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Rumford Spending Cap 2014

Petition to add amendment to Rumford, Maine town Charter to enact a spending cap of $6 million on municipal budgets, excluding the school budget, initiated articles and the overlay, pending voter approval.
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  Affidavit State of Maine County of Oxford We the following do affirm under penalty of perjury, that under the provisions of 30-A M.R.S.A.,! 0! to ! 0#, we are here$y applying to %eth %ellegarde, town &ler' of Rumford, Maine, for petitions to see' a re(uest $y voters for an amendment to the Rumford, Maine town )harter, and that we are residents and registered voters of Rumford and there$y entitled under that a&t to ma'e that appli&ation and $e granted it a&&ordingly. We affirm that the five persons listed $elow will &onstitute the petitioners* &ommittee, with a &onta&t address of &+o hil %lampied, 3! igh Street, Rumford, Maine 0!/. All noti&es to the &ommittee shall $e sent to that address. We affirm that the five persons listed $elow will &ir&ulate the petition and file it in proper form.1he proposed petition wording and amendment are as follows2 Rumford )itien etition2 1a4 Relief 5iven the finan&ial $urden of high property ta4es on $usinesses and home owners in the 1ownof Rumford, we the undersigned $elieve that a &riti&al &ir&umstan&e e4ists. 6n response to the &ontinuing de&line of the ta4 $ase and the failure of the muni&ipal leadership to restrain the &ontinuing in&reases in the muni&ipal $udget, we are petitioning under the provisionsof 30-A M.R.S.A. for the following )harter Amendment $e pla&ed $efore the voters at a spe&ial town meeting, &ondu&ted as a se&ret $allot as spe&ified in the statute. 7a&h of the undersigned voters respe&tfully re(uests the muni&ipal offi&ers to provide for the amendment of themuni&ipal &harter as set out $elow. (INITIATIVE SUMMARY:This initiated bi !oud a end Arti#e III of the To!n of Ru ford Charter to ena#t a s$endin% #a$ for the to!n of Ru ford& Maine' It !oud $a#e a s$endin% #a$ initiay of )&***&*** on +uy ,& -*,. and !oud be in#reased durin% subse/uent years ony throu%h #ertain #ir#u stan#es& in#udin% e er%en#ies or if the to!n0s 1auation %oes u$' If the to!n0s 1auation %oes do!n ho!e1er& the s$endin% #a$ !oud de#rease'2 Charter: Article III, Section 4, Spending Cap Shall the 1own of Rumford adopt the addition of )harter Arti&le 666, Se&tion  to read as follows2   Section 4. Municipal Spending Cap 2 1he 1own of Rumford, in&luding any person, offi&ial, town manager, $oard, &ommittee, &ommission or department, shall not propose a muni&ipal $udget for the operation of the town, in&luding )ounty 1a4es, for voter approval resulting in a total for muni&ipal spending greater than a 8Spending )ap Amount9 , hereinafter defined, for ea&h fis&al year starting :uly , !0 #. 1he Spending )ap Amount does not in&lude the 7du&ation $udget, ;verlay or the Muni&ipal 6nitiated Arti&les. 1his )harter Amendment ta'es effe&t upon passage. 1he 8Spending )ap  Amount9 will $e set at <,000,000 on :uly , !0 # and shall $e in&reased during su$se(uent years only through the provision of the following 74&eptions2. (1) Emergency Occurances:  1he Muni&ipal %udget may e4&eed the amount spe&ified in Se&tion with a !+3 vote of the ele&torate. Any one-year e4&eption must &onstitute an emergen&y for the town and at least one of the following &onditions o&&ur a.  1he 1own e4perien&es a hurri&ane, flood, or other signifi&ant natural disaster re(uiring e4traordinary e4penditures $y the 1own.  . 1he 1own, $ased on do&umented eviden&e, e4perien&es a &ost in&rease greater than 1 (of 2)   fifteen per&ent = #>? over the prior fis&al year*s &osts for either of the following2 health insuran&e, retirement &ontri$utions, or utility e4penditures. c.  1he 1own anti&ipates, $ased on do&umented eviden&e, or e4perien&es de$t servi&e e4penditures for the fis&al year e4&eeding de$t servi&e e4penditures in   the prior fis&al year $y more than ten per&ent = 0>?. (!) Spending Cap Modifiers After # !$1%:  1he Spending )ap has $een esta$lished using the @is&al year !0 -!0 # Rumford aluation of <#B, ,#0. Csing the !0 #-!0  @is&al year Spending )ap =<.0 million? divided $y the <#B million 1own valuation, a referen&e &al&ulation is esta$lished at .0B>. 74&ept in the &ase of 7mergen&y ;&&uran&es, as defined a$ove, the spending &ap for ea&h year after !0 #-!0  shall $e the produ&t of multiplying the respe&tive year Rumford valuation $y .0B>. 1he valuation shall $e that as stated in the most &urrent ta4 &ommitment su$mitted to the state. @or e4ample2 6f the Rumford aluation in the !0 -!0 / $udget year de&reases to <#!# million, the spending &ap will de&rease to <#./!3 millionD if the valuation rises to <#/# million, the spending &ap will $e esta$lished at <.! million.With adoption of this amendment, )harter Arti&le 666, se&tions  to  shall $e renum$ered as se&tions #,  and / respe&tively.  EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE hilip %lampied, 3! igh Street, Rumford, Maine EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE :ames Windover, ! Fno4 Street, Rumford, Maine EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Giana )asey, 0# Maple Street, Rumford, Maine EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE aul Howell, / @orest Ave., Rumford, Maine EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE   E  enry Iin&', 33 7aton ill Rd., Rumford, Maine S&orn to and suscried efore me t'is  day of  in t'e year .  EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Signature of Jotary u$li&  EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Jame of Jotary u$li& Jotary u$li&, State of Maine My &ommission e4pires2 EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE  2 (of 2)
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