RTA a Guide for Landlords and Tenants

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  A Guide for Landlords & Tenants in British Columbia Residential Tenancy Act Successful Tenancies Residential Tenancy Branch  Revised March 2012 ISSN 1911-5822 = Successful Tenancy  Throughout the guide, the Residential Tenancy Branch is referred to as the RTB. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Contact information is listed in section 2.  Contents Successful TenanciesIntroduction 1. Residential Tenancy Act and Regulation2. Contact Information2.1 For More Information, Forms and Other Documents2.2 Office LocationsAt the Start of a Tenancy3. Definitions and Clarifications3.1 The Landlord3.2 The Tenant3.3 Co-tenants3.4 Tenants Under the Age of 193.5   Discrimination3.6 Protection of Personal Information4. Residential Tenancy Agreement4.1 What a Material Term is4.2 Terms that Must be in a Tenancy Agreement4.3 Other Terms4.4 Format for a Residential Tenancy Agreement5. Security and Pet Damage Deposits5.1 Security Deposit5.2 Pet or No Pets5.3 Pet Damage Deposit6. Condition Inspection and Report6.1 What is a Condition Inspection and Report6.2 When a Condition Inspection is Not DoneDuring the Tenancy7. Paying the Rent7.1 Late or Unpaid Rent7.2 Late or Unpaid Utility Charges8. Rent Increases8.1 Yearly Rent Increase8.2 Additional Rent Increase i  9. Repairs9.1 Repairing and Maintaining the Property9.2 Regular Repairs9.3 Emergency Repairs9.4 Reimbursing a Tenant for Emergency Repairs10. Other Important Rights and Responsibilities10.1 Quiet Enjoyment10.2 Ending or Restricting a Non-Essential Service or Facility10.3 Non-refundable Fees that Can be Charged by a Landlord10.4 Additional Person Joining the Household10.5 Subletting or Assigning a Tenancy10.6 Access10.6.1 Tenants and Guests Access10.6.2 Landlord Access10.6.3 Selling and Showing a Rental Unit10.7 Locks10.7.1 When Moving In10.7.2 Tenant Changing LocksEnding the Tenancy11. When a Tenancy Ends11.1 Move-out Timeline11.2 Frustrated Tenancy Agreement11.3 Fixed-Term Tenancy Agreement12. Notice to End Tenancy12.1 Ways for a Tenant to Give Notice to End Tenancy12.2 Ways for a Landlord to Give Notice to End Tenancy12.3 How a Landlord Serves the Notice to End Tenancy12.4 Example of Timing for a One-month Notice12.5 10-Day Notice to End Tenancy12.6 Direct Request12.7 One-Month Notice12.8 Two-Month Notice12.9 Landlord’s Use of Property12.10 Major Construction12.11 Tenant No Longer Qualifies for Subsidized Housing12.12 Disputing a Notice to End Tenancy ii
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