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  SAUDI ARAMCO ID/PID - 18-MAY-05 - REV 0 (Standards Cutoff -March 2013)Rev 731-Mar-13 SAUDI ARAMCO INSPECTION CHECKLIST SAIC NUMBERDATE APPROVEDQR NUMBER Review Procedure - Post Test Reinstatement & ChecklistSAIC-A-200630-Apr-13Piping- PROJECT TITLEWBS / BI / JO NUMBERCONTRACTOR / SUBCONTRACTOREQUIPMENT ID NUMBER(S)EQUIPMENT DESCRIPTIONEQPT CODESYSTEM ID.PLANT NO.LAYOUT DRAWING NUMBERREV. NO.PURCHASE ORDER NUMBEREC / PMCC / MCC NO.SCHEDULED INSPECTION DATE & TIMEACTUAL INSPECTION DATE & TIMEQUANTITY INSP.MH's SPENTTRAVEL TIME SAUDI ARAMCO USE ONLY SAUDI ARAMCO TIP NUMBERSAUDI ARAMCO ACTIVITY NUMBERWORK PERMIT REQUIRED?SAUDI ARAMCO INSPECTION LEVELCONTRACTOR INSPECTION LEVEL ITEMNo.ACCEPTANCE CRITERIAREFERENCEPASSFAILN/ARE-INSP DATEAGeneral Requirements (Complete SATR-A-2007, listed as Attachment 5 & use SATR-A-2011 & SATR-A-6133)A1 Post Test Reinstatement Procedure & Checklist is required to bedeveloped in accordance with & as part of pressure testing. This isa pressure testing procedure & test package component to be developedduring package creation as based on workscope & specific system requirements. Comment: Astandard post test checklist does not provide a procedure for reinstatement.A detailed procedure to give clear field direction along with a checklist for thisactivity shall be submitted before the start of work. SAEP-1160,Section 8 A2 Inspection strategies & plans shall be prepared and agreed on prior tocommencing of fabrication and erection. This is in common with Pipelines.Pipelines simply follow their reinstatement procedure. SAES-L-350,Para. 17.2 A3 Specifically, Procedure shall detail PLAN or STRATEGY to reach SYSTEM COMPLETION (Quality Certification) as efficiently as possible whileaccomplishing critical goals of:A) Effective Water Removal, Disposal & System Lay-Up (Post Test)No test fluid shall remain in low spots. Specifically, valve cavities.B) Test Vents and Drains (plugged, seal welded & PT'd)C) Removal & reconnection of componentsAll temporary items installed for testing (e.g., manifolds, valves, blinds, spacers, supports) shall be removed. Valves Installed. Items that werremoved from testing shall be reinstalled. Items, such as instrument airtubing, check valve discs reconnected (witnessed). Valve line-up & gasketinstallations meet specifications.   SAES-L-350,Para. 17.2 &SAES-A-004,Section 10 A4 Effective Corrosion Control & Preservation MeasuresInspection Coverage and Responsibilities (Package Clearance)Clearly detailed provisions for Retesting after reinstatement Evaluations byInspection. Construction related provisions. SAES-L-350,Para. 17.2 Page 1 of 5  SAUDI ARAMCO ID/PID - 18-MAY-05 - REV 0 (Standards Cutoff -March 2013)Rev 731-Mar-13 SAUDI ARAMCO INSPECTION CHECKLIST SAIC NUMBERDATE APPROVEDQR NUMBER Review Procedure - Post Test Reinstatement & ChecklistSAIC-A-200630-Apr-13Piping- PROJECT TITLEWBS / BI / JO NUMBERCONTRACTOR / SUBCONTRACTOR ITEMNo.ACCEPTANCE CRITERIAREFERENCEPASSFAILN/ARE-INSP DATEBSAIC-A-2010 Checklist (Reinstatement Procedure & Checklist item required when bold.) B1 All joints including welded shall be left exposed for visual leak detectionduring the strength test. External coating and priming of such joints are notallowed unless approved by the Manager of Inspection Department and theproponent Organization representative. The pipe itself can be externallyprimed and coated to a final coat.SAES-L-150, ara. 7.3 B2 The assembly of bolted flange joints shall be in accordance with SAEP-351.SAES-L-450, Para. 9.4 B3 Drains: Excluding submarine and buried pipelines, drains shall be provided aall low points of the piping system.SAES-L-150, Para. 6.2 B4 Vents and drain valves, both temporary and permanent, conforms with thepiping class or rating. ( Refer SAES-L-108) SAES-L-105, Para. 5.9 B5 Supports: For above ground installation, the piping system shall be analyzedto foresee whether temporary supports are