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  Magpale, Jr. v. Civil Service Commission   (215 SCRA 398) that:Afer Mendez v. Civil Service Commiion! (2 # SCRA 9$5 %1991&) thee'tent o the athorit* o re+ondent CSC to revie, the deciion o MS- i no, a e/led ma/er.0he erar* 5! 199 deciion o the MS- did not involve dimialor e+araon rom o4ce! rather! the deciion e'onerated +eonerand ordered him reintated to hi ormer +oion. Coneentl*! in the li6ht o or +rononcement in the aorecitedcae o Mendez v. Civil Service Commiion and -arede v. CivilService Commiion! the MS- deciion ,a not a +ro+er 7ect o a++eal to the CSC.Se/led i the rle that a trinal! oard or o4cer e'erciin6 7dicialncon act ,ithot 7ridicon i no athorit* ha een conerred* la, to hear and decide the cae. nder -.. 8  or ;0he -hili++ine Civil Service <a,!; the CSC ha noa++ellate 7ridicon over the MS-= deciion e'oneran6 o4cerand em+lo*ee rom adminitrave char6e. DELOS SANTOS VS SPS SARMIENTO 0he co+e and limitaon o the 7ridicon o the ><R i ,ell?de@ned. t +recror! the Baonal >oin6 Athorit* (B>A)! ,a vetednder -reidenal ecree (-..) Bo. 95 ,ith e'clive 7ridicon tore6late the real etate trade and ine +eci@call* there6itraon o diviion or condominim +ro7ect and dealer!roer and alemen o diviion lot or condominim nitDiance and +enion o licene to ellD and revocaon o re6itraon cer@cate and licene to ell. t 7ridicon ,a latere'+anded nder -reidenal ecree (-..) Bo. 13##%#1& At +reent! thereore! it i clear that the 7ridicon o the ><R tohear and decide cae i determined * the natre o the cae o acon! the 7ect ma/er or +ro+ert* involved and the +are. 0he cae over ,hich ><R ha 7ridicon are thoe ariin6 romeither nond real etate ine +racce! or claim or rend orother claim @led * diviion lot or condominim nit *era6aint the +ro7ect o,ner! develo+er! dealer! roer or aleman! ordemand or +eci@c +erormance o contractal and tattor*oli6aon @led * *er o diviion lot or condominim nita6aint the o,ner! develo+er!roer or aleman. n addion! thee cae mt involve a diviion +ro7ect!diviion lot! condominim +ro7ect or condominim nit. 0he ><R ,ithot 7ridicon ,here the com+laint @led did notalle6e that the +ro+ert* involved i a diviion or condominim+ro7ect or a diviion lot or condominim nit. SPS AP VS !IRST E #AN CORP So a not to create an* mindertandin6! the +oint hold endercored that the creditor ovio +r+oe ,hen it orecloeon mort6a6ed +ro+ert* i to otain +a*ment or a loan ,hich thedetor i nale or n7@al* ree to +a*. 0he raonale i the ame i the creditor o+t to e the detor orcollecon. 0h! it i t lo6ical that a creditor ,ho otain a +eronal 7d6menta6aint the detor on a loan ,aive hi ri6ht to orecloe on themort6a6e ecrin6 the loan. Ether,ie! the creditor ecome 6ilt* o +liFn6 a in6le cae o acon or the detor inailit* (or n7@ed real) to +a* hi det.Bemo deet i ve'are +ro na et eadem caa. Bo man hall et,ice ve'ed or one and the ame cae.  Secon 3 and #! Rle 2 o the Rle o Cort +rovide:Secon 3. One suit for a single cause of acon . A +art* ma* not intte more than one cae o acon.Secon #. Spling a single cause of acon; eect of.  t,o or more it are intted on the ai o the ame cae o acon! the @lin6o one or a 7d6ment +on the merit in an* one i availale a a 6rond or the dimial o the other.or non+a*ment o a note ecred * mort6a6e! the creditor ha ain6le cae o acon a6aint the detor. 0hi in6le cae o acon conit in the recover* o the credit ,ithe'econ o the ecrit*. n other ,ord! the creditor in hi acon ma* mae t,o demand!the +a*ment o the det and the oreclore o hi mort6a6e. t oth demand arie rom the ame cae! the non+a*ment o the det! and! or that reaon! the* contte a in6le cae o acon. 0ho6h the det and the mort6a6e contte e+arate a6reement!the la/er i idiar* to the ormer! and oth reer to one and theame oli6aon. Coneentl*! there e'it onl* one cae o acon or a in6lereach o that oli6aon. 0he creditor& then! * a++l*in6 the rle aove tated! cannot +lit +hi in6le cae o acon * @lin6 a com+laint or +a*ment o thedet! and thereafer another com+laint or oreclore o themort6a6e.  he doe o! the @lin6 o the @rt com+laint ,ill ar the eentcom+laint. * allo,in6 the creditor to @le t,o e+arate com+laintimltaneol* or cceivel*! one to recover hi credit and anotherto orecloe hi mort6a6e! ,e ,ill! in eGect! e athorizin6 him +lralredre or a in6le reach o contract at o mch cot to the cortand ,ith o mch ve'aon and o++reion to the detor.

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