Russian Revolution Notes

Some facts about Russian revolution
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  Russian revolutionSt. Petersburg (then Petrograd) - 1917 - Kronstadt was fort of sailors defending city.Shortage of food, world war on progress, winter season, protests started.Demand changed from bread to removal of emperor, socialist took a chance here.Freedom or deathCzar shoot the demomstrators, 50 dead, protests still cntinuedsoldiers were angry , not feel like shooting. officer shoot deadMutiny started, then it spreaded like diseaseNavy was advanced, sailors were not treated well, 30,000 soldiers near capital in fort, Kronstadt.1 of march sailors elected new revolutionary committe, they arrested and killed officers, killed admiralNicholas II was stopped to enter capital, He abdicatedThe soviets, set up to represent the massesCzar regime replaced by provisional govt.Provisional govt vs The sovietsExiled revolutionary leaders coming back, lenin was coming back also after february revolution.He wrote tempelate for Russian future, 10 pointsApril Thesis, all power to soviet, no confidence in provisional govt.Peace, Bread and Land - Lenin slogan, provisional govt wanted war with Germany.People want peace.Soldiers and Sailors (10,000) wanted govt to transfer power to soviet.They reached Bolshevik head.Q (Marxist Russian Social Democratic Labour Party (RSDLP))Provisional govt troops fired at demonstrators.Lenin was labelled as German spy.Former minister of war was appointed as prime minister.October lenin returned to Petrograd.Decided for armed uprising, seek supports from sailors only support.Sieze railway,bridges,telephone exchanges and sailors will be in front line.II revolution in Octuber was organizd,Sieze control of winter palace and demand surrender of Govt.Bolshevik's problem was now the drunken mobs and sailors,Bolshevik got only 1/4 of support in elections, Lenin took over parliament by sailorsRepublic of soviet, lenin set up checker, which can arrest and charge any opposition group member.Sailors got against Lenin and checkersWhen Lenin was shoot (which he survived) , declared as miracle and chosen one.Then reign of terror started, red terror.6000 political opponents were murdered.Lenin feaared military threat also, He created new fighting force The red army.Lenin second in command was his leader. Rebel army also created by the fear of germans taking over russsia.This army took control over Siberia, local russian forces Yekaterinburg , in this city was royal family since last 4 months, so checks legion in 1918 family killed.Checks advanced to capital, Now Lenin was taking it serious this new White army which was created to fight Russian srcinal new army.Sailors sent to check the check legion, Bolshevik1918 war with Germany ended.Then civil war btw Bolshevik Red and Conservative White. (White were loyal to Tzar)Capital changed from petrograd to Moscov. Whites were backed by west and were helped by 2 lac army.  Whole world against Russia , Allies left Russia , White defeated.3 million enemy trops killed, 2 million died in disease.Peasents were forced to hand over grain at prices fixed by state, if not they were shot dead, and then further 5 million people died.Sailors were not happy at the peasents situation because they were there family.Now some of party elites enjoyed power.Industrial production reduced by 20% , transport problem, strikes and uprising again.Salors sent delegations to petrograd, they thought power will be decentralized, but it was highly sentralizd one party power.1921, 5000 sailors resigned, they wanted multi party soviet democracy and free elections and end to bolshevik dictatorship.They sent message that communists are removed and temp revolutionary party is in control.Kronstadt was H.Q of sailors, Lenin refused the demands of sailors.they were known as crack trop,Red army attacked Kronstadt, but were destroyed and repled,Lenin wanted people on his side, so they spread propoganda and gave free bread to people, 45,000 Red army people were brought again to Petrograd and attacked Kronstadt at night.Sailors surrendered,some left ships some still there,Those who stay were shoot dead to taken to concentration camps.Thousands died. 1921Lenin legalized abortion in 1920Lenin: His brother Alexander was hanged for making bomb meant fo Tzar.Nikolay Gavrilovich Chernyshevsky was the guy read by Lenin, and lenin was influenced by him.Lenin was exiled in Siberia,Lenin sided with SovietsGermans paid for Lenin and his followers to send in Russia, so that Lenin stands for them.Died in 1924, age 53
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