required during hydrostatictesting to limit the sustained longitudinal stresses to acceptable limits by thecode. If temporary supports are found to be needed and more economicalthan permanent supports, this should be highlighted in the hydrotestingprocedure.SAES-L-150, Para. 6.3 B6 Expansion joints and spring hangers or spring supports shall be providedwith temporary restraints where needed to prevent excessive travel ordeformation under the test loads.SAES-L-150, Para. 6.4 B7 Arc strikes, gouges, and other indications of careless workmanship (such assurface porosity, uneven weld profiles, and undercut) shall be removed bygrinding and inspected by magnetic particle or liquid penetrant method. SAES-W-011, Para. 11.6 and11.9 B8 Temporary welded attachments to the pipe were ground off and inspectedby magnetic particle or liquid penetrant methodSAES-W-011, Para. 11.7 and11.9 B9 All threaded joints and faying surfaces shall be seal welded by a continuousfillet weld (required weep holes shall be left unwelded). SAES-W-011, Para. 11.15.1 B10 If requested by the proponent, all new valves designated for isolation service(as specified by the Proponent) shall be subjected to a high pressurehydrostatic seat test prior to installation in the line. SAES-L-108, Section 4.7.2 B11 Filling and pressurizing shall be done on the upstream side of check valves ithe system. The test fluid shall be injected at the lowest point in the systemto minimize entrapped air. When filling at the lowest point is not practical, theInspection Department/ Operations Inspection Engineering Unit shall beconsulted. All vents shall be open during filling.SAES-A-004, Para. 9.1.1 B12 No one shall approach the test area for a minimum of 10 minutes after thetest pressure is reached and before commencement of inspection of thesystem, the isolation valve between the temporary test manifold/piping andthe piping/equipment under pressure test shall be closed and the test pumpdisconnected. The isolation valve downstream of the manifold shall beopened after the pump is disconnected.SAES-A-004, Para. 9.1.2 B13 During the application of the test pressure, all in-line valves if not used as testisolation valves shall be in a partially open position.SAES-A-004, Para. 9.1.3 B14 Vents shall be provided at all high points in the tested system as needed.SAES-A-004, Para 8.4.1 Page 2 of 5  B15 Excluding scrapable, submarine and buried pipelines, drains shall be provided at all low points in the system and immediately above check valves in vertical lines.SAES-A-004, Para 8.4.2 B16 Unless the check valve has a by-pass valve, the disc of the check valve shallbe removed, and securely attached to the outside of the check valve prior tothe pressure test.SAES-A-004, Para 8.4.3 B17 Flanged connections shall be avoided when butt-welded joints can be usedin services and locations where leaks are likely to occur (e.g., cyclic orvibration services), or will cause serious hazard (e.g., potentially toxic material, or are difficult to control, such as the following: a) Steam in ASME class 900 pressure rating b) In the fully restrained portion of cross-country pipelines and in underwaterpipelines c) In locations where the piping will be subjected to large bending or otherexternal loads d) On buried piping systemSAES-L-110, Para. 8.1 B18 Flanged connections with long exposed bolts for sandwiched components,other than standard spectacle plates and blinds, shall not be used in firehazardous areas unless the bolting is protected by a fire resistant shield suchas illustrated on Standard Drawing AC-036404 or equivalent method. (Ref.SAES-B-006).SAES-L-110, Para. 8.2 B19 Soft seated valves and control valves shall not be installed until after the lineshave been thoroughly flushed.SAES-A-004, Para. 8.1.3 B20 Before employing the pressure testing manifold in the actual system pressure test, it shall be separately pressure tested to at least 1.2 times thesystem test pressure but not less than