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   “A role of Sales Promotion in Fast moving consumer goods”  INTRODUCTION In today’s world market the people are more insist for consumer goods.Consumer goods are those goods which are entailing for human life in daily use. So demandfor those goods also increasing day by day. These goods are essential for human life. Thereare many industries those who are like to produce such types of goods which are essential toconsumer in his day to day life. Industries or companies however, provides such products areinitially known as, Fast oving Consumer !oods i.e. FC! industries. These companies produce such types of goods which are re uire in human day to day life such as bath soap,toothpaste, hair oil, detergent etc. #roducts which have a uick turnover, and relatively lowcost are known as Fast oving Consumer !oods $FC!%. FC! products are those thatget replaced within a year. FC! sector is the fourth largest sector in the economy andcreates employment for more than three million people in downstream activities. Its principalconstituents are &ousehold Care, #ersonal Care and Food ' (everages. The total FC!market is in e)cess of *s. +,--- Crores. It is currently growing at double digit growth rateand is e)pected to maintain a high growth rate.. The *s +,---crore Indian FC! industryis e)pected to register a healthy growth in the third uarter of /-0-00 despite the economicdownturn. In simple words, the more loyal the customers, the higher the customer e uity   OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY 1.To study the concept of FMCG i.e. Fast Moving Consumer Goods.2.To study consumer preferences with respect to sales promotion inFMCG sector.3.To study the sales promotional strategies.4.To study and analye FMCG sector with ! #T analysis.$.To study how the FMCG improves mar%eting productivity throughsales promotion activities.&.To study the relationship with consumer maintained 'y FMCG with thehelp of sales promotional strategies.(.To study the factors in)uencing consumer oriented sales promotion.*.To study the factors in)uencing Trade oriented sales promotion.+.To study the e,ect of sales promotion activities on FMCG sector.1-.To study consumer 'ehaviour in purchase of soaps and detergent.   PRODUCT CATEGORES U!DER STUD     DETERGENTS:  1ashing #owder for Clothes  TOILETERIES 2 Soaps RESEARC# $ET#ODO%OG    Primar& Data '( #rimary data could be collected through survey method as well as uestionnairemethod and personal interviews with certain consumers who are likely to use theconsumer goods as per company goodwill in their mind. Type of structured uestionnaire is open ended and closed ended.  Secondar& Data '( Secondary data would be collected from books, newspaper, articles, internet, maga3ines, 4ournal etc. SA$P%!G DETA% )* Target +o+ulation'   The population for this research study consists of theresidence of 5alyan. ,* Sam+ling unit' In this study the sampling unit is individual consumer  .  -* Sam+ling met.od :  Sample is selected by using conveniencesampling method.  LIMITATIONS OF THE STUDY  1e considered 5alyan region only because of limited time duration.  6ue to this, our sample si3e is only 0--, which is not very large.  7ll the respondents could not fill their uestionnaire on their own due tolanguage problem and also problem of time and lack of positive behaviour.  *espondent may give biased answer due to some lack of information aboutother brands.  Findings of the study are based on the assumption that the respondents havegiven correct information.
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