Rosicrucian Digest, June 1959

Contents: Function of Art; Mystery of the Giant’s Castle; Beyond Mankind—Mind and Value; Strange Psychic Powers A Measure of Success; Wisdom of the Sages; and many more...
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  ROSICRUCIAN 1959 JUNE 35^ per copy Wisdom   of the Sages Their medium of inspiration. V A V Beyond Mankind-   Mind and Value Patterns of consciousness. V A V Strange Psychic   Powers An affinity with electronics. V A V ã Mysticism  ã Science  ã The Arts  V A V Ttext ‘TtContll: The Hidden   Redeemer V A V The Cosmic Age DIGEST  Designed by a Rosicru- cian officer and executed  by an internationally known sculptor. Size, six (6) inches in height and length. It is made of genuine Ceramics, magnificent in color and gold. Price includes postage. $ 3.90 This item available to Sterling members through the London Rosicrucian Supply Bureau, 25 Garrick St., London, W.C. 2, Eng.Price ....... £ 1/8/6   sterling.  Isu/me/i I n   the   temples of yore, under starlit skies, kneeling and swaying to a rhythmic chant, the mystics offered their prayers to unseen Cosmic hosts, while in their midst a silver wisp of frankincense swirled upward to the heavens above. No mystical or devout ceremony was complete without its elaborate, ornamented incense burner containing scented resin or aromatic gum. The burning of incense was no fantastic superstition or weird rite, but the symbol of man’s attunement in prayer and medi' tation with the great Cosmic consciousness. By inhaling its fragrance, man, while listening to the harmony of the chant, and with eyes closed to all worldly scenes, would have his sense of smell captured and be raised to a complete state of ecstasy. Thus, for the moment, his con- sciousness, being free from distracting sensations, could soar on high into the Cosmic realm as did the wisps of curling smoke from the burner  before him. Throughout the centuries in the mystery and secret schools, the grottoes and cloisters, beautiful symbolic incense burners have ever  been used.For Rosicrucians, we have designed one embodying the beautiful spiritual significance of the salutation to the dawn of Amenhotep IV, so loved by all members of AMORC. The face is an exact copy of the sculptured head found in the ruins of his temple at Tell ebAmarna. The arms are folded in Rosicrucian supplication. Its symbolism, the sun disc and crux ansata (looped cross), has a special significance to all Rosicru' cians. It is a useful and beautiful accessory. ADD IT TO YOUR SANCTUM. ROSICRUCIAN SUPPLY BUREAU  SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA (EACH MONTH THIS PAGE IS DEVOTED TO THE EXHIBITION OF STUDENT SUPPLIES.)  THE SUPREME COLOMBE Above is the newly appointed Supreme Colombe, Suzanne Wastlund, attired in litualistic regalia. Her  predecessor, Sydney Whitcomb, is now Colombe Emeritus. A Colombe of the Rosicrucian Order is a ritu alistic, fraternal officer. Her office is both traditional and an honored one. These young girls, daughters of members, take solemn obligations to conform to the high moral precepts and teachings of the Rosicrucian Order, and to fulfill their symbolic duties until their retirement at twenty-one years of age. Those se lected serve in lodges and chapters of the Order throughout the world. They must remain unmarried during the term of their office.  You Are The MeasureOf All Things/ T he   values of life lie within your own mind  —good, bad, order, confusion, and a thousand other aspects of your daily existence are   not realities—  they are just reflections of your opinions. Once—as a child—you longed for candy suckers. Now you don’t. What has changed? It is not the candy—it is  your    mental attitude.  If life does not hold for you what you have hoped, if it is devoid of those things that make for happiness and accom plishment—   you need fourth dimension.  You need that  stimulated consciousness  whereby you can appraise things with a new value to yourself. You cannot call the man or woman lucky who can convert commonplace circumstances into  personal achievements  and  joyous T h e   ROSICRUCI ANS, AMORC, living.  Fourth dimension of mind, or developed consciousness, makes this possible. ACCEPT THIS GIFT BOOK  You clothe, bathe, and feed yourself. Now give thought to something deeper and equally as important to your personal success and welfare—your concepts. Learn how to think rightly, how to use your mind as nature intended, not just as a storehouse for disconnected facts. Write to the Rosicrucians, a world-wide, philosophical fraternity (not a religious organization), for a free copy of The    Mastery of Life.  It tells how you mav share for study this exceptional knowledge for  put-ting the mind to work.  Address Scribe S. P. C. SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA
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