the discharge pressure of the pumpused for the pressure testing.SAES-A-004, Para. 5.5.4 B21 Buried pipeline are adequately bermed or covered to anchor the line duringpressure test. SAES-L-450Appendix C B22 All gauges and recorders shall be calibrated prior to use. The calibrationinterval shall not exceed one (1) month prior to the test date and calibrationcertificates shall be made available to Inspection personnel prior tocommencement of the pressure test. Stickers shall be applied indicating thelatest calibration date.SAES-A-004, Para. and8.1.5.2 B23 All gauges shall have a range such that the test pressure is within 30 to 80%of the full range.SAES-A-004, Para. B24 A minimum of two pressure gauges are required for the test system. Onepressure gage shall be on the test manifold and the other(s) on the testsystem. Their accuracy shall be within 5% of one another.SAES-A-004, Para. B25 When large systems are tested, Inspection personnel will determine the needfor additional gauges.SAES-A-004, Para. B26 Pressure and temperature recording gauges shall be used for all buriedpiping systems on plot and per SAES-L-150 for pipelines.SAES-A-004, Para. B27 Blind flanges, Paddle or spectacle blinds shall be used to isolate test sections SAES-A-004, Para. 8.3 B28 A bleed valve readily accessible is provided in case immediatedepressurization is required.SAES-A-004, Para. 5.5.2 B29 Draining of Test Fluid- Release of pressure and draining shall be done on thedownstream side of check valves. All vents shall be opened before drainingto facilitate drainage and to prevent formation of a vacuum. No test fluid shallremain in low spots.SAES-A-004, Para. 10.1 B30 Disposal of Test Fluid-The test fluid shall be disposed in accordance withSAEP-327 or as directed by the Owner.SAES-A-004, Para. 10.2 B31 Test Vents and Drains-Vents and drains used only for the pressure test shallbe plugged, seal welded and penetrant tested.SAES-A-004, Para. 10.3 Page 3 of 5  B32 Removal and Reconnection of Components- All temporary items installed fotesting purposes (e.g., manifolds, valves, blinds, spacers, supports) shall beremoved. Items that were removed from testing shall be reinstalled. Items,such as instrument air tubing, check valve discs which were disconnectedbefore testing shall be reconnected. Isolation valves closed for the testpurposes and that are required to be in the open position for processreasons shall be opened. If the valve cavity has a drain, the cavity shall bedrained.SAES-A-004, Para. 10.4 REMARKS: REFERENCE DOCUMENTS: 1. SAES-A-004, General Requirements for Pressure Testing, (30 January 2011) 2. SAES-L-105, Piping Material Specifications, (22 December, 2012) 3. SAES-L-108, Selection of Valves, (11 Oct, 2010) 4. SAES-L-110, Limitations on Pipe Joints and Components, (11 July, 2012) 5. SAES-L-150, Pressure Testing of Plant Piping and Pipelines, (25 April 2010) 6. SAES-L-350,Construction of Plant Piping, (22 April 2009) 7. SAES-L-450, Construction of On-Land and Near-Shore Pipelines, (10 Nov, 2012) 8. SAES-W-011, Welding Requirements for On-Plot Piping, (4 October, 2009) 9. SAEP-1160 , Tracking and Reporting of Welding, NDT and Pressure Testing for Capital Projects (10 July 2011) 10. SAEP-351, Bolted Flange Joints Assembly (12 May 2012) Contractor / Third-PartySaudi Aramco Construction Representative*   PMT Representative   Name, Initials and Date:Work is Complete and Ready for Inspection:Name, Initials and Date:T&I WitnessedQC Record ReviewedWork Verified QC InspectorPID Representative Name, Initials and Date:Performed InspectionWork / Rework May ProceedName, Initials and Date:T&I WitnessedQC Record ReviewedWork Verified QC SupervisorProponent and Others Name, Sign and Date: Quality Record Approved:Name, Organization, Initials and Date:T&I WitnessedQC Record ReviewedWork Verified*Person Responsible for Completion of Quality Work / TestY = YES N = NO F = FAILED Page 4 of 5
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