Rosicrucian Digest, August 1959

Contents: Solomon and the Mysteries; Cycles and Vibrations; Are There any New People; Life as an Initiation; The Meaning of Amen; The Mystic; Tuning in with Immortality; and many more...
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  ROSICRUCIAN 1959 AUGUST 35^ per copy  Cycles and Vibrations Why dynamic periodic rhythms? VAV Life asan Initiation In introduction to the unknown. VAV Tuning inwith Immortality Some firsthand experiences. VAV  ye&tccUna: ã  Mysticism ã Science ã The Arts VAV Ttcxt ‘TTiotttJi: Psychic Radio VAV I The Cosmic Age DIGEST  AN EXQUISITE DESIGN For Women 10-Karat Gold Cross for women, including a long-lasting gold- filled chain 18 inches in length. $ 5.85 (Includes Federal Excise Tax) (  j E 1/15/3 sterling) T HE simple cross consisting of a vertical staff intersected by a horizontal one is tlie oldest symbol in which man expresses his hnowle dge of a divine principle of nature. The first great natural law discovered by man  was the law of duality,  that is, that all living things were in pairs or even-tually divided into phases or aspects of the same thing. Closer observation determined that the unity of these phases ol phenomena produced a third or new entity. The mind soon concluded the divine formula as i plus i equals not just two, but three, for the two separate aspects in unity did not lose their identity and become one, but in reality produced a third in  which were incorporated their characteristics. I he cross became, then, the symbol of this formula. Each ol its bars represented a different polarity ol this universal duality, and the place of their unity, where the manifestation occurred, was usually indicated by a  beautiful gem or. later, a red rose. To wear such a significant symbol today is not only indicative of Rosi crucian membership, but reveals the wearer’s appreciation of this inspiring mystical law. We have designed a  graceful, very small   Rosy Cross emblem  of 10karat gold surmounted with a synthetic ruby which will be the pride of every  wearer. It is less than an inch in length,  therefore not conspicuous. Many  will admire this beautiful piece of jewelry. Every member should be a proud possessor of this emblem. Order yours from: ROSICRUCIAN SUPPLY BUREAU SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA, U. S. A. (Each month this page is devoted to the exhibition of student supplies.)  DISTINGUISHED CURATOR VISITS MUSEUM Bernard V. Bothmer, right, Associate Curator of the Department of Ancient Art, Brooklyn Museum, is seen in discussion with James French, Curator of the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum before one of the valuable ex-hibits in the Museum. Dr. Bothmer. authority on Egyptian antiquities, while lecturing in San Jose, visited the Rosicrucian Museum and commented on its splendid Egyptian collection. (Photo by AMORC)  The Mechanism of Mind  WHY YOU ARE AS YOU ARE- and U/Aat Ifou @an tPo -£)(rout Dtl  D ID you ever stop to think why  you do the things you do? Have you often — when alone—censured yourself for impulsive urges, for things said or done that did not truly represent  your real thoughts,  and which placed you at a disadvantage? Most  persons are creatures of sensation  —they react to instinctive, impelling influences which surge up within them and which they do not understand—  or know how to control.  Just as simple living things involuntarily withdraw from irritations, so likewise thousands of men and women are content to be motivated by their undirected thoughts which haphazardly rise up in their consciousness. Today you must sell yourself   to others—  bring forth your best abilities, manifest your  personality, if you wish to hold a position, make friends, or impress others with your capabilities. You must learn how to draw upon your latent talents and powers, not be  bent like a reed in the wind. There are simple, natural laws and principles which—if you understand them—make all this possible. For centuries the Rosicrueians (not a religious organization), a worldwide movement of men and women devoted to the study of life and its hidden processes, have shown thousands how to probe these mysteries of self. Renowned philosophers and scientists have been Rosi- crucians—today men and women in every walk of life owe their confidence and ability to solve personal problems to the Rosicrucian private,  sensible  method of self-development. Use the coupon below for a copy of the book, “The Mastery of Life,”  which will be sent to you without obligation, and will tell you of the Rosi- crucians and what they can do for you.  ________  Accept This FREE Book   ________  SCRIBE S.P.C.: The Rosicrueians (AMORC), San Jose, Calif.Please send me your free book, “The Mastery of Life,”  which I shall read as directed. This does not obligate me in any way.  Name ..............................................................................................................................  Address ......................................................................................................................... THE ROSICRUCIANS (AMORC), SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA, U. S. A.


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