P:#M4A!!re91/;-, In!ra <i5a Colon%, Mu5her3ee Nagar, Ne #elhi7Title o* the &ro3e)t 9Ri5 Manage+ent in =an5 8Na+e o* the &ro3e)t $u&ervior9Ra5eh $ingh $r Manager – >A))ount? #ate9 7 O)to'er 212 A'((* K/%  

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Jul 23, 2017